Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks to being thankful 11/26/09 6:57 PM

Thankful for the ability to learn.
Thankful for how precious you are.
Thankful for saying the word Thankful over seven times.
Did you know the bible only mentions the word thankful seven times.
I am the receiver of your giving.
To become a giver is to receive the gift.
Today they celebrate the mutiny of Americas masquerade.
Salvation sacred service surrendered for our sanctity.
Our meaning American men and women challenging growth.
Scared from the get go the ghetto the darkness of the forest.
Forging forward forgiving these sins we where taught to share.
Under the layers of dirt under the forgetful fallacy of fear.
For the founding fathers I salute their emancipation.
The burning eyes of the original settlers I provide my tears.
From England the land of angles call me home.
Beyond the pillars of Hercules melting through the last ice age.
I write poetic letters to my love as the sun sets casting shadows.
We climb mountains together, and sleep under the Stonehenge.
Share the same glass as it spills into our garden.
Treat each other the way we want earth to be treated.
Travel the galaxy beyond bed room walls.
Happiness the voice of love. I am married to that voice.
I found her sitting at a coffee shop in Copenhagen.
She was writing me a letter in Hungarian.
How incredible it felt to watch her attention to detail.
My father’s cursive handwriting is so beautiful.
In Copenhagen mothers leave their babies outside of the coffee shop.
My families heritage is full of crusaders.
I hold space for the moors.
I have two grandmothers their maiden name’s are Bosworth and DeCarli.
After taking a walk today I had the sudden feeling of complacency.
I had a talk with the chattering man in my memory.
He quickly become aware of his act the messenger of the Gods.
Guide of the dead and protector of merchants, shepherds and so on.
He is Mercury.
Left hand holding the Caduceus a tool used to stir the pot.
The melting pot full of candle wax and positive reactions.
I am sufficient I am Hermes.
Chivalry inspires me.
I watched my image reflect off water, ripple and become a women.
I pulled the sword from the stone and wrote on the emerald tablet.
I created ancient text that lead toward today.
Easy with all the concepts and meanings.
I am you writing a letter about us.
We are shifting wind under the arms holding up the wings.
Our feathers are lined in diamonds hand picked by father time.
Mother earth speaks for me, she directs my language.
She looks beyond my grammar and spelling.
Laughs at my serious intention and then surprise me with her intellect.
Thankful I am.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Walking on the Clouds 11/20/09 3:32 PM

So let me ask you a question.
Have you experienced peering down at the clouds.
Walking in a circle admiring the meaningless,
Structure of formality.
Productivity sure can help fill you up.
What creates the pull.
Drive me toward the end of the road.
Turn me around these feelings transpose.
Healing chords of disenchantment.
We are privileged to have the ability to play.
As my circle expands at a tremendous rate.
It at the same time becomes smaller then it has ever been.
Good bye, say hello.
What would make a treasure hunter stop hunting.
Who is the creator of this gorgeous nature.
guilt trip.
Pay attention now more then ever.
Become a grandmother of your own choices.
Sitting alone in the silent walk way of opportunity.
Take care of your creative child self.
Surprise that imagination of yours.
How they ask me how can we do that.
Just look outside of the box.
What box the box of normality.
Sensuality with your senses.
Dig keep digging find the treasure then give it away.
And dig up another one.
Why Act like we don’t have the ability to continually expand.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soul Gyration 11/14/09 1:54 PM

In motion, talkative, moments, silence.
Natural Un-cultivated Rows of soil.
Purplish cold.
Translucent secure seconds strength.
Again strength winged lioness sent sentient being.
Direction reaching the ending of beginning.
Then beginning the ending while reaching the direction.
Walking with grace and ease.
Patient prepared eyes of acceptance.
Overzealous love test impressing ones own self.
Sit back in to the passenger seat pilot.
Unraveling a time-lapse.
Knitting intricate fabrics in between breath.
Soliloquy silhouettes suggestions gestation again.
Wizardry mental telepathy.
Soul teleporting.
Its like a phone give it some time it will work.
Work it out if you don’t have the time.
Call up the phone once time is up.
Left on off with the ring tone ringing.
Resist temptation what’s temptation anyway.
Dripping sweat resettling against your chest.
Impressions left from only a slight bit of pressure.
Moon light reflecting off the sunsets rays.
Dawn of a new night.
Layer upon layer of growth.
Hour long conversations about fun.
Running under the power of possibility.
Her name is Liberty she is blue eyed with blond curls.
She listens great even does tricks for us.
Come and get it beckons the boss of the town.
Its that snowflake Singularity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know 10/27/09 11:01 AM

I know how it feels. I have been through the same as you.
I roll around in the same mud,
My hands cling to the same substance.
I know how it feels, I have been through the same as you.
Hold space, intangible hold it with me.
Let us share our memories of meteor showers across the sky.
Come closer to me I love watching you take on new form.
Do not be afraid you are safe. You are safe one hundred percent.
Look, know one knows what is going on.
We do not have the slightest idea.
Our energy is circular can you notice that.
When you awake do you feel thankful for your connection.
The connection that has been providing you all you need.
All you ask for you shall receive.
It happens like this as we fly above the sea of green forest.
Transition, death is a common misinterpretation.
Typing in direct lineage to your thoughts.
Ideas mysteries that only make time and take it apart.
Hearts inside on it. Onsite lit up in on it. Outside again.
Of course the raccoon sacrificed his medicine.
Scorpio corresponding dream operation.
Not a operation as in like painful invasion.
Or a obstacle jumping jungle gym struggling equation.
Moments of memory a mummy reflection.
True testimony of momentary sudden action.
Heart directs we reply respond with clarity.
Courage before comfort.
Comfortable being courageous.
Cornered by conflict contrast counteract.
Some down size to a minimum view.
Re write the free fall . Never did jump.
How high part three while she was wearing pumps.
She can hold her balance while on High heels.
On a hovering space craft awaiting departure.
What Part of the oldest trick in the book is the element of surprise?
Hind sight like five plus feet high over there.
Strength to be galactic again.
Hiking down the street up the chorus around the corner.
Calling back to the call from before.
California can you hear me.
She wrote the directions in a detailed manner.
Natural and productive.
A hue of shifts formulate for us.
A huge mission completed.