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Walking toward you 9/18/08 3:20 PM

Expectation set on high, yet no over load.
Slow motion mode of years of preparation.
Guidance through a narrow hallway.
A hand to hold on to up the stairs.
Falling face first awakening new birth.
A beautiful lifetime of chance encounters.
Established partnership onward honest gift.
Half soaking balancing egg of earth.
Water and salt, absorbing on my tongue.
The sweet luster shining off her vibrant feathers.
A story of heaven and how nice it is.
Soft pillowcase’s laid out along the wall.
The fresh fragrance of a newly cut bouquet.
Armor made ten times stronger then titanium plates.
A concord crouching in the corner.
Awkward to say the least. What you don’t believe him.
Well I can see a lie in believe. Enough said she said.
Fight for the country. Go hungry run for company.
Maybe humpty was pushed over the edge.
He did not lift his foot in time and broke his leg.
Run on sentence like who’s on second.
Safe home field advantage.
Impressive present set up for the Queen.
She delights in the excitement. enchantmen…