Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mountain Shade 7/26/08 5:34 PM

Surrounded by a Pristine environment .
Untouched by the hands of man,
Air sweet like the bite of a fresh peach.
Clouds hovering above wild horses.
The curvature in the landscape,
Spells out stories, dictating directions.
Lessons some sense the sun.
Before it ever shows its rays.
Fear Monism,
Money yen omnipresence.
Everything is movable,
Because everything is floating.
Unswerving contradictions.
Minimal variations.
Influencing the gene pool.
One coin fluttering by.
Opal shadows casting across the range.
Sacred cows frozen in the field.
Life breathing statues.
Opaque flesh, impenetrable.
Smokey quartz water front.
Lightly gaining insight.
Eyes dreaming of the vision.
As we age on in to space a similar smile in a familiar place.
She will always acknowledge the love for life.
The truth in guidance the hand that writes.
Scribble jot draw doodle,
Sentences that spark sensory perception.
Geometric cliff-sides, greenish brown.
On a napkin in a café in December.
Passing the gate of the Mountains,
Two lane highway for twenty two hours.
Talk of turmoil or a touch of trouble.
When the sun is hot run toward the shade.
Imagination so real, with in a hour create a day.
Microscopic fabric weaved by a miniscule pin.
Open wound with a little redness.
Tender to the touch slowly healing.
The confluence of a positive attitude.
Reprogramming unimportant information.
Trouble shooting the situation with a solution.
Sandy grey hills with shallow fog above there crest.
The shady grove is now a bed of coal,
Only to re-grow with a luscious life force.
Times have changed for sure.
Rest assured, there is even more underway.
Every second added up to become a day.
Or an hour as in the past.
Before the fabric was woven, and the pin detached.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nervous rejoice 7/24/08 8:43 PM

Educated decision making. Going that extra step.
Always in all ways replaying the pre game routine.
Following the router toward the fountain.
A tournament of enormous nerves.
Nearly every vice is a test of energy exchange.
Implementing a impetuous attitude.
Just jumping in to the sea of inequity.
Or exchanging that concept.
Trading it for sustainability.
Something more along the lines of sky diving.
Mini disc golfing in heaven.
Finally finding the time that was hiding.
She quoted poems hand written by angels.
Spoke in tongue to former strangers.
Disappeared from the memory of some.
Not to be confused with being forgotten.
Not to be taken personal.
Ineligible hard to decipher yet easy to feel.
Emotional pockets.
As if Love was an important part of logic.
Discombobulated bothersome problem free.
A normal run around the mill meal.
Full course including map and key.
The conclusion is an illusion.
A healthy effortless continuous training.
Important to keep the flower bed spread out.
Wide enough to enjoy the bounty.
Abundant allowance allowed.
Every one all things trade spaces.
Not worried about the Finishing place in the race.
Appropriate approach toward the approximate spot.
The fourth dimension like steam on a mirror.
A minor change but a gigantic shift.
A catapult toward the summit of all that is.
Young eagle nest, a confluence blessing of good luck.
Adventures of amazing proportions
In an accordance with the natural flow.
Night vision flour cent black and white indigo.
Audio visual a living room full of sleeping giants.
Dialogue with the dead about death.
So what’s the final consensus on divine intervention.
Over anxious already at the point of accomplishment.
Before advancing in to dream life.
The day to day that fulfills every piece.
All the dreams becoming united in to the atmosphere.
Falling trees echoing honest answers.
So many asking the same question.
Following suggestion gestating until awaken.
Cake is in a tin container.
3 good luck candles.
Smoke created from the wishes
Rattle snake characteristics.
Colorful dinosaur structures.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Eulogy of Arugula Idaho 7/20/08 10:55 AM

