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Cooperating Elements 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Dear pink and blue ally.
What is it that creates such a drive ?
It is such an authentic feeling,
I wonder how did this arrive.
Where did the wind blow in from to create such a form.
Have you always felt this way.
Since birth the purpose has been clearly written.
From one hand to the next the pages filled.
Shaped in a soulful free forming nature.
Untreated or tainted by crude over usage.
Just the right amount.
Often empowered by the sound of circling water.
Some times over stimulated,
Creating a sense of sensory overload.
Realigned with the oh so serious sense of self.

Knowing The Know of knowing 1/22/10 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Unscrambled Delirium 8/12/09-8/13 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Can you predict the speed of your travels ahead.
Half way to the moon, hand cobra feed.
Lost solider said right at the end, of an up coming turn.
Fork in the road yet the food was all burned.
Crumbling empire rebuilt from the stalk.
Apologize ridiculed