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Selma Circus, Summer time 5/30/08 4:06 PM

Excitement entertainment the engaging. Displaying a sound of positive vibration. Chances are the hail will melt before meeting the surface. Face feeling incredibly warm. Heat generating on adrenalin overload. Balance center grounding for development collective self-fuel. Fascinated by the predicament.
Relaxed and into it. Electric pulse cultivated talent.
Information formations. Manicured curly fries.
So fun silly run on sentences long enough to catch your breath. Flying outside of a tunnel above looking down body shapes a lighting bolt. Tundra of sand, sun stroke survivor,
Silverado on a golden road.
Paintbrush stroke charming color choice.
Blue fire fly forest green granite.
Graciously opened arm hands for holding.
Decoding culture traditions with out judgment.
Living with family all across the globe.
Not racing but embracing.
Global shift matrimony between earth and space.
In love with gravity. Rational territory effortless example.
The outcome of experience. Nutrition trust and triumph
Youth ge…

I am You LAX to SFO after LIB 5/28/08 10:56 AM

The incredible feeling of wanting.
To have something you do not posses what is it we strive for.
I never knew that attraction was a law.
Described as a double-sided wall.
Domino style one after the other.
Fully engaged in the classification,
Coloring in-between the dotted lines,
In smaller increments then usual.
Soul food sold for wholesale.
Everything is taking place now. Accepting is an adventure.
Challenge handling the past future present fully fulfilled.
An American brilliance beautiful liberation.
That lifts us to the heavens.
Lowers us to the heavens.
And leaves us floating in between the spaces.
Next dimensional beings able to jump in to our bodies.
Those balanced souls children born of pure intention.
Direction may be dictated by an unfocused source.
So the common sense is to follow your center.
Sometimes leading us to a fork in the road.
Fortunate reflection flicking a quarter in the fountain of youth.
Transforming in to a new paradigm.
Perplexed lyrics left by a pen.
Limitless sentences type write…

Blazing Liberation

Last thing they are worried about is fitting everything in there. Crafting a box out of bamboo boards.
Crystal shards tossed in the air like glow sticks.
Silly waste of product placement, trading secrets with pirates.
Folded origami unfolded and sold for free.
Recycled trash talk.
Tip toeing tongue words only hold so much balance.
Highflying masculine life forms.
Feminine eminent sequence of events.
Understandable situation for so many sacrificed afraid and forgotten. Fix a fallacy tickle a reality.
Squeeze the hands of laughter.
Attract positively to surround you.
Asking is like skiing in aspen. Something’s are known.
Others yet to be discovered or unveiled.
Retreating is no option only accidental.
Definitely silly limerick of reason.
Lyrics written so well that the music can be heard by just reading the page. Capturing the flag and holding it up in to the clouds.
Moist oils absorbing in to obvious oblivion.
Walking through Octagon formations leading toward a tangerine colored welcome mat. Harvesting…

Five Angles TO Phoenix 5/21/08 3:28 AM

Dear Marmoset we see you have grown up.
Always ageing to perfection.
Correcting the wrongs by trading in the rights.
Confused unison will not tackle everlasting gain neither "real lies". Look some things have and are placed outside of our soul called grip. Social ordinary in extreme measurements.
Steps to improve to your self that you’re worth it all. You have been excited diligent you’re reading it right. Righteous to the eyes of a viewer year-by-year. Becoming newer,
Satisfied by always searching to appear.
Stand for claim aim relax enjoy free flying yang UN angry UN afraid ready to receive.
Receiving becoming being.
Sitting in the shadow for hours at a time.
Taking the rest of what was left.
Floating to the surfaces a surge of strength.
You must become true.
And all will reveal it’s self.
It is I except.
We struck gold in San Francisco.
Based on the simple bio diesel approach of saving the planet.
Plan on it begin to balance the beauty of both the broken and the fixed.
Sitting so calm no …

