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Please Relax in your spaceship 8/6/09 10:58 AM

Racing fingers crossing boarders taking notes.
Epic arrival divine timing all planed out.
Categories of old songs, middle age wonder.
Crisis melt down rebuilt foundation.
Drunken slurs of love and lustful adventure.
Miracles created through precipitation.
Rain drops covering over leaflets and old thoughts.
Smooth legs shaven or not.
Ironic twist of parallel spots.
Tasty sweet tangy midnight.
Three am is the new noon.
Before roads where created we crafted paths.
Now a days our lackadaisical nature forces us to relax.
Puts us in a position where there is no answers.
Questions circle like vultures.
Strange enough to enjoy the fruit of our labor.
Who is your muse so cute and comfortable.
She sings to me in hypnotic melodies.
Awakening the memories of my childhood days.
Beyond a single entity, she is the all seeing eye to me.
The definition of my spirits divine connection.
Love generated through pure thought.
If we continue to question our abilities.
It will only be a matter of time, till…

Slowly it Landed 8/5/09 10:57 AM

Slowly as if it was only an illusion.
Stepping out of the shadow self.
Or in it again, snake like skin shedding.
Standing rooted in the earth.
Repetitive adlibs that fill our libido.
Like a tongue licking the salt off your wrists.
Kissing your eyes again with my words.
Clouds swirling in cosmic rotation,
As if every movement was a well thought out verse.
Each component putting more emphasis on the next.
Fully experiencing each and every pulling tide.
Relocating in order to calm the chaos of immortality.
Morsels of food reserved to feed the need.
Saved for another day of enjoyment.
When life ends does the world end as we know it.
Fear based future thoughts are nonsense.
Organization and optimism,
Are more suited for over all well being.
Enormous amounts of digging went in to cleaning the slate.
Washing the chock board clean from confusion and hate.
Wild rapids rushing past, replacing the sand with water.
Keeping track of time with an hour glass.
Noticing that the notes you have been takin…

Trusting water 7/29/-8/02/09 5:34 PM

As I arrive to the oceans side,
I wait for the tide to take me home.
All commotion calmed by her voice.
Ecstatic magnetism,
Spirits taking over your own control.
No longer dueling with the dragon of trust.
Those that have come before,
And think different then us.
Slowly traveling through the hallway of change.
The stair way toward unity and what we reclaim.
We save the date for celebration,
Selected the track then rearrange the station.
Mountain faces climax with in moments.
Power so deep unfocused passion won’t last.
The aftermath of calamity, always will pass.
Transmuted through movement peace and union.
Walking through the forest while driving past.
Outside of my body laying on the grass.
Sensitive skin tone of a tree.
Flesh like the bark.
Excuse me for a moment.
Let us breath, man and women created me.
Hands like stones eroding with time.
Two thoughts so similar, flexible massage
Quite like what a river looks like.
Rolling waves of thunder.
Solar beams of bolting light,
Weight o…