Friday, May 30, 2008

Selma Circus, Summer time 5/30/08 4:06 PM

Excitement entertainment the engaging. Displaying a sound of positive vibration. Chances are the hail will melt before meeting the surface. Face feeling incredibly warm. Heat generating on adrenalin overload. Balance center grounding for development collective self-fuel. Fascinated by the predicament.
Relaxed and into it. Electric pulse cultivated talent.
Information formations. Manicured curly fries.
So fun silly run on sentences long enough to catch your breath. Flying outside of a tunnel above looking down body shapes a lighting bolt. Tundra of sand, sun stroke survivor,
Silverado on a golden road.
Paintbrush stroke charming color choice.
Blue fire fly forest green granite.
Graciously opened arm hands for holding.
Decoding culture traditions with out judgment.
Living with family all across the globe.
Not racing but embracing.
Global shift matrimony between earth and space.
In love with gravity. Rational territory effortless example.
The outcome of experience. Nutrition trust and triumph
Youth generating though out a seed.
Growth life live through in and through out.
Handel with care, crafting.
What a sweet pocket of bliss yet again,
Shining with your passion.
Light passed pure pressure impeccable.
Enthusiastic infused on music magic.
Abstract traffic.
Cows in the road a few goats out back.
Calculated curiosity a little monkey laughs.
Racing across a piano leaping over the trash.
Big-brained idea cartoon character.
A rock cracked on the back when it shattered the shell got to be the key to the lock,
On the spot spontaneous words that I drop who knows what you got.
A full circle I’ll see this again me and my friends blended in to be like one in the same.
I knew you before I meet you
Your voice is a tool used to introduce divinity as a centerpiece.
Taken across the globe, lifted and placed in line.
A sure thing untied shoestring fixed and amusing.
Yesterday’s news read backwards.
Some say some don’t go get enough yet for what.
Often for that which once was forgotten,
Pavement hand cement underneath green fingernails.
Rivers shifting lifting cartons of milk in to the pasture.
A constant game of practice. Calculated craftsmanship.
Improvement intonation, the waving good by when saying hello.
Every morning releasing awaking and receiving.
Like minded magnetic nature.
Watch out for poison oak when hugging a tree.
Lightning during a rain dance,
Sounds check abundant time layers.
Bills removed cracks permanently fixed,
No longer glued.
Sowed soil saturated traditions.
Its business timework around the clock.
Card catalogue a long logistic list of to do’s.
Once done there cherished and cared for.
Stored in an air tight seal unbroken calculated sounds.
Adventures of togetherness inseparable

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I am You LAX to SFO after LIB 5/28/08 10:56 AM

The incredible feeling of wanting.
To have something you do not posses what is it we strive for.
I never knew that attraction was a law.
Described as a double-sided wall.
Domino style one after the other.
Fully engaged in the classification,
Coloring in-between the dotted lines,
In smaller increments then usual.
Soul food sold for wholesale.
Everything is taking place now. Accepting is an adventure.
Challenge handling the past future present fully fulfilled.
An American brilliance beautiful liberation.
That lifts us to the heavens.
Lowers us to the heavens.
And leaves us floating in between the spaces.
Next dimensional beings able to jump in to our bodies.
Those balanced souls children born of pure intention.
Direction may be dictated by an unfocused source.
So the common sense is to follow your center.
Sometimes leading us to a fork in the road.
Fortunate reflection flicking a quarter in the fountain of youth.
Transforming in to a new paradigm.
Perplexed lyrics left by a pen.
Limitless sentences type writer madness.
Anger transmuted fear muted.
Energy from another muse to stimulate the creation.
Universal nirvana.
Vanilla lips.
Left alone on a cement staircase sitting in wonder.
Waiting for the revolution to take place.
Not knowing that the process is under evaluation.
First to be filtered fixed and forgotten.
Then remembered realized and redone.
A constant communication barrier finally broken.
Technology allows for an easy change. Voice activated.
Emotional music made.
Every letter linking together with the collective cord.
Links that hold on to one another helping each other.
Handing each other a hand when ever it is needed.
Bumps in the rocky road.
Almost loosing control but finding the force to maintain.
Moving mountains with your tongue.
Making love to the moon.
Shining above the water is a reflection.
Perfectly painted portrait.
How effective it is to be patient.
So many days spent forming the sand to become a castle.
The water rises and pulls from underneath.
The solid structure solidifies.
The foundation honors the fallen footprints.
Not forgotten for the memory lives in you.
At any moment all excitement may increase.
No body left with a normal heartbeat.
Adrenaline reigns over the rise and fall.
Bending one way to become closer to the sun.
Leaning back and forth until the symbol snaps.
Struggle rugged exam on existence.
Fortified intention. Forgotten inhibition.
Interesting dilemma dogma drama.
Duality dueling with divinity.
Dancing on the edge of a single leaf.
Swimming in the texture of obscurity.
Curious but not obsessed.
Anxious but not desperate.
Strong enough to hold of temptation.
At the same strong enough to tempt it.
Building an inner force,
So powerful and potent.
That each suggestion can create change.
Every single thought beaming light.
Bright enough to clarify any confusion.
Truth opening
Love becoming.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blazing Liberation

