Sunday, October 26, 2008

Woke up on the wrong side of the egg 10/22/08 12:58 PM

Leftovers for forty days and forty nights.
Sandwiches with real chicken heels.
Sweet surrender in to the syrup craze.
Marmalade dream state.
Letters appearing on paper faster then fingers type.
Creative camera American market scheme.
Memorized in the morning.
Recited by noon, repeated for weeks yet it is still brand new.
Excited repetition new energy transition.
Rancid worry worn away,
Burned in to the ashes.
Created in the shore, brown crystals cocoon like seashells.
A potato pulled out from within the ground.
Turned completely inside out and up side down.
Roots from every angle,
Indians diagramming river flow perfect.
From with in the chest the heart knows no secret.
Imperfections formatted to further freedoms stride.
To allow for the best to be different at all times.
Impersonality sense of humility humbling gratitude.
Growing older with your dreams as your reality.
Focused energy.
Growing pains recurring as correction rather then a problem.
Momentarily pause then regenerated in to gain.
Flowering fresh wilderness breath.
Ravishing traditions, dictating the temporary pause.
Upper lipped tight pulling toward your ear.
Ridiculous earrings hanging above your chin.
Is this your first time on the Train.
No way I have traveled through rabbit holes before.
Hair soaring grapping jumping with your apples out.
Belly flop wave rider.
Tropical deja-vu delirious remembrance.
Water soaking in the socks underneath your shoes.
Fascination of table top teachings.
Tell me something new, at least activate the news.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reaching a destination 10/20/08 3:33 PM

Progress advancement dancing in the sunset.
Together again warming sand to cooling foot.
Rabbits in the moon, spiritual support.
Organized echelon positioned just so.
As to create a three d effect direct diligent direction.
A Sacred pact of important facts.
Remembering the moment as you watched the amber coals glow.
Smoke from under the ring of your nose encloses on your throat.
Non aggressive subtle flickers of forgotten feelings.
So far gone that he’s already back.
Aching bones from carrying home the gold.
Double platted plaster of Paris French kiss with a Sicilian.
Energy to cherish unique characteristic.
New York night life dancing underneath a disco ball.
Indoor waterfalls powering the lights.
Organic wine tasting two trips to Europe in the same month.
Meetings in the mountains with shamans, witches and monks.
Flights taken into a heavenly plane.
Landing back in to the body astral traveled to Japan.
Exercise excellent measurements meeting of the minds.
Anarchist harvesting the truth from the pry of the humans.
Cry for the movement, shed a tear and trade with the forces.
Higher and outside the box of understanding.
No longer standing for being hammered in.
On strike for eternity from turning away what your free to be.
Professional personality your daughters hand in marriage.
Imagination positive magnificent incredible incident.
Serious sense of sending them away with a great feeling.
Only to return again polite and bright with a vibrant light .
Foot paths articulating the curves in the dunes on the beach.
Wishing things where the way they are.
Knowing there is even more mystery to discover.
Describe the most influential high.
Interesting testimony to testing temptations temperature.
After all the calculated layers of math.
Where time and space meet together at last.
The fear of Leaving earth.
Ending all you have worked for.
Or remembered once again your forgotten memory.
Conglomeration of artist with similar mediation techniques.
A massive surge of abundance watering warm hearted crops.
Position osmosis in a cup full of fire and water.
Over powering explosion of emotion.
Vine Overgrowth on the garden gates.
Trimmed in order to open.
Excessive starring may lead to ridicule.
It’s the allure and mystery that draws you in.
Unlocking the immaculate magic of mysteries twin.
A hair dresser resting her left breast on your shoulder.
While reciting a seven hundred year old mantra.
Of the meaning of reason. Awoken and un-startled.
A direct connection inspired presentation.
Seventh level sensation.
Storm on the horizon was a glorious occasion.
Infatuated with imaginations limits.
Life long process of recollection.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

An Immaculate Taste 10/13/08 12:41pm

In your palm you hold an unfolding flower of life .
So precious she is cultivating the seed.
Synchronistic the scent of a syncarpous.
How deep can you dig before finding a treasure.
To some wasted material to others.
Often misunderstood while looking above.
Standing kneeling rolling over rows of flowers.
Flowing onward slowly toward your goal.
Golden road unpaved or sold.
To buy a rich man’s land to return to the poor.
Ever try to tie together a bundle of sticks.
Forty three miles until the sun sets.
San Diego green growth new signs of creation.
Love fascination healing sound creation.
Playable personality, similar interest.
In exploring reality.
We have a choice to speak free or forever be underneath.
Behind the falling of the sun the unveiling of the moon.
Fully capable of controlling your own comfort zone.
Being the cause of the effect to occur.
Living so fast that all of life is a blur.
Missed moments replaced with seized days.
Chicken eggs to hatch for breakfast.
With the patience of a thousand pregnant penguins.
Migrating across the great polar ice capes.
Carving out funnels they can fall into.
Swimming in the Luke warm water.
What once was below freezing is now beyond leaving.
Gone receding along came a coin of reason.
Flipped in to the mist of what a miracle is.
No more buffalo stampedes not stamps made in there memory.
Sick and twisted way of living.
Forgetting the beauty of earthly living.
Surrounded by the earths beauty but chosen to never be seen.
Instead the pressure of financial well being.
Is weighed as more important then simply living.
Finding a way to give back all that you can.
In fact the pure energy of pure appreciation is the point.
Unless there is a witness that has seen the slice in time.
The space between reason with that witty power of rhyme.
Fall in line or step in to it. Walk all night.
Or just sleep right through it.
Pyramid bird houses out line the horizon tonight.
Family’s that look back to how sad it was that night.
Water from the same river poured in to a unfamiliar shore.
Arkansas airplanes landing at the bay.
Took a long time to expect the path they made.
Perfect in execution and paying off well.
Not only on the out side but the inside as well.
Legs sculpted as if they where chiseled from stone.
Core strength to except the power within.
Marble or granite, quartz or coral reef.
Even coal can create a diamond to be seen.
Celebrate the enjoyment of fulfilling your dream.
Reaching toward the stars in the mid afternoon.
No clouds in the sky so there’s a chance to reply.
To the sun as its leaving while saying good bye.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Becoming you again 10/9/08 3:18 AM CO