Joshua Tree Eagle Drive 5/16/08 3:33 PM

Green forest yellow fields. Brown rock basin. Scent stained, sorry forgiven for meat is grain. New surroundings atmospheric change. Strange dilemma a miss communication leads to an atlantian grave. Story’s told like soil soaked in the rain.
Sober order not obeying the norm. House on wheels roller-skating home. Prayer circle for poverty a fallen leaf as colorful as the imagination allows. Exponential energy shared. Every choice has an outcome uncommon yet equal to some. Survival surveillance vigilant unity conditioned imbalance. Up rooted from memory of mind-based centuries. Splashing rhythmic colors carefully altering the crossroads.
Walking legs on the waking dead belly of the beast. Stretched out along the invisible border, umbilical cords cut and removed stored and sorted out by size.
Incredibly interesting reason to exchange drama’s, trade tradition for travel expenses. Severe sewage blame age or the inability to adapt. Does Evolution involve a revolution?
Or is the revolution the ou…

Time Change 5/14/08 8:46am

Content basic freedom. Whispering rushing water.
The slow power of a growing tree breaking through the rough surface. Crackling fire wood dancing flames on top of an amber bed. Bronze and silver coated carry on bags. First class flight silly little water containers awaiting their arrival. Disintegrating gradually fading away in to oblivion millions of meaningful men and women who at one time dreamed about dancing in the stars. Sophisticated opinion neutral decision just sit in the middle and wait there. Box style life. Dirty window rolled up so to be unseen. Care for a café snack a sweet bit of that addition to your day, deliquesce quick fix.
Listen to the life forms, that can’t speak your language of up bringing. Ridiculed dictatorship a taste off the sacred lips.
You knew all along that there would come a time when you dove in to the water and for some unknown reason you would not float. Absent out side of you starring in to space counting the constellations. How many pyramids can you …

May Snow "Steamboat to SF" 5/13/08 5:56AM

It snowed last night, unexpected visit from nature’s vast uniqueness.
Cover out stretched untouched fresh. Open cold but unfrozen a thawing ends only to begin again. Reconnection conveyed obvious benefiting beneath the surface layer.
Coral reef water ells, frantically escape. Lungs so pure replenished and cleansed daily. What around us will always alter, shift change a bit. Recognize recalculate. Now for the thirst, allow it to be quenched. Every last drop that drips from the pot is the same as the last one boiling hot. Allow time for your body to rest and adjust, and remember the steps, in hopes it won’t trip up or rust.
Polish brass bracelets laced with jade trinkets, hand selected at the finest world class mines. Like a rare pink pearl balancing on the edge of an infant’s finger tip. The wait seemed like eternity even though it was only a few hours, enough time passed to have a glimpse on the other side. Fallen angles floating above our heads awaiting the souls arrival. With open arms…

In Sf Flying to CO today 5/5/08 11:53 AM

Everything is continuously moving forward steps back ward but nearing completion to the ultimate of what can be conceived. Conditional additions to the surrounding atmosphere, turning heads in order to see more. After further involvement with inner cultivation redefining the protocol of social networking. Knowing how to know that your positioning in life is perfect. Figuring out the definition of what perfect is. Intellectually running through a forest of imperfections impervious to lose of self worth. Gaining more core strength, while building a soul infused framework. Like sugar dissolving on the tip of your tongue from the warmth of your flesh. Have something fresh to place on the table including but not limited to all the fallen leafs that have withered away in to the waters edge. Swimming alone in the ocean afraid of the rip tide pulling you away. Alone yet fearful of being by your self, so confused you find your self sitting Indian style in American made soil, stamped with the…

Steamboat CO to Portland OR 5/2/08 8:44 AM

It is almost my birthday. Excited to be gifted this life and to be here on this growing planet. Sometimes I may question the quest of existence. Tense emotional baggage that has been collecting dust in the lavatory for years before my spirit even made the ultimate decision of returning to this earthly unexplained universe. When the seed finally emerges from the earth’s surface cracking through the crust, creating a surge of untapped natural energy. Nervous tension leaves fear doubt brittle expectations that coward away in the corner are no longer hiding from appearing as honesty. Honey from the sweetest hive. Harmony over powers arguments. A genius side of thinking people want to pick your brain. Tell us more about your self, funny how sometimes your self doesn’t really have much to say. Let me rest let my heart break a beat up. Walk for long periods of time in to the wilderness. Nesting on an uneven telephone pole the modern day totem. Inside the next sits two beautifully crea…