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Intermission 12/22/08 3:41 PM

As I watched my dogs artistic temperament shift from one point of interest to the next.
Intro to introspection one zero one.
Puppy dog eyes glancing in to a synaptic union.
Slowly moving toward owning your own golden gate.
Average tendency to deny the chemistry.
Having distinct features apart from the rest.
Implanting memories of rejuvenation.
As the words whispered to us from our relatives teachings.
Subleasing a lengthy stay of focused intent.
Replenishing the well of reason, then dipping in a toe.
Soaking in the mystery of all the words you wrote.
Significant seasonal change.
Hands down the highest point up.
Water levels even out, trees regain strength.
Clouds begin to clear out any toxins.
Like filters in the sky.
Earth rotating toward a new galaxy.
Light lasting longer then ever imagined.
Twirling the trees like butter cups.
Elbowing loose rings across the orchard.
The forming of ice across the thermostat.
Dreaming of a carpet that will fly us back.
Aroma like mint chocolate on …

Snowy Sunday 12/21/08 1:53 PM

Cloudy days with shades of grey,
A mystic hue an altered state.
A grand entry in to counter culture.
Elaborate broadening of a brand name.
Labradorite rod as a microphone stand.
Impressive press pictures.
3 years as of today.
The twenty first emerging birth.
Erotomania abnormal behavior.
Heavenly presence of silence.
Eyelashes fluttering like monarch wings.
The living room pergola laced with climbing vines.
Tree rings circle the fingers of the earth.
Expressive worth of painting lines.
Ancient stones emblazoned with humbling scripture.
Ripe taste tunnel like texture.
A message floating down stream.
Received then returned up stream.
Reaping the benefits of fortitude.
Getting easy work done can be hard for some.
Their for turning easy work in to hard work.
Resilience realizing the individual comfort zone.
The buoyancy of good spirits and a loving merit.
Overflowing bubbles from the bottles we popped.
The champagne memories that remain on the top.
The value of sound.
Waiting continually wait…

Echoing Summit 12/06/08-12/20/08 1:46 PM

Entropy energy expressed unevenly even unavailable.
Expression of existence, saving every dime.
Savoring the comfort, expectable to afford.
Age of apes speaking of unknown ideas.
Hidden in the DNA of dramatic experience.
An appearance appearing appealing.
Apples pears peaches and plums.
A bit to sensitive or humbly to numb.
Mumbling under tones of key intonations.
Toes spread breathing in-between perception.
The scent she left when she spoke my name.
Spreading wings to land on golden sand.
The Olden in age reenergizing for generations.
Angels in high space category.
Apple orchards full of young healthy working bees.
Queen resting for the day,
Energetic atoms sparkling the night.
A wise word stored in a snowflake.
Frosting pine needles freezing over.
Elbow room to move around freely.
Loose enough to naturally express.
Pressure rest on the egg not so much the nest.
Or I guess we can just blame the vice.
Safely vaulting over the im-possible obstacle at hand.
Water begins to stand still f…