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Curling lucid, Fingers 12/11/09 3:52 PM

I truly do as true as you that is.
Is it that thing you do that piece you give.
A face appears inside your eye lids.
A rising tide of inner guidance.
As the moon sets our shadows dance.
A potters wheel spins as her fingers curl.
I can feel your breath spiral down my neck.
Dragons kiss in mid flight.
Purple black shimmering light.
Formless fortitude, inspired by the service.
The force that directs you toward the universe.
A different version of your own interpretation.
Recognized and remembered ancestor teachings.
Inquiry has been showing me so much lately.
Like low hovering clouds full of crystal clear water.
Provided nourishment through the collective.
Millions of different elements combine.
Synergistic resources, synergism.
Interaction of human will and divine grace.
Interesting result in cooking one oh one.
Driving past a space called confusion hill.
Meditating on a field in Ireland.
Grass feed by the moisture from the mountain air.
Wild Buffalos drink from the lake.
An offering ma…

A story through your eyes 12/06/09 11:19 AM

Thank you for understanding how to play.
How to relate to the child in me.
Speaking with direct assertive empowerment.
Being in love with the shifting change.
Inscribing along the side of a mountain range.
High cliffs climbing up a waterfall.
Jumping off the ledge in to a pool of calm warm water.
Awaiting your arrival, it welcomes you in.
The smell of cloves incense and cinnamon.
A full feeling that never fades.
Adjustments continually made.
Proper care and internal focus.
Supporting the process of feedback.
Learning how to co-relate with another’s addictions.
Catching your self in the act of acting not your self.
Outside perspective on your own personality traits.
Clear vision, beginning from with in.
In the unlabeled land of the living dead.
Bleached white Spanish rice.
Never settle for less, at the expense of stress.
Impressed by your sent, as our aromas mix.
Your formula for combing oils.
An order of respect selfless intent.
The vastness of the universe.
In order upon the drawing …

That’s what I was doing 12/4/09 3:04 PM

I’m here for you, let me be the water In your well.
Her dreams are like spider webs.
Effortless fortitude.
Nutritional mantras formed by connection.
Pollination gardens with a vibrant fragrance.
Our grace with service reinventing the wheel.
Leading the way for seekers who use speakers for shields.
Healing hands of comfort warmth motivation.
Reflection similarities lectures as long as they need to be.
Living forever physically being both the cloud and sun beam.
The crowd around the room at night.
The circle around the moon. The story tellers breath control.
Articulation with clarity.
Your own style. The ability to share your heart.
How many layers are there around that.
What defines the meaning of the word.
Your sure answer will can describe it.
Wait so long in the back to be the pilot.
Your highness thank you for your guidance.
The driving directions where a bit mixed but together we found it.
Electronic current from being courageous and honest.
Transmuting that which sheds like skin.