Monday, April 27, 2009

A vase Full 4/20/09 3:41 PM

This is a non evasive form of communication.
To the point of relaxation.
With a fitting focus on syllable punctuation.
Imagine the layering levels of green foliage.
Waves of heat felt through your pores.
A soaring hawk, seagull pigeon praying mantis.
A welcome mat with your name on it.
An impressive magic carpet.
Impressing the impressed.
Intending to express the expression.
Latitude tilting over the sea saw seat again.
Feet to feet I am your friend.
Extensive examples inward I admit.
Out word I transmute.
Absolute missing link who’s always home.
A late night that’s not so late according to this poem.
Honoring the strength.
In Australia I am caressing your chest.
Admiring your eyes and how they sing to me,
Rings around your fingers of lovers to come.
Have in the past and will in the future.
Frozen in medusa’s glace,
The look of Romance, seduction.
Allowing words to willingly seduce you.
Karma Sutra on the mother ship.
Eye contact like a silent kiss.
A wild loud laugh at how thin the ice is.
Incase of unprepared outcomes adjust to the sites.
Cities states towns and suburbs.
Beautiful understanding unashamed to stand under.
The valuable vulnerability we anticipate.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Questions of handwriting 4/13/09-4/19/09 9:47 PM

Standing hand writing,
Verse standard you mean.
Yes of course,
Very good now future.
Raise your hand. Again further toward.
A shining star in cupids arms.
Wind reacts like a muscle spasm.
In love with passion.
As if a owls wings where spread.
Coal outlines the train tracks of a windy road.
Bizarre and out of no where comes a blizzard.
Dragging bags behind to leave a track.
Heading toward the sun on a sleepless route.
Dragons and ducks chased by dogs.
Like the Winnemucca mountain side.
Where valleys hills and eagles glide.
Sufficient nutrients enough to sustain life when the weathers dry.
Handing over your ideas.
Trading gold for a smile.
Solid structure swapped for a more liquid like substance.
Alchemy always reminds us that the ideals for our desires,
Are always the same,
Only thing different is through the thought of time they change.
A more modern way to say it,
To get my own attention by staying attentive.
Stylistic style points for stalling the rhyme.
Poetically speaking it is all in a line.
Matter of fact after collecting the sap.
Allowing the body to finally rest.
The thrill of the flight with the comfort of a nest.
Serious question with that for real we are lessons.
Learning a reason to not be afraid to be an angel.
For you treasure in the form of pleasure.
After the costume is removed.
The eye shadow begins to get a bit darker.
A cold feeling of steel metal melted in to a massive sculpture.
Luscious curvatures expressing the inner fire that radiates her heat.
What stimulates your flames to dance.
To weave in and out of abstract trance like mysticism.
Deep connection soul traveling time space manipulation.
Ability to put it on the table, all your inner emotions.
Outward toward transformation.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspiring Flower 4/11/09-4/12/09 6:38 PM

Inspiring spring.
Inspiring view.
In the spirit of the word it’s self.
The fascination of coloring out side the lines.
Filling in the contour with your color of choice.
Voicing your opinion on the seeds of recognition.
Polishing the bronze balance beam we dream on.
Rock faces with bell shape edges.
Rose quartz placed through out the house,
Sounds take on the form of music,
Formless like passion.
Dancing reflection in the back of your eyes,
Fortified by the fire side.
Hindsight bright and visible.
Signal the firefly’s to continue.
Looping figure eights around you.
Curvature like a river in the moon light.
The Back drop a forest field of evergreens.
That distant vision that surreal unknown.
Inches away from the taste of purity.
Your own sense of comfort fit to your needs.
Wish please hush puppy when chasing the ball.
Fill your life with all your heart desires.
Be comfortable fully embrace your embodiment.
The simple feeling of fitting in to the formation.
A massive weight lifted from the shoulder blades.
A pain that has been digging in under the right wing.
Like talons form a diving hawk.
On the contrary the soft under side of a North Atlantic Salmon.
Careless cub learning his lessons.
Lucky for him his mother was there to teach the technique.
Father as well in his own accord,
Orbiting the satellite that keeps track of my phone.
Wave lengths away from making the discovery.
That transitional figure of speech.
The final branch to grasp on to.
Before deciding to climb back down.
Arms stretched out collecting acorns on the forest floor.
A pile of leafs with the sent of surety to leap on in.
Traditions, pride confusion reassurance in your process.
Particular to the steps that you may take.
The choice we have to follow a path.
Pre programmed or previously walked.
Untouched and brand new branch of beginnings.
The clear vision of what is to come.
In this moment time sits still.
No longer racing across the circle or rounding out the box.
Off the wrist dismissed from holding its serious nature.
Children passing the torch of tomorrows shift.
A responsibility only a infant can comprehend.
Count the amount of times you acknowledge the stars.
Put your hands in the sky as if the universe is three D.
Seeing things from all four elements then proceeding to move on.
Planting seeds through out the chosen pasture.
Allowing them to blossom and thrive.
Giving back the livestock their lives.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Loud Sound that Love makes 4/2/09 1:10 PM

