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Critical Calculations 11/12/08 1:22 PM

California remember the land before time.
Would have to be before the rocky mountains where formed.
Enormous size at one point.
Flat surface erupting upwards toward the fearless horizon.
Marginal expansion if the desire is correct.
Projection the measure of trust love and companionship.
Content commitment thankful.
Generous roads precious stones .
Instantaneous harmony gained given, traded back and forth.
Pulsating spider eyes.
Anabatic gust of an unknown colored fragrance.
Teasing times by tickling its arms.
Funny and interesting yet still remaining calm.
A fast pattern of possibility enabling the ascension.
Marking in to a temporary temple of temptation.
Tasty syllables sweetly salted above my plate.
Tricky palate for a futuristic vagabond grounded in his poem
Write faster be more creative think like Isaac Newton.
Who you spouse to be with a picture on the side of the highway.
Bulletin board paper back spinal cord.
School garbage enough to fill a whole country.
Old men regretting the…

Attitude of a Hermit 11/9/08 7:54 PM

Traveling words reverb her heart rate for ever.
Reverberate face to face with creator.
Instigator of invoking angelic behavior.
Happy and humble in a unsettling jungle.
Satisfying the quench of sacrifice.
Soil swallowing up the roots.
Introducing a soothing intricate enough sensation.
Three humming birds in one day.
And on another day, I saw one hovering between two cats.
What would you say about that.
Hats off to the all star. Bridging the gap.
Going out of his way to meld the norm.
Hand held and waved in space.
Pace is set for each to except or you can just place your bet.
Have a seat rambling message of meaning unscrambling.
As it stands there is an intense drive for independence.
Certain recorded writing leads toward a deciphering.
A new year celebration still carrying from the last,
Epic splash of newness infused movement through music.
Peace felt world wide, powerful shift.
Has is was and will be happening.
Again in again floating over the rocky terrain.
Surrendering to the mem…

Santa made me do it 11/7/08 8:44 AM

The production was fabulous.
All laid out harvest stored away till later date.
Well now and then.
Food for friends fed for weeks.
Around the corner from summit road.
Above the cloudy horizon.
Trimming back the excess branches from the trees.
Parting the seas.
Delivery from the temptation of love.
In to merging with the scenery.
All along we’ve belonged.
Harmonic reverence.
Satisfied Santa Monica residents.
Cursing by the ocean side.
Naturally staying toward the namaste attitude.
Peacefully enjoying the energy used on peace.
At ease solider your coming home.
Forty one gun salute.
Lucid dreaming of living forever.
Coincidence I think your mistaken.
Or taking the definition for granted.
Twist of fate.
Abstract truth.
Fate to know that a twist comes back around.
Ounces to pounds weight balance happy and healthy.
No price able to be put on a smile.
Though some may sell them selves short from the gold pot.
With a bucket full of apricot tear drops.
Two tone mirror bending word combinations.

Next Stop Antarctica 11/5/08 3:09 PM

Hidden messages in the day to day signs.
Red light to stop your crossing the line.
Taken as the flight is on course.
Your pull and want is that of a uncontrolled force.
Relax let go, ivory fingers glide through.
My castle has been built, and my watcher is you.
She holds my hand as I climb down the still warm walls.
We have traveled the seas and tasted the bitter salt.
Danced across the milky way, and excepted our faults.
She wears my ring, and awaits the next.
While watching the humming bird in all its magnificence.
Symmetrical flames burning from each end.
Thousands of eyes connect,
All interweaving with a story of there own.
Personalized message, my love is powerful.
Our love even more, we share the same breath.
My pillow is yours.
Share it with me rest your rose colored golden checks.
Eyes that I miss.
I saw them this morning kissing me good bye.
Now only the memory is left in my mind.
The belief that I will be offered another chance.
To fulfill my roll in the stars and advance.

Resonate with the senses 10/29/08 10:29 AM

Tediously fun and healthy.
Collecting the long awaited foundation.
Informative transformation. Important dedication.
Easily replaceable by letting go.
Insured on another return.
A guarantee unique harvesting.
Straight forward right toward you.
Three days from when you started.
Departed or just taking a break.
Reaping the benefits from the seeds we have sown.
Wrinkles in time splashing against the table. `
Tadpole maturity aquatic limbless round bodies.
Missing gills the feeling that its to long to wait.
Affirmative masculinity.
Curling toe nails wrap around the foot.
Permanently stoned in to the wall.
Tactile inspected for a while.
Investigation of what makes you resonate.
Ticking upon your inner core.
Can’t be afraid to feel the force.
Often in accordance yet sometimes distracted.
Excepting the action and knowing your not over reacting.
Depression is like silly putty.
Stretch and pull copy and paste.
Remote control reality,
In a temporary place.
Television verse sky.
Attack of the toma…