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Eye’s on top 7/24/-7/27-09 4:08 PM

I can see now how, I may be escaping the city.
Removed words actions that place us back.
Understandable imagery visual speech.
High school memories carbon copy footprints.
Sand stuck between the toes inside the socks.
What’s this thing you called a habit.
Habitual art form that exceeds past others.
Why so blue, you could blame it on the sky.
Soaking underneath purple rain drops.
Hazy afternoon clouds have all dissipated.
The Sun brought light and the sentiment of encouragement.
My words are deciphered by eyes in London.
Out of the ashes came the phoenix rising in the sky in Ashland.
Palm size turtles racing up your arm.
Tiny little reptilian smiles in the eyes of the looker.
Above the warm receiver lays an energetic man.
Her eyes mirroring down through his tired yet powerful body.
Talking with big words that barley fit in the vocabulary.
Layer upon layer removing old articles of clothes,
Gorgeous scene surreal feeling lowering your blocking hand.
Only for a moment in such a fast p…

Intoxicating Rhythm 7/22/09 8:00 AM

Time Now, I have thought of that before,
Read it placed it down, in between dotted lines.
Connected dots that have lead me home.
Left me in the essence of a rhythmic poem,
With swift limerick like little licks under the cheek bone.
Extracted exactly five lines in a row,
White roses for healing,
Healthy living elevates the entire existence of people.
The humans being the epitome of the planet.
Planetary alignment imbedded in our memory.
A unfolding for centuries.
Stretched out along the pool,
Right knee slightly bent over left.
Head turns to the right,
Scans the cosmos back up around again,
The other side a silhouette perfect symmetrical pattern
Neck and head re connect to trunk and spine,
Legs relax as eyes do the walking,
Starting to open then becoming shut,
A thousand Jolt’s of electricity can’t open them up.
Cut off from the sing along, for being off key.
Thrown out of class for wanting to be free.
I haven’t even put it up yet.
Placed down what’s next, awaiting for your arrival.

Align me with you 7/20/09 8:23 AM

The stars did their part,
It was never there responsibility in the first place.
All that was asked was for compassion to last.
Fully excel in the field of dreaming.
Day by day moving closer toward the center.
Once again as if the door swung open for you.
Not a secret but a experience that transcends.
Fingers and hands swelling up.
The point of rapture only rubbing the foot.
Heels need loving to.
Don’t get lost in the mix.
Send me a note some time.
Lets have a conversation about flying.
Loving becoming, evolving together.
A community of people who have excepted a shift.
Sat for hours awaiting the gift.
Pushed it to the maximum came up short then readjusted.
Lifting limits like don’t be so tart.
Got a intense taste for Watermelon’s and grapes.
Sugar coated body parts awaiting for you to eat.
Enjoy the flavor for it may run out.
I can trust that it will suite your needs.
Fit you so perfect that its hard to believe..
Want it again but please be free.
Free from concerns of what tomorrow may…

A Possibility Conceived 7/11/09-7/17-09 2:04 PM

The Wheels changed a bit,
Depending on the amount of time spent spinning.
Never really the same as the first round.
More Wheels then feet could be a possibility.
Light skin fair complexion.
Bartering system.
Thanks father for the tip,
Advice toward development.
Always through love sacrifice and intent.
Pass and go, familiar memory.
Heavenly tear drops falling from a lotus stem.
The image of joy pure enjoyment from our souls evolving.
Lava creates it’s path desire and fate relax.
Love is a permanent pass.
Like Mother Earth and her vast expansive beauty.
Luna’s hands hypnotically shifting the tides.
The water that feeds us and keeps us alive.
Her haven of burden free majestic mahogany reflective.
Fiery eye’s inspiring spring to blossom once again.
Collective fear removed on a daily Un-describable exchange.
Strange fruit party full moon style.
Rock and roll wild stallion roller coaster rocket fuel.
Japanese architecture the ticket to your proper placement.
Professional sushi chef.
Chief …

Your Date and Time 7/8/09 6:30 PM

Computer, computer data saved.
Creator, creator can’t be caged.
Savior the lingering breath from her lips.
Squeezing the salt water over the ridge.
Hawaii awaits your return,
Like sunflowers awaiting the waters reply.
Parallel roots like hands surfacing flesh.
Close enough to touch,
Close enough to know the union does exist
Here is an example.
Written with your hand in mind.
Heart dream trust.
It’s that hard surfacing volcano.
Flower pollen landing anti pollution serum.
Reverse verses reverberate with reason.
Ask and you shall receive.
A garden full of opportunity.
Musically making love to the muse in me.
Harmonious connection.
Natural surreal revelation.
The greatest feeling that has ever been felt.
Don’t think for a second that my mind won’t reflect,
Cross over the dotted lines only to inspect.
Ginger snap, fingers interlace.
Living room fires awakening those asleep.
Out side of what is inside of what we face.
Two together creating breath.
Union they speak of , the mass marketing medi…