Last thing they are worried about is fitting everything in there. Crafting a box out of bamboo boards.
Crystal shards tossed in the air like glow sticks.
Silly waste of product placement, trading secrets with pirates.
Folded origami unfolded and sold for free.
Recycled trash talk.
Tip toeing tongue words only hold so much balance.
Highflying masculine life forms.
Feminine eminent sequence of events.
Understandable situation for so many sacrificed afraid and forgotten. Fix a fallacy tickle a reality.
Squeeze the hands of laughter.
Attract positively to surround you.
Asking is like skiing in aspen. Something’s are known.
Others yet to be discovered or unveiled.
Retreating is no option only accidental.
Definitely silly limerick of reason.
Lyrics written so well that the music can be heard by just reading the page. Capturing the flag and holding it up in to the clouds.
Moist oils absorbing in to obvious oblivion.
Walking through Octagon formations leading toward a tangerine colored welcome mat. Harvesting action, articulated culture. Breaking through the ozone layer.
Landing on another planet.
Witnessing the secrets taking shape.
Windy whispers off of evolutions lips.
Traveling through, like a turbine.
Brilliant colors lay across the landscape.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Five Angles TO Phoenix 5/21/08 3:28 AM

Dear Marmoset we see you have grown up.
Always ageing to perfection.
Correcting the wrongs by trading in the rights.
Confused unison will not tackle everlasting gain neither "real lies". Look some things have and are placed outside of our soul called grip. Social ordinary in extreme measurements.
Steps to improve to your self that you’re worth it all. You have been excited diligent you’re reading it right. Righteous to the eyes of a viewer year-by-year. Becoming newer,
Satisfied by always searching to appear.
Stand for claim aim relax enjoy free flying yang UN angry UN afraid ready to receive.
Receiving becoming being.
Sitting in the shadow for hours at a time.
Taking the rest of what was left.
Floating to the surfaces a surge of strength.
You must become true.
And all will reveal it’s self.
It is I except.
We struck gold in San Francisco.
Based on the simple bio diesel approach of saving the planet.
Plan on it begin to balance the beauty of both the broken and the fixed.
Sitting so calm no longer contemplating.
Sitcom mind state blocked transmuted transformed.
Free thought for sale, oh miss marmoset.
Oil rain drops cutting through the flashing lights.
Old navy oil of oh lay old spice oh where not did yet.
We’ve been living through your Internet.
Extra examples of refreshment, and alien footsteps.
Compound syllable sound combine.
Microphone mathematics making sense out of letters.
Classic creation raise the bar and begin to lift the torch.
Higher then ever before. Be brave break branches but grab the next. Don’t fall for the forgotten fallacy of a fallen apple.
No taste no respect for others excitement.
Out the box a chocolates what flavor do you taste?
Sinking your teeth in to the temptation of treasure.
Radical battle scars. Calls from the other side.
Discussions with no concrete concepts.
Illusions healthy and expanding.
Visually stimulated by the pathway toward the gates.
Dolphin colored sky. Swimming in circles under a rainbow made of gold. Alchemist always seem to have things under control. Or at least can transmute their non-stop running silent experimenting with their gift using it to lift your spirit.
Droplets of rain frozen in sugar with amber color highlights.
Crossing over the road headed to a distant far off adventure.
Very slowly riding over rolling hills. Inches away from leaping off the edge of humanities hands. Anger replaced by joyous youth.
A utopia of understanding, standing under the sun,
Wide-eyed and open as one in the desert looking eye to eye.
Shining remembrance of a sudden relentlessness that left all on lookers full of breath.
Skeptical judgment held in a strong grip far from harms way.
Safe guided by the stars. Soft shells light blue skies.
Primates cracking them open and taking a sip.
Industrial drug infested trails cleaned and lifted in to the heavens.
Adventure of diamonds.
An amulet covered muse wearing gorgeous jewelry.
Sitting silently in a dull dark box.
No longer waiting the shock has passed.
The infrastructure-ruptured reaction was rapture.
Undeniable libido lividly revitalizing your life.
So sweet how warmth can up lift.
Suited to fit the Taylor who made the suite.
Streaming ideas painting on clouds.
The taste of oceanic soaked almonds.
Natural nutrition for our souls.
Soaking overnight in to the nocturnal sunset.
Strange predicament for a marmoset to get in.
Traveling through cosmos smoking Marlboros.
Never left home, but did fall off center.
Regain release. Our light is impeccable.
Word over rifle.
Hand held lightning bolt.
Obvious obstacle tackled and overcome.
Trees out line the roadway, smiling in form.
A layout outlined by a shadow less sandy grey skeleton.
Earths eyelashes relaxing in the wind.
Roaring lion.
Change the belief that’s imbedded.
Extract the tragic curse of ridicule.
Curios souls sailing in space and time.
Fully scene in the moon light.
Pre-paired laying on your back.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Joshua Tree Eagle Drive 5/16/08 3:33 PM

