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Lucid handwriting 6/28/08 12:26 PM

Arm repeating a shoulder shake.
Twisted little circles, reoccurring occurrences.
Well-defined features.
Trails left in the sky. Constant inspiration.
Elevating awaiting taking stride.
Contact remembrance.
Power of connecting dance.
Training the mind. Traveling light waves.
Sound makes imprint in infinity.
Translucent elusive luxury.
Hug will be fine forward writing.
Important hybrid balance.
Egg and corn diet. Missing in action.
Evidence of various visions uniting.
The willingness to except. Accept this.
Confluence of events introspection.
Four words taped on your door way.
For every second that counts.
Overflowing Local River, shaky ground.
Surrounded by fifty four wheels.
Night shade thickens. Air a pleasant pink tint.
Observant infant mammalien.
Waving a flagstaff above the overcast.
Four more eighteen wheelers.
Finally passing past the rocky canyon.
Hands on the steering wheel when ever driving.
Surviving uprising sun shining.
Detailed list for the five o’clock grocery walk.
Sun just waking up hot tea just b…

Cautious conscious 6/16/08 12:12 PM

Symmetrical timing. Organized chaos according too having it.
Making sense-equaling time well spent. Mathematically mapped out.
Structured meeting place for two occupants.
Many more moonbeams will come. Marching to the sun.
Arms stretched out as if falling in the water.
Letting go of old patterns that have pushed through.
Parting the seas of prosperity.
Naturally elevating any exhaustion. Even the slightest bit.
Not worried it won’t work out.
Waking up ready to activate the task at hand.
Jogging in and out of sleep imagining the present again and again.
Forever shifting adjusting to the temptation of time.
Weathering the wear and tear of the atmosphere.
The recorded sounds from centuries ago.
That still inspires the present day souls.
Comfortably loved held in the hand of tomorrow.
Shaking in joy and excitement.
Like a new puppy saying good by.
Not concerned with the bone, or treat.
Missing the energy exchange.
Feeling the absents of another being.
Like waking through the desert in the dark.
Knowing inside …

Surreal Yosemite 6/13/08 1:29 PM

It was her seventeenth birthday,
She had a sudden urge to drive from Massachusetts to Yosemite.
Over twenty years latter she’s still climbing the rocks.
Meditating with the waterfalls.
Gazing deep in to the vast open magic carpet.
Fresh produce recalled for the looks.
So we can bring it up every time.
Or we can collectively create a change.
What are you talking about?
He asked with preparation in his voice.
Preparation for argument.
Disbelief in healing powers.
Explanation lead to silence.
Proof seems to be the most powerful.
Seems being the underlining word.
Powerful being a whole other enchilada.
Charming tree stumps.
Moss softer then the softest fabric.
Two abstract tattoo’s intense signature.
Relaxed in nature’s natural baths.
Snow still visible still falling.
Tree bark burning from the after math of beetles.
My nerves won’t brake down. Will is too strong.
Nervous breakdown bi-polar trauma in the ocean.
Tropical vacation is a week in liberation.
Bare-naked standing facing everlasting space.
Earthly energy …

Bridge Building 6/12/08 3:47 PM

Treasure Island has this perfect view of the new bridge.
Stronger more balanced the real deal.
A task of piecing together a row of spades.
A paper airplane made of crochet.
No glue used or nails for that matter.
Lighter smaller even flatter.
Could sail across town always bringing a crowd.
A wide-eyed reason for a joy to be alive.
Shake as it will and as you must.
For when the wheels start spinning,
Comes a cloud of dust.
Ask and you shall receive if only we believe.
Or is it a only if you do view.
Two similarities both matching colors.
Injunction with each other.
From the start till the end. A game called hangman.
Taxes to let go. Tic tac toe operation. Cause and effect.
Saturated stardom. Impeccable beauty.
Watered down feet. Boots full of sand.
Alcoholic call and response. Impossible plan.
Positioned ahead of the starting point.
Fully on reality change. Vision the shift.
Selfishness is for the birds. Survival etiquette.
Worm head response. A rapid-fire way to waste away.
Dove off the plank swam toward the …

