Evening of a writer 10/15/10

The clock was perfect.
Each hand rotated
in response to the other
--a random way
to track the day.
A simple metronome,
then the chorus,
trumpets roaring
…could almost see the shape of this exact time
this exact evening
how it fit into the all
yet rose above it.
Then the mundane
--a routine to tend to, a hand to lend you,
a vibrant face the color of marble
pressed against
cosmic space;
outlines in the sand
washed away
appearing again…
a holy mystery
written with a comic’s wit,
Arms on hips right hand holding chin,
...could be a reconfirguration,
An open face gazing up into the rain unflinching...

Right Before Go 7/14-19/10 1:26 AM

It’s the closing moments in the final seconds before the flame is out,
A minuet inspection of your inner self.
Stay with us now, its not much farther north.
Alternatively, the other plan is to pencil it out.
Just write, the voice repeats.
Quietly sneaking around to yell out loud.
Figure eight movements from the hips.
Shoulders up and down like the shape of a staircase.
Program this ace; reformat the formal way of happenings.
Tidy up the tide turning us over.
Opposite hand tight before the grasp.
Body squeezed in breath pushed out.
Crimson flames embody the sky.
Areas of the understood strike a chord.
Catapult us forward.
Send me on my way. Visit the maker again,
Before descending in to it’s deathly all knowing.
What causes the dirt to become angry?
And the sea to become weary.
The desert is hungry for the ocean once more.
As the jealous land underneath the water becomes tiresome of waiting.
When will the almighty hands of the implacable close.
Mollify the outcome to soften the landing…

Hungry Groundhog 7/10/10 7/10/10 7:21 PM

How far away are you?
As the approaching months, gather dust.
We silently select another choice.
A new experience that includes bravery and tenderness.
A Sweet salt water with a distinguishing taste.
Tongue dried out lips speckled with sand.
Hard to resist the temptation.
Easy to remind yourself of the experience.
Sit in silence underground away from light and sound.
Do it for ninety days.
Rejuvenation is a bowl of fruit,
Fall asleep in the fountain of youth.
Do not forget that moment of clarity you had.
Crystals soaking in sun rays.
So absorbent is the minds eye.
Sour stomach still upset from last night.
Trailing behind the finisher.
Like a Moth resting on an unplugged light.
Sun flares decorating the endless sky.
Seconds after the first bang another occurred.
Accurate curvature of a cave mans spine.
Fingers pressed through the apple.
No one has mentioned the date alignment of ten ten ten.
Arms lifting up then pulling down,
Screaming at the top of your lungs to open up and heal.
Old …

Common Day 7/1/10 7/1/10 4:13 PM

Calling on the common day,
Awaiting the reply.
In a time of turmoil turn over the dirt,
Stop the nonsense.
Too much noise for the ears to handle.
News coverage covering the dramatic events.
Rhythmic ripples in the waters pattern.
A serious hole found in the tree.
A nest for the bird.
Sampling sap from centuries ago.
Echoing chambers from the darkening whole.
Exuberant light lit up on high.
Not too long ago before, we flew our first kite.
Learned to turn a light bulb before there were candles.
For the night exchange momentary emotions.
I heard don’t shine out the light.
Slowly dropped from the sky, as if it was sitting,
Waiting preparing to fly.
Origami like hand gestures.
Mudras that resemble mountain ranges.
Fresh snow apples picked for dessert.
The grayish outline,
With every color ever witnessed living inside.
No longer back peddling under a bridge,
Sitting straight up with arms extended to live.

Grandmothers story 2/25/10 4/1/10 2:50 PM

Where did you passion go, did you trade it in for something new.
Are you able to allow it to transform with grace.
Here take a look in to my eyes.
Do you feel comfortable,
Are you having a hard time grasping the change.
Does it feel awkward and out of place.
Have you ever talked in your sleep.
Walked across mountains of snow covered peaks.
Sheets turned down for your convenience.
A serious roll of airline travel.
Networking but keeping your work force focused on the next.
Partial possibility to prosper by taking control of your life.
Do you miss the old you. Are you excited for the moment.
Did you know that the past controls the future and that the present controls the past.

Cooperating Elements 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Dear pink and blue ally.
What is it that creates such a drive ?
It is such an authentic feeling,
I wonder how did this arrive.
Where did the wind blow in from to create such a form.
Have you always felt this way.
Since birth the purpose has been clearly written.
From one hand to the next the pages filled.
Shaped in a soulful free forming nature.
Untreated or tainted by crude over usage.
Just the right amount.
Often empowered by the sound of circling water.
Some times over stimulated,
Creating a sense of sensory overload.
Realigned with the oh so serious sense of self.

Knowing The Know of knowing 1/22/10 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Unscrambled Delirium 8/12/09-8/13 2/3/10 5:31 PM

Can you predict the speed of your travels ahead.
Half way to the moon, hand cobra feed.
Lost solider said right at the end, of an up coming turn.
Fork in the road yet the food was all burned.
Crumbling empire rebuilt from the stalk.
Apologize ridiculed

The Exuberant Rush 1/15/10 5:26 PM

Both shoes are tied tight, well lose in the beginning.
But now they are tied in knots,
Not double though at one point they where always doubled.
Seems more fitting that the laces get more attention.
The build up of excitement almost creates a calm feeling.
A sense of surety to release any and all attachment.
Thankful gratitude fills my core.
A agonic apology to any and all those that may not understand.
Talk to the angels that care about me unconditionally.
They fully understand the essence of love.
The beating of the heart and its guidance.
The fulfillment of eagerness and its wanting.
Desire driven to protect and provide.
Some will say it is the stars that create that wave ,
And its incredible creative current of happiness.
Clear eyes open oval ovaries of Variety.
Rationing out what is left in the garden.
Grandfather hands so excited to hold the talking stick.
To provide for his grandchildren and to re-use the rain drops.
Collecting literature for you, reading it bit by bit.