Balance established after hours of exercise.
Serious side ways thought, say no to procrastination.
After generations of ingested fear based ideology.
Washed away reenergized cleansed fresh and new.
In no particular order reorganized sort of.
Or at least how it is spouse to be .
Wild roaming buffalo solider.
Steady on a path that seems to grow faster.
Slow in fact it has hardly moved.
Every new growth a slight different then the last
A passenger in the garden a newly invited sprout.
High sight on the power line megaphone noise.
Gene alteration after centuries of mutation.
Miracles reduced to peanut size champagne glasses.
Fit for the pointer and thumb.
As if holding a seed above rapid white waters.
Sun spots hypnotic natural nod.
Like a laugh, midnight whisper.
Renaissance rebirth resurgence, new science.
Star fish half and half broken habits.
Abstract traffic jam inclined to be a burden.
Young tornados exposing themselves on sunny days.
Clouds of absent rain.
A missing dialogue of misusage.
What is this terminal illness .
Many mental patience lie wide awake to themselves.
Influenced to tell with the emphasis not on the penmanship.
Spell’s cast across the castle.
What once was uninhabitable habitat.
Is now a cabbage patch and an additional dollar tax.
Easy now road on word windy twist and turns.
A natural mystic with abnormal instincts.
Tinctures regarded as eternal treasure.
Smiling love that lives on forever.
The mission is never missing the opportunity of living.
A new found Jewel from a lost city in a Jerusalem slum.
Brain waves light brownish rolling meadows.
The essence of an exterritorial presences enters.
Scene one running racing shouting chanting.
A spit open tomato left alone on the table.
A steak knife in the chickens leg.
Upset with the response.
Busy intersection three red lights and a car alarm.
Some serious routine planning.
Of planting an ample amount of seeds.
Scatter them across the sea,
Not in the water but along the beach.
Sore throat soothed by hot lemon tea.
Raw Arugula almonds and a handful of beets.
Each edible till the last of the nibbles are cleaned off the plate.
Platinum and gold laced with sapphire stone.
She is the embodiment of her own fashion statement.
Eyes circled and finger nails painted.
The exact quality displayed.
The byword or by product of breaking through the surface.
What is the scientific reasoning behind pay time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paper Airplanes Un-limited 7/17/08 10:07AM

What is this you call talk, word described.
The world waiting I’m wondering will tree’s survive.
A real trooper keeps track of the loops.
Little or large every piece is a star… seed.
Perfectly planted cultivated crop.
Algorithms full of convictions .
Firm statements embraced enhancement.
Reconstruction infiltrated traded for tradition.
So interesting how talented we all are.
Shining light from a never dieing star.
Approximately close enough to be a direct hit.
Confused a bit untouched pastures of innocence.
A scenic view of beetle kill, oceans of healing.
Intonations in a age of Aquarius.
Implementing plenty of interesting ideas.
Ten cent ice tea to aide your thirsty pockets.
Taught to tackle the contender.
Tense yet tender infant to elder.
Cross country ring around the collar.
Scholar of out of school lessons.
Ingesting a generation of instrumentation.
Surrounded by mile high mountain air.
A mountaineer who sprouted a filed of flavor.
Tasty linguistic questions and suggestions.
Perched on an opera house balcony.
Singing to the full moon on a Chicago summer night.
Coal mining through ashes and dust.
What was once alive among us.
Has now become snake skin, peeled layers of human skeleton.
Scary carefully created to run on empty.
After the only attempt to escape reality.
Work religiously letting the spirit invoke humanity.
Worry free far from the hands of judgments grip
Heliocentric where halos are made.
And float above the sun like paper airplanes.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Poker Planning 7/11/08 9:53 AM