Green forest yellow fields. Brown rock basin. Scent stained, sorry forgiven for meat is grain. New surroundings atmospheric change. Strange dilemma a miss communication leads to an atlantian grave. Story’s told like soil soaked in the rain.
Sober order not obeying the norm. House on wheels roller-skating home. Prayer circle for poverty a fallen leaf as colorful as the imagination allows. Exponential energy shared. Every choice has an outcome uncommon yet equal to some. Survival surveillance vigilant unity conditioned imbalance. Up rooted from memory of mind-based centuries. Splashing rhythmic colors carefully altering the crossroads.
Walking legs on the waking dead belly of the beast. Stretched out along the invisible border, umbilical cords cut and removed stored and sorted out by size.
Incredibly interesting reason to exchange drama’s, trade tradition for travel expenses. Severe sewage blame age or the inability to adapt. Does Evolution involve a revolution?
Or is the revolution the outcome of evolution the inevitable answer.
Spreading heat waves touching the surface of Soon to be melted ice. Unpredictable unless we take command of the collective global thought pattern, who are we? Those UN diagnosed with what seems to be normality.
Once again the ocean came as close to touch your face against the frozen surface. Frostbitten luxury long winded mispronounced purposefully posed as an empty blank hand grasping then pulling away the lampshade.
Direct sun light, only certain plants can withstand the effect.
Lambs breath, is circular.
Love lives inside of flowers. Mystery sets its self-free leaving examples to be collected picked up reused, reinvented solidified in to a tincture. The witches use to drink this brew, said it gave them magic powers to fly on brooms!
Pour me a shot flames burning hot red lobster on the rocks.
A track record that was never forgotten. The fastest in the east.
Trained until the muscle sprained, and when a sudden advantage came it was returned in time before it strained.
With a touch like an angles light hand.
A treasure chest full of re-birthing. Safely waiting not full or vacant.
Shaping the stars while diagramming your law.
Gaining the conscious gift of gratitude giving your all in all you do. Wheels of change spin the pinwheel. Pen no-longer used, paper saved ink replaced technology engaged for the lust of creation.
A must inhalation month long awaiting dream sounds similar to that of a crashing wave.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time Change 5/14/08 8:46am