Soul Exited beauty SF 6/10/08 3:56 PM

It’s amazing when the water is calm.
How pure and patient such a simple equation.
Inspiring waves washing over the home front.
Free from inner struggles, Self-competitive touchdowns.
Root mazes, a few faces, inter laced with embracing.
Embody dogma magnacumlaude.
The highest of honors.
Honest honey sweet. Detail for every detail.
No matter the price, you can be broke in the bank,
But rich in life. Which it might be different.
If in fact you are on the opposite end.
Position your self. Away from where the opposition is felt.
Seven Zig zags in a Zip lock bag,
With Velcro to hold up the scarecrows.
Zucchini egg roles some real serious talk.
A privileged walk along green carpet.
Green renaissance a sensational armband.
How old till it’s an antique.
The old man in the corner is quite.
Pointing across the empty living room space.
Stars fill in the patient’s eyes.
Waiting for the clock to run out of batteries.
Or maybe some one you know will forget time.
Climbing the rope behind in hopes to find,
A person who can c…

Time’s Asleep home in Co 6/4/08 11:11 PM

Fresh wood chips complete breakfast for four days.
Work ethic paying off.
Shirts ruined from elbow grease.
No worries blessed life abundant.
The forest is snacking. Greener each day.
Wet from the moisture the dog loves to play.
So tired of getting tired.
Letting time take charge.
The winner in an egotistical contest.
Open door in to the Temple .
A help me do it your self-guide.
Answers provide inside, in time
Take it in stride they said,
Provoked by a word he read.
A conglomeration of a cut and paste collogue
Tan colored fields with a broken down barb wire fence.
Titanium hands carved out the water base.
Chicken creatures eating at each other.
Longhaired long neck giraffes.
Double-digit phone numbers in the yellow pages.
Spotted zebra tie, leather dress shoes.
Knuckle bucktooth dollar bill.
The color is fading out wearing thin from use.
Rainbow effects in a circle of hope.
Separation anxiety solved by flower pedals.
Continuous jealous energy living in the lava.
Expediential to being the biggest variable.

Waiting water the boat 6/2/08 1:33 PM

Walking along the rocky shore watching time pass by.
Floating off in the distance,
Flames from a dragon flies lips.
Curling inside the bubbling hot lava pit.
Sand to hot to touch cooled off by a breeze.
Consistency to deliver. Inspired by the moment.
A present unwrapped.
Inside another gift symmetric to match.
Geometrical patch including will last.
Endless time ever evolving music. Created newness
A blue print of words between lines.
A personal path.
Perchance that a person will ask.
Have you done the math.
Laughs fill the cupboard,
Replaced with grain. Fresh information.
Indigenous giants.
Ants the size of bumper cars. Have you seen them.
There friendly like dogs.
A heard of a snake in the rain forest that eats tires.
A monkey that can speak every human language.
Single entity telepathy.
Fearless in a pool of sharks.
On one knee. Speaking to the raw earth.
The voice of life is in her
Surrendering moment fleeting fast.
Sail across sandy terrain.
No more tired nights,
Camel rides across the desert.
Pyramid shaped …

From an Arrows View 6/1/08 5:52 PM

Main aim to come in contact with that, which is.
So there for it has been done.
Now we replay the forecast.
Rays of sunlight reaching out for you to hold.
Not afraid of damaging your pride.
Ego’s got a lot of nerve. Nervous version of your self.
Mirrors speaking in often UN recognized tongue.
Buried underneath toxic waste there are those who
Wallow in a wormhole, full of worms literal.
Litter piled up miles high in far off lands.
American children not nurtured in the galactic reality.
Casually combing there hair with press on nails,
Teach about the power with in, with in a smile.
A single bird waiting in an open field for a friend.
Sandwich meat that makes a wild animal vomit from the smell.
Sad to think of a ribcage protruding.
Bone against flesh to fragile to touch.
The devils clutch a false sense of love laughed at.
Regain the desire to play, have fun and feel ok about it.
We lift rocks full of sugar to stay in shape.
Call each other from caves and dream to be apes.
It’s pointless like arguing with yo…