Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Wild Tongue 2/21/09-2/27/09 11:29 AM

By the looks of it you would never have been able to guess.
Innocent as a chickadee peaking out a nest.
Yet aggressive like a bachelor who wants to get that kiss.
Impacting the pace of the transition.
Not pushing it to hard, but just enough.
Allowing the clouds to dissolve into obvious layers.
Young talented outstanding answers delivered.
A mysterious kissing sound from the suction cup.
Auction for tension tense sight seeing castles.
Massive amounts of meaningless gestures.
Gentle endless rows of water colored rain drops.
Cooling off the soup when it seems to hot.
Letting some steam out the overlapping lid.
Off they go rain hail and snow.
Wondrous mountains full of minerals.
Natural erupting tempting tasteful ways to organize.
Granted it is a tough one but that to shall pass.
Arguments out front removing the mask.
Cast-iron crystallized stale air.
Rejuvenated through a firm steady breathing pattern.
A sweet smile reminding us of our intuitive purpose.
A surreal feeling enclosing upon our divine dimensions.
Some are willing to go out of there way to consider it a duty.
A done deal, the cosmic ending to the emotions that you feel.
Rising vibrations brilliant spectacle of light and love.
Listed as stone cold yet hotter then a wood stove.
A miraculous leap toward achieving a new goal.
Forward continuously pressing on, never missing a beat.
Training heavy in advancing various art forms.
Restraining to retain your own reason.
Now nosier then ever, the absent mind wonders.
Pondering the decreasing shore line of what was once a lake.
Now a pond of memories for the fish to swim through.
Three on the hook the catch is best when cooked.
Soaked in its own sauce to increase the flavor.
Interesting rest of the night.
You point out some potent temptations.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A season of transition 2/8/09 12:25 PM

Sit for a moment,a moment where matter has no meaning.
Feet above your heart, blood pumping through your legs.
Gardens bursting with ripe fruit, prepared to be planted again.
Maintaining mature actions, dedicated direction.
A painting with the slight resemblance of a smiling face.
Colors surrounding us in all directions.
No restrictions to truly living, blessing a being of beaming beauty.
As the soul unfolds its incredible pedals.
Realizing the everlasting partnership with no pressure.
Only release healing confident exception.
She stretched out the nerve ending till it snapped.
Brought out a feeling of being trapped.
Rapture a pasture of true sensations.
Safety in a secluded bungalow in Belize.
Breathing in the warm compassionate air.
Nonjudgmental acceptance of how different we grow.
Bee keepers with secrets full of pollen.
Driven by an outer force to step in to the future.
Not numb and unnatural but open and source-full.
A force field of passionate assumptions.
To fall in to a formatted pattern.
As the clouds ever changing we float amongst the sky.
Marvelously removing the veil the concealment of protection.
Feeling the emotions of truly knowing you are the change.
Not imposing on your own opinion.
But taking the time to honestly listen.
Who could have placed these drawings on the wall.
What is there that provides these rivets we share.
Holding on to another for the fear of being alone.
So many unknowingly knock on a door that’s empty.
Well the room of course.
The fascination with the growth and course, the minuscule fragments.
Rapid reunions recollecting locked away dreams.
Fascinations that have been considered taboo.
Thoughts so natural to the love we once knew.
Unable to be purchased.
Traded by a merchant raised by the mercy of my mothers miracle.
Mercury sun of Taurus.