Never was the type to put to much on the table.
Sitting on a chair that is known to be unstable.
Wobbling all about like a baby.
Fiddling with mischievous factoids of brilliance.
Concentrating on not loosing focus.
Never forgetting the bigger picture, the mass sound vortex.
A chord that connects all of eternity.
Tight rope walking above the black hole.
Stars of exquisite beauty.
Pure reflection, reflecting, reflecting and again reflecting.
Lectures in lyrical limerick.
Humorous enough to still be serious.
Providing the room for others to laugh.
Why feel uncomfortable.
Call and response like a whistling bird.
A Brown run down barn in the background.
Wunderkind rainbow children.
Counting to 7 in seven languages by the age of 7.
Alignment through every syllable .
Remembering how to remember your memories.
Moroccan hand made earrings.
Seagulls thousands of mile away from the closest sea.
A do not exit sign above a prayer for peace.
Dirty doves preparing to take baths in the wishing well.
Ridiculous reasons to become frustrated.
Couch potato preparing to be fried.
Dipped in boiling hot oil in the pot.
A consistency similar to honey but even stickier.
Extra fabric to patch the mishaps from messing around.
Patches with three leaf clovers.
Go green as if every day is Saint Patrick’s day.
Forget a old mildew brew glass half empty attitude.
Instead access that fresh wheat overflowing thought mind state.
With a lemon and some orange slices.
White water rafting on top of newly made sun droplets.
Pockets stuffed with rabbit tails, for good luck.
Only those that where donated by there families.
Bunnies bouncing on grass trampolines.
Positive reasons to think nonsense.
Or at least not make sense when thinking.
Expressive inspiring spring boards to leap off of.
Triumphant human tendency.
Tackling temptation strong faith and action taken.
Rekindling familiar rhyme schemes.
Even reusing the same sentence again.
Articulating the actualization,
Of your souls accomplishment.
Surrendering but never rendering your musical magic.
Abstract talent that lives off of your creativity.
Vital nutrients infused with the best of the best.
Space traveling discovered outside of Illinois.
With the perfect mix of ingredients.
First add four scoops of alabaster.
Again mixed until the texture is just right.
Poems ago there was a line that had the same word in it.
How dare you go ahead and use words over.
I thought that we had to keep it airtight.
Airplanes driving around on the ground.
Zero to seven hundred miles in hour.
Three hundred and fourteen of those for take off and landing.
I find it best to include every one that is around you.
Surrounding your comfort zone.
Describing your individuality to that of a queen.
Even males, those with or with out scales.
Grey colored skies reflecting perfect the magnificence of a rainbow.
He told me it was for kids things you learn when your younger.
So stand six feet tall,
Yet only at the age of thirty can you understand.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vacation Days 7/7/08 3:34 PM

