Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tip toeing tonight 6/16/09-6/24/09 8:28 PM

After the thunderstorm,
A wave of wonderful emotions developed.
Hot air balloons half way to the moon and back.
Sipping from the palming cup of her suckle flowering bosom.
So promiscuous who us you must be mistaken.
Take my words as you would a glass of water.
Sip it slow enjoy the flavor, don’t miss it.
We sit side by side speaking these words as slow as possible.
They want to enjoy the freedom of being released from the lips.
The slow shadowing of her eclipse.
Whats this full moon you speak of,
Like Greek literature it shows its manhood.
Rolling around in the soils uncleanness.
As if the earth needs to bathe.
Talk to me like you would speak in your head.
The words that become repetitive but to only your there said.
Pushing out through the pores.
Everything fits together on course.
Elaborate more for us.
Bring along a designated design for our inspection.
First put all your energy in to the vision.
Outlining the lineage of easy living.
Full foot placed against my chest.
Foliage so spectacular that spirits echo their reason.
Stiff finger pressed against the darkened Sands of time.
That tantric tongue that knows no boundaries.
Only those that have been left to decipher.
Green Shinny Glass Bottles of Beauty.
Fill my palms with the essence of petunia.
Purity peace comfort joy and love.
Tip toe through my garden.
Fresh Carrot juice for your longing.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Remember The Same 6/12/09 7:34 PM

Why not allow that to be a possibility, no longer holding back.
Tracing the tracks from the worry free wolf.
Chasing the tale of a story tellers rabbit.
Cornucopia created from the pure hustle.
The sacrifice to not be afraid in life.
Aggressive but tender touch.
Heart so full of compassion.
The willingness to say yes.
The sure will and power to say no.
Not attempting to defy gravity but excited to fly.
A wise owl with his wings spread.
Wisdom of a chestnut, you crazy or what.
Racing across the finish line just in time.
Blood for vampires direct from the vein.
Vanity seeps out the sides, over flowing the top.
Apart of your heart belongs with the ground.
And a percentage is nonexistent un-till you blossom and transform.
So soak my cloak in tears of hope, and then leave it out to dry.
Let the memory of mercury slowly dim and then rise.
Half of this haphazardness is nothing besides the point.
Across the table from where you sat was the only cord.
Come get tangled in this web, weaved by the tongue.
Enjoy the journey through the rays on the way to the sun.
Spun from fine thin lines of a silkworms hard work.
Weights on top of one another like building blocks for strength.
The word sorry is kind of like the word change.
Overused at times how much is left to be potent.
Maybe the word apology instead of sorry,
The word completed instead of change.
Shifted altered the alter identical to the mind.
Ironic how round about this can be seen as.
Walking through the overcast low clouds.
Leaning under the fallen pine tree.
Watching the caterpillar become a butterfly.
Soaring over the skyscraping pillars in the sky.
With the intensity of Hercules ripping time apart.
Muscles bulging from overwork and proper resting.
Stretching out the tendons, carving in the bone.
Caressing the ending of each and every tone.
Similarities carry into a brand new high.
Fixating on the fantasy may temporally get you bye.
Rush rushing hushing quite cadence hidden behind the eyelids.
Carefully crafting a way to better stay a float.
Not pretending it is not happening but knowing how to cope.
Catapult across the oceans abyss, for get the routine,
If the routine isn’t working.
Working as in terms of a jealous mans way.
Or stand up for the collective fearless warrior’s intention.
Taught as a child that no matter how long the road is.
No matter how far the hill stretched out,
There will always come a point where you can continue on.
Even when facing a what seems impossible wall.
We have proven others wrong we have proven others right.
Stayed up the entire time, yet you completely missed the night.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Turquoise skyline 6/07/09-6/10/09 6:46PM

The flexing fingers curling Over the horizon,
Like half moons becoming full, disappearing only to return.
The song was half way finished, the sign on the wall wore off,
Law of the land seemed to shift when the land got the law.
Rise and shine for the new day has come,
A dawn when the stars in the sky deliver us toward clarity.
Everlasting charity a rarity these days, has long passed.
Only the uplifting exchange of sunshine, pure peace in a rain cloud.
That’s that state of mind, where music is continuously vibrating.
Hearts racing across the sun-setting salutations of memory.
Resting sitting in a squatting jaguar like stance.
A mixing bowl of colors some taken more literal then others.
The sound of primordial tones and swirling lights.
Aggressive restfulness, humble magnificence.
Filling that audio void, of surrendering silence.
Signify to a plane passing over head that your looking for a ride.
The signal scene from miles away but there’s just no room inside.
Sorry it ended up becoming so practical.
That half willingness impairing your presentation.
Still a spectacle to be had in every moment.
Your young brilliance radiates through me.
As if the clouds where full of flower petals falling from the sky.
A scent that speaks in a foreign tongue that caress’s my side.
Sensual and universal natural liberation.
Lubrication across the lips beginning to moisten the voice within.
Watch as it materializes, a masterpiece right before your eyes.
Written on the most sought after fabric.
Hand crafted then soaked in a port wine for nine months straight.
Awaiting the arrival of the passing transport.
Unknown to some there is a pull coming to fruition.
A fruiting of the buds Strawberries need to ripen.
In that case leave them out to dry, hang them over the balcony.
Mix and match with what ever your friends have to offer.
According to the dialogue,
This should be where you spark interest.
A longing to fulfill your hearts desires. Design spots for home grown.
That look from an owl as you walk underneath.
Slowing reacting to every crackling leaf.
Falling stars on a closing summer night.
Awaiting the reaction of the sun’s excitement.
The delight in perceiving.
Unfinished business finished then undone for fun.
Down by the bay, under the bridge lives a patch of wild blueberries.