Content basic freedom. Whispering rushing water.
The slow power of a growing tree breaking through the rough surface. Crackling fire wood dancing flames on top of an amber bed. Bronze and silver coated carry on bags. First class flight silly little water containers awaiting their arrival. Disintegrating gradually fading away in to oblivion millions of meaningful men and women who at one time dreamed about dancing in the stars. Sophisticated opinion neutral decision just sit in the middle and wait there. Box style life. Dirty window rolled up so to be unseen. Care for a café snack a sweet bit of that addition to your day, deliquesce quick fix.
Listen to the life forms, that can’t speak your language of up bringing. Ridiculed dictatorship a taste off the sacred lips.
You knew all along that there would come a time when you dove in to the water and for some unknown reason you would not float. Absent out side of you starring in to space counting the constellations. How many pyramids can you make by connecting three lines. Important piece of scripture ripped out of the manual man handled then returned wrinkled and abused. Obscure mosaic of a serene landscape, twisted and covered in ashes, UN even pathways with holes large enough to swallow you whole.
No return to the past moment in time living in the present humble yet aware. Instantaneous gains give way, a new adventure takes shape. Sure you have been waiting patient unpredictable unbiased but determined on the border at times of desperation. Sweet dripping down your face caught in the crevasses of aging wrinkles. For some marks of worries while for others they are reflections of wisdom. A grand view of the Grand Canyon vast and open, powerful enough to bring water to a drought tears to the eyes of any with doubt. A vortex orbits above my head and only I can tell, but then again I know a few who said they’ve seen it too.
Butterfly colored lights circle around my face. A spectrum of triumph emotions will always overcome. Do not leave on your own accord unless your permission slip is signed. Don’t for get to take the time to read the fine line in-between the parenthesizes.
Summer salvation, Soul revival. Fixed on a subject the student who worked for what seemed like forever. Continued on tediously putting together a model of an antique boat. Years latter when the waters calmed and the sun dimmed the young lad began his adventure off the beaten path.
Rocky beach lined shore, humans leaping from sides of cliffs flying through the air graceful like a floating seal.
Arm stretched out reaching in hopes to make contact.
Fast automobiles flash forward in to the future.
Children unable to clearly make a wish no time to focus on the fortunate. Forget that, no choice but to let go burn the evidence.
Smoking exhausted overheated mold no longer able to continue on. Songs forge forward with a force so peaceful that it begins rhythmically aligning our nerve endings. At first glance the easy choice is secondary, a moment latter only the third will prevail. Shifty landmass hiding in the corner of a sand storm.
No glasses to protect the iris, no water to wet the lungs, dignity nifty little cardboard cut outs of your maturity. A wanting to behave as an adult and dual with dualities regularity. Rotten often times forgotten or placed in the back. Waste full behavior, having been guilt tripped in to a pattern that sticks. Tricks and colorful buttons, ads camouflaged expecting suggestions gut reaching war craft. Subliminal nimble minuscule conversations that increase in to a magnitude of meaning. Eager finger nails growing sharp. Bright clear eyes full of dangerous mountain terrain.
Fields of blueberries painted on the bedroom wall.
Hearts singing in unison unique individual direct descendents of fellow hand holders. Candles melted together turned in to adaptable light devices. Shadowy smoke clouds appearing larger then the moon. Footprints the size of houses off the grid.
Graduation time for school to begin. Lessons to learn again then recycle sizeable amounts, how much is in the lost and found box that is for free, a lost piece of somebody else’s property.
Operation melts down the surrounding square blocks.
Plant them underneath the tangling roots at least ten feet unless you include a pair of rare ideas and dreams that are true. Structure rupturing the shell shattering the hardest part of the egg. Every former emotion helped form the foundation of what is to come.
Stay in for the night, and learn magic. Sketch out a stick figure of your self. Study the meaning behind the program.
Loving to spread words around the world. I can clearly remember when I was activated to the word. Ignition turned on one word created holding space. A safe sanction impatiently waiting the pressure resting. Purposefully falling asleep leaving this life, in to another form unknown to this tangible dimension.
Time changed after a while of being the same.
A discount on delusion diagnosed confusion,
In stores for a small fee, of unreal envy.
Profit off of economic resolvement.
We are given examples as children,
To learn what to be involved in .
Break create fix we are rebuilding.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May Snow "Steamboat to SF" 5/13/08 5:56AM