The rippling flag, parallel to the ocean surface.
Evenly exchanges its somber relation with the wind.
A channeling challenging alliance of aligning.
Only challenge a mile high rock formation.
Made of bits and pieces of mortar.
Oil shapes with rainbow hues.
Plymouth Indiana,
Mushroom usage mixed with a caffeinated beverage.
Very different perspective then one may assume.
At least a lot has changed in the past few years.
A few to you might mean two, but a few to me might be three.
Such a silly difference in the dynamics of a variable.
Young manic man pacing from window to wall.
From door to floor.
Cleaning in a hypnotic ritual, I wish you well.
You wished upon a falling star.
Arms relaxed words changing form in hyper speed.
Light bounces of the lip stick on the bottom of your upper lip.
A sure fire starter in a crowd of wild brush.
The rush of charging forward.
Awaiting patiently at the door step.
Silhouettes speaking in tongue with your shadow.
Angels and ghost sharing their halos.
Lunch from a basket hand made from branches.
Brave heart hear me loud.
Allow the world to slow down.
Your safe now.
Saved by the holy ground you’ve touched down.
A home run in your home town on home coming night.
The natural instinct to turn off the lights,
Navigate with the highs on before taking flight.
Getting lost in the moment for the sacrifice of focus.
Summer sun sets savory flavors of emotional progress.
Fear of breaking the code of how it is spouse to be.
Morally only giving your self what is formed.
The land for the foundation must first be found.
When explained as having outside of what is inside you.
As if you can ever truly own anything,
Burn to dust evaporate in to space.
The essence of the mass will forever hold space.
A ton of talented diminutive skills.
One fiber at a time, one strand of connection.
The next day will be full of love.
Often taken for granted left out in the sun to dry.
Bask in the illuminated sound of love.
Marvel at the comedic melody of your memory.
A small park full of morel mushrooms.
A brick chimney covered in moss and dragon lilies.
Children filling there bellies with gifts from there parents.
A single parent, no parents more then two parents.
A pair of parents paying attention to what’s apparent.
Obvious ornaments hanging from the tree.
Counted the measures between every beat.
Came up with a conclusion to allow the intuitive to speak.
Sparkling silver spoons with your initials carved on the front.
The acronym for you to see every time you’d eat.
Reading your name as a mantra, charcoal covered hands.
Comparing your self with your neighbor.
In about 8 months you can become a grown up.
A spring flower bending toward the sun.
Eyes like an owl,
The back drop is the sound of rushing water,
Splashing up against adjacent rocks.
Like arteries along the earths arm.
Moving closer toward the bridge,
Stepping forward on course with father time.
A father figure found through rhyme.
A riddle if you can spare the dime.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Unsatisfied Wonder 3/31/09-4/1/09 2:21 PM

Forgive me for calling you out.
It is as if you where expecting it all along.
Deep in the back of your subconscious.
Where the monsters sleep.
Where the nightmares take advantage of you.
I am happy to say I am nightmare free.
Yet for some strange reason they appear on TV.
Eyes open to absorb the trouble of another.
Don’t take it personal.
That’s the mantra of a traveling man.
You ask for the question why.
Do we remember when we where younger.
When we use to admire the stars more often.
Smoke fills the air and every pore of your skin.
Slowly the sage leafs burn to the end.
Cleaning the soul aging with grace.
Stepping in to the future the venture.
Advancing in to the adventure.
Angels sitting on the waters edge.
Day dreaming about the night.
A slice of peace seen in a crescent moon.
An ancient tomb hand crafted,
Carved along the emerald imbedded outline.
Horse prints left in the snow.
Five small rings of fire surround the house.
As the cold desolate snowflakes fall.
Melting as they meet the warm meridian.
A place that rest between sky and earth.
A swipe at washing away the sweetest liquor from your lips.
Apprehension apparent as we sit and sip on a aperitif.
Never did drink alcohol with my parents.
With an overload of psychic energy the lid was closed.
Sealed shut and stored in a dark drawer.
All summer long the longing for wonder washed upon shore.
Laughing at the wonder for lust.
Up from the gut came a suddenly powerful statement.
Suddenly as if summers end snuck up on you.
Next thing you know it started to snow.
Rumors spread like commercialized corn pastures.
While wild flowers became domesticated.
Only love will prevail, the privilege to love with no Vail.
Nails long enough to tuck in the edges.
Cut through the metal and split the appendage.
Broken free from street corner dreams.
Rings around the coffee cup that only one can see.
Eyes with the rainbow bowing toward a tree.
Branches like antennas listening for bees.
Sophisticated tickling,
Kissing the back of the knee.
Sliding the fingers slowly ever so gently.
Across the sea of serendipity.
Ending in a castle in a small town in Sicily.
Organic coffee each bean individually crushed.
Orchards of oranges and lemons.
Organized according to shape and size.
A wise view would not compare.
That inherent inherited enchanted you.
From that place where the lowest range of bass.
Takes shape.
Forms you unfolding the song a flower would sing.
Signature sampling agreeing with natures decision.
In a relationship that streams from inner exquisite release.
The Departure, eparchial evidence that has the validity,
To very clearly explain the you to me,
And the me to you the meeting of our souls in this galaxy.
Like there really is a last thing.
In passing the planet in a back spin.
Round about rotation, tattooed across flesh.
Installed and tailored to your liking.