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Take it So Serious 10/1/09 7:55 AM

Along came a spider, wiser then the geyser.
Born in Yellowstone and hollow be they name.
Tree stump look a like blessed to clean the air.
Automatic happenings incredible with care.
Sweat serenity swallowed by the sand.
Memories of growing up adapting to the land.
Wrong was once right, now some right is wrong.
Took to lefts looked back and they where gone.
She left me a letter that repeated in my head.
Like a chorus from a song with the words that you said.
Prophecy of property being born then sold.
Detoxify the toxins that swim around the soul.
Molten mafia manic strength.
Intoxicated melody while the appendix sinks.
Teach the children what the elders taught.
While teaching the ancients the secrets of a tender heart.
Lets take a excursion to the moon and back.
Fade to black, light blue fluorescent memory.
Selected sand castles made in the rain.
Focus like a potter on a wheel that never spun.
Absolute lead way with a ticket for the train.
Purity early on knocking on your door.
Window …