It snowed last night, unexpected visit from nature’s vast uniqueness.
Cover out stretched untouched fresh. Open cold but unfrozen a thawing ends only to begin again. Reconnection conveyed obvious benefiting beneath the surface layer.
Coral reef water ells, frantically escape. Lungs so pure replenished and cleansed daily. What around us will always alter, shift change a bit. Recognize recalculate. Now for the thirst, allow it to be quenched. Every last drop that drips from the pot is the same as the last one boiling hot. Allow time for your body to rest and adjust, and remember the steps, in hopes it won’t trip up or rust.
Polish brass bracelets laced with jade trinkets, hand selected at the finest world class mines. Like a rare pink pearl balancing on the edge of an infant’s finger tip. The wait seemed like eternity even though it was only a few hours, enough time passed to have a glimpse on the other side. Fallen angles floating above our heads awaiting the souls arrival. With open arms they welcome our return UN able to question we all breath in the relief and relax. Sections set up to impose on our creative personalities. Systems designed to deduct the improvisation of our children. How did this species allow for such waste to build up, procrastination imprisoned imagination, pollution fueled by the overwhelming splurge of destructive habits. Half hearted empty promises to recognize the sickness that lies within each biodegradable human. Huge turn of events eventually became noticed after along period of drought. How do we go about taking a roundabout nonchalant wait till latter attitude? Is it laziness that plagues the human race, or is it the desire to be bigger then we are. I find it humorous that even when it is a global problem we still wait till the last minute to come up with a solution. Strong remedies taken to help curve the appetite swirling lights spiraling down ward with a feeling like no other. Broken forest lost wildlife no longer wild. Rain poisonous I remember hearing once that if you can think of it, that it most likely has been done. Movies painting nightmares in heads of innocent light bodies. Souls captured locked in, never given the chance to expand their horizon. Humbled by what they are fed. False misleading judgments that have no right or merit.

Monday, May 5, 2008

In Sf Flying to CO today 5/5/08 11:53 AM

Everything is continuously moving forward steps back ward but nearing completion to the ultimate of what can be conceived. Conditional additions to the surrounding atmosphere, turning heads in order to see more. After further involvement with inner cultivation redefining the protocol of social networking. Knowing how to know that your positioning in life is perfect. Figuring out the definition of what perfect is. Intellectually running through a forest of imperfections impervious to lose of self worth. Gaining more core strength, while building a soul infused framework. Like sugar dissolving on the tip of your tongue from the warmth of your flesh. Have something fresh to place on the table including but not limited to all the fallen leafs that have withered away in to the waters edge. Swimming alone in the ocean afraid of the rip tide pulling you away. Alone yet fearful of being by your self, so confused you find your self sitting Indian style in American made soil, stamped with the certification of authentic shock value. What has happened to the lily pad that once sat on the calm waters of tomorrow. Is judging another natural, maybe it must be since we live inside of a comparison based commercial mirror. A Glass high heel house tip toeing along the skyline. Sunflower Shadows placed against a grain of sand covering its totality. Rolling hills tinted lavender purple under the rocky surface faces appearing painted on the walls of a fast passed paradise. Eye contact so extreme that blurry vision sets in. Chaotic hypnotic not your normal every day rock a bye baby way. Summer sunshine poolside seventh grade slip and slide. It happens the same symmetry remains both sides equal both the same. Five placed across the sandy surface cleaned up after the spillage the broken bleached coral reef. Selfish worry leads the masses away from the solution. Knowing the problem at hand can be key to relating to the problem that needs attention to be fixed. Tension among each individual un-known origin, starting zone impartial to creating a basic awareness of energy exchange and balance distribution. Of f centered entity walking unstable swinging so high between the high and low. Laughing in the mirror of perfection while peeking at his or her impurities hungry to take a bit out of what is easiest to eat. Advice taken for granted rancid waiting to long then becoming rotten. Often off ten out of ten times there is no answer to make out. Etched out by the fingernails of a hermit who has not left his house in a hundred years. Once attempting to leave and suddenly realizing there is no reason to ridicule the curiosity of being courageous. It must be blamed on something other then your self. If you are a being that is only borrowing this body, knowing for a fact that at some point your ideas and imaginations, thoughts, dreams and the inspirational creative force will be leaving. Why is it that your body will weaken your chances to pursue things that you wanted will be gone. Excitement for the birth of something beyond that which you know. But knowing that something will become or at least seize and expecting that fate, outcome reality is an extremely powerful ownership. So in the mean time what is or what should be the ultimate goal for humanity as a whole. If there was a pool of water that dried up by the sun, leaving everything that was once unexposed to the air above the water, the creatures of land the direct power of the sun and wind, incredible change would have to take place in order for any type of survival. Thank the heavens that there is a layer of conceptual skin that keeps the earth together and all that is inside of the earth one. If some how the ozone layer really was to break open then everything on the inside of this egg like planet would begin to leak out sadly pouring into the abyss the black ocean of eternity. Turbulence unleashed sudden urgency to redefine the focal point of your existence. Sisters and brothers of the human race we are internally connected to the core issue at hand. An inevitable nervous hand shaking the calm sweaty palm of the problem. At first it is talked about the put aside. As it sits in the back burner it begins to pass the point of change in to the place of completion. Lets say that the birds that migrate down south honestly begin to become confused with departure time, getting stuck in a cold current leading them the wrong way there for the natural earth born creatures become lost never to return again. Heat builds up, no escaping the surrounding swallowing feeling of falling. As your hands fall asleep there is nothing to hold you to catch you and in you go in to the never-ending black hole of what is defined as your imagination. Embrace