Toes spread out in the afternoon sun.
Foot prints sketched in the side of a mighty oak.
Strong willed willow up rooting to run once again.
Wasting seeds that at one point had potential.
Healing comfort through equal exchange.
Strange road ready laughter.
The throat of a Taurus sensitive yet powerful.
Hot tea with extra lemon and honey.
Black and white stellar costume.
Outfit fitting over your flesh.
Kaleidoscope eyes viewing the earth from above.
Obvious version vision is similar to those of others.
Stamped across the calf of a county.
Earth viewed as a living breathing being.
Humans against the planet.
Subconsciously thinking they can take over.
Controlling the ruby mountain.
Owning land, taking claim and stating it as yours.
What hurts the most is not the letting go,
But the becoming new. Afraid of what you may find.
Outside of your box and beyond your mind.
Contrary to a cows thoughts.
Thumb wresting victor takes all.
Indian sun burn, forearm muscle comparison.
Shoulders off alignment. Balance necessary for growth.
It is important that we indagate what it is that holds us back.
Salvation strength simplicity a life worth of experience.
Not dangerous cliff hanging every day but reaching over the edge.
Taking that step toward the moon.
It is predicated that the economy will fall.
That the repression will introduce a new method of living.
Shaky planet unstable waiting for us to recognize her beauty.
Poisonous plants ingested daily.
The inability to comprehend the magnificent size of your galaxy.
The exchange of emotions that fill your space.
The problems and solutions that we face.
Have done in the past and will in the future.
At this moment the memory of giants walking the earth.
Ten feet tall some twelve hands longer then your torso.
Passive intimidations of imaginary fallacies.
Falcons with talons ripping through the sky.
Cutting through clouds creating lighting from the effect.
What once was a barren field is now a beautiful garden.
Full of lush abundant life forms.
Swarming bees in search for the Queens next meal.
Peeling off layers of un-tasteful flesh.
Continuing the process until nothing is left.
Yet there always is a glimpse of what was.
A memory of how it use to be.
Who you use to be, pictures diaries humans telling your story.
You will always live on the tree you once leaned against.
When your legs where to tired to carry you any further.
From in side the core a burst of tremendous force.
Half the moon visible the rest missing, explained by scientist.
Left for the onlooker to guess that it is truth.
It has always disappeared only to return again.
Becoming a new version, as if it where a snake shedding.
A tree discarding its dieing leaves, molting.
A monarch with the influence to shift human thought.
A process not yet mastered but attempted by many.
I guess unless a butterfly lands on my chest.
Separating clarity from a chaotic mess.
Manmade contributions seem to be the main stem of polluting.
At the same time cures and happiness.
Life span expand almost doubling that of our ancestors.
Imagine what that would be like if the evolution and history.
Change with the weather in that favor.
Could mean that in 10 years from now people are living to 110.
Even higher depending on your rank casting judgment .
You mean the upside down picture of you and the guys.
Will we ever find truce with in one another.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Single Reason 10/3/08 11:35 AM

Throat is sore, looking for a break.
Time is altering turning clock arms point toward the bay.
Clouds above the castle’s roof.
Full of water they float holding out until the time is right.
Explosion of lonesome sorrow centered and transformed.
Obstacles created to expand the awareness.
Standing up for a new frontier.
Far away from friends thinking of them at all times.
Mars is looking at us from outside of the window.
Change that thought it is a satellite.
Comets are coming. Sparkling the sky.
Stars jealous at the magnificent beauty.
Lingering tracers left for our fingers to follow.
Meaning hidden in the notes that are left.
For some reason they have been unable to be read.
Is there an excuse for lose of excitement.
Lying sideways watching the television.
Presenting the world with life.
Something to cling on to and justify realities faith.
Falling feathers from space.
Soul magnets filling in the missing feelings of love.
Forgetting what love is.
Remembering again with more power then ever before.
Passive action after the war.
Embracive hands on hierarchy. Holding on to that which is falling.
Why can’t we not ask that question.
Born with the innate ability to wonder.
Structured to be a maze, with roads that lead no place.
No destination, direction or drive.
Standing on the bridge ready to dive.
Cannonballs are weak now a days compared to grenades.
Grateful following of allowing for it all to be done.
Sisters safely keeping me holy.
Body interaction paradigm cracking.
Safely shifting the consciousness.
Hot honey tea with my brothers ghost.
He sits by my side and whispers secrets of the cosmos in my ear.
Thanks for the advice to bad it cost your life.
How much did he have saved up.
Really big important deal, economy crashes.
Dark angels out to subdues you with there potions and scent.
Grasping a piece of your soul.
A sledge hammer against mask of humility.
Cracking up the for-head crating a opening.
Funnel created energy flowing inward like a waterfall.
Funeral for the fallen victims of hypocritical commercialism.
The emotion of being in charge. Letting go of that.
Starting to recognize the natural in between state.
Giving back all that has been given to you.
Dark clouds with bright golden light pouring through.
Creating forming and then forever having something.