Life is truly exciting, no hiding from that notion.
On arrival there is a welcoming committee.
Two comedians a brilliantly edited book of words.
Sand walking with water rushing between your toes.
Eventually when treated right all flowers grow.
Branches on apple trees all in a row.
Families filling up there bags to take a bite.
How many can you fit in an American pie?
Over eating sifting for gold. Growing older,
Souls scream to be younger. Help me age.
Critical pile of perfectly folded feelings.
Personal vendetta.
The geometrical patterns in the trees.
The venation like veins in the leafs.
Capabilities far beyond our wildest dreams.
Cap letters to emphasize the growth in character.
Animal characteristics, seen from a distance.
You’re upon an incredible adventure.
Definitely different then before.
The shore is growing a rush for change.
A silent echo from a hundred waves.
Clouds full of grey textures that remain.
Colors become audio chanting monks.
Tunnels exposing the light if darkens allows.
Encountering an unknown culture.
Letters relevant to providing relief.
He speaks so quick it’s like he never breathes.
At battle with the balance of dualities deeds.
Dedicated to the decisions he makes.
There is a Possibility to aid in the retreat.
Not out of loosing but in order to gain.
Controlling the tempo of your beating heart.
Colleting the remains.
Variation of variables borrowed sold or for trade.
Putting out the positive intention could change the weather.
Why not try to learn how to believe in what you can’t see.
Make it up I guess provide your imagination the go-ahead.
At least have the ability to except the challenges ahead.
Stead fast fortitude intense test to tackle.
But once on the ground it easy to hold down.
Like clock work powered by gravity.
A cabinet full of an assortment of elaborate choices.
Golden age of crystal children.
Children holding crystals in the mirror.
Fully forgiven for there faults.
Catapulting off the red carpet.
Surrendering to the overall feeling of a 5am somersault.
Good game of civilized kick ball.
The concept of having a day off is like rocking climbing.
Rough around the edges.
Jagged cliffhanger, fast driver.
Roundabout the wheels go.
Grave danger of being in a grave.
Oh so scary to moon walk across the sun.
Sweats pouring like a river.
Still relaxing even in the city.
Got new shoes one for each foot.
You keep hiding where you at.
Missing in action missing the action.
No worries though packed in a neat package.
Sweet offer, wonder what would have happened.
If things where different, different things.
Excited to be able to do everything.
Remain silent, for a bit then get real loud.
Loud like a running heard of antelope on cement.
Feet shaped like a heart.
Hikes through the forest in search of antlers.
Cell phones rearranging cells.
Simple lets give them a ticket.
Twenty dollars can maybe get ya lunch.
Organic free roaming sushi.
The walking fish with golden teeth.
Explosive experience overflowing excitement.
Collecting tear drops for the salt.
Deep sea diving floating over brain coral.
Rolling down the mountain.
Having the greatest time all the time.
African dancing in Ireland.
American pride put in a jar.
Buckets of monkeys wrestling over bananas.
Friends having babies.
Still walking with a huge smile.
Dancing on a rainbow made of gold.
Universal explanations for poetry writing.
Different styles that provide a definition of one.
Numbers don’t exist to everybody.
Tribes that don’t understand the concept of math.
Instead they contemplate more or less.
Fresh untouched thought process.
Pollution looking to contaminate.
Shields created to protect against the invaders.
Those wanting to take your booty.
Beauty etched in stone.
Home owners association free trade.
Coffee cups made of edible plants.
All inclusive breakfast plan.
Bed laced with pearls placed in an amethyst stone.
Candles burning slowly on rose quarts pedals.
Direct encounter with extra special extraterrestrials.
I heard they don’t like to be called that.
Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Air balloon Silence 7/1/08 9:50 PM

That space between a place you’ve seen.
A landscape draped with curtains from beams.
Made from human hands.
Articulated language used.
Spoken level the tone of an orchard of trees.
Un hitched from the knick-knack.
Chit chats of this and that.
Pain released by the sound of a beat.
Blood in the feet rushing from the head.
Eyes crossed at a fork in the road.
Lights flashing glamorous hula hops.
Moon circles around your eyes.
Shadows left as evidence.
The ease to relax we ask why we relapse.
In actions that can only re map a path.
Similar in style shape and coincidence.
A distant scent left lingering in the air.
Forever now imbedded in the instruments.
Passionate honest artistic traditions.
Escaping the sarcasm.
A real deal Universal organism.
Of course the voice is echoed with reason.
She is seasoned in the art of crafting a meal.
Feeding the fantastic the satisfaction of her yield.
Continuous rhymes hymns of simple gems.
Daily greens digesting in the gut.
Gestating articulated poetry.
Soul brother sunshine smile face.
Standing under a bridge, understanding things.
Fishing for fish to put back in the lake.
Already full from breakfast.
In the last poem we ate. Sweets on the roof of your mouth.
Awaiting flavor release. Watering the garden.
Sweet and sour flowers, brain tissues message.
Awareness centered sight seeing.
Why have fear of peace. Forgotten truth that attempts to speak.
Memory games with marbles and eggs.
Balance beam high fives from New York to San Francisco.
Across the sea disco. Dancing starfish, eating shrimp.
Eloquent words, wild sharks in the aquarium.
Songs along a bird’s flight.
Path of working toward a natural course of galactic force.
Word imposed unjustly sword arm heavy.
Sworn on sight insight impact intellectual critic.
Structured rapture articulated map for treasure hunting.
Adventure seeking thrilling floating feeling.
Sunglasses ricochet energy fire works exploding early.
Pre season suntan. Fear tactic scare plan.
Fireplace ceiling fan. Protection from sleepy dehydration.
Loving creation.