Friday, May 2, 2008

Steamboat CO to Portland OR 5/2/08 8:44 AM

It is almost my birthday. Excited to be gifted this life and to be here on this growing planet. Sometimes I may question the quest of existence. Tense emotional baggage that has been collecting dust in the lavatory for years before my spirit even made the ultimate decision of returning to this earthly unexplained universe. When the seed finally emerges from the earth’s surface cracking through the crust, creating a surge of untapped natural energy. Nervous tension leaves fear doubt brittle expectations that coward away in the corner are no longer hiding from appearing as honesty. Honey from the sweetest hive. Harmony over powers arguments. A genius side of thinking people want to pick your brain. Tell us more about your self, funny how sometimes your self doesn’t really have much to say. Let me rest let my heart break a beat up. Walk for long periods of time in to the wilderness. Nesting on an uneven telephone pole the modern day totem. Inside the next sits two beautifully created eagle eggs. Still warm from the feeling of creation.
Gestation a gentle situation between life and death. Intimate access expressed through intellectual language. Barriers and boarders set a blaze, it is simple to say an easy phrase even under intense circumstance and a cloudy haze, Keep the eyes looking beyond the mountain peak clear day horizon. She wears all the right features, speaks foreign tongue through her body language. She loves to sail, yet have not set foot on a sailboat with her. She may not notice the beauty of the moon, could not tell it was full. How does one remove ones self from a box, break the walls down, what happens when the walls are solid and can’t not be penetrated try and try again but still no budging. Judging comes from juggling love, asking for acceptance to be a teacher to guide you through the staircase of illusion. Walls puzzled pieces placed in an unnatural order. It takes so much time to figure out where they all go, some times people tend to give up, or stop for a while. Throw in there towel expecting that doing so will lead them toward a new goal, correct to some extent minus the missing dream of creating a reality that once was what the had expected to complete. Completion of a sequence of events that has been well thought out, A so called story line with a thinking plot distinguished by the genius we spoke of earlier. The Eagles are all grown up now, no longer helpless young featherless infant sitting waiting for mother to bring them an already chewed up worm. Resurfaced reevaluated decisions that create everlasting effects to future past and present. Now it is time to harness to actualize to look back at the time you have spent as a human. Know that all has come to pass, and there shall be many more paths to cross. What lies inside the meaning of the mind, scattered categories colorful rose of fruit filled flowering fields of marigolds daffodils, A Red and White throne less roses outlying the granite steeping stone placed between the casket and heavens thrown, a reddish brown purple tone. As the water begins to rise and the chaos sets in, prepare for the change and shift from the winds of Armageddon. Dark night Bright day, Arizona Alaska winter reunion. I got this I know it is making sense, dollars burning wasted walking face first in to the floor. Get up organize the patterns of purpose that place your highest and best in proper alignment. Designed by the divine hands of the creator’s crafty humorous amusing devices. Traveling across the country over and over again, finally holding on to names places ideas concepts. As a child if a star did not fit in a box it was not a big deal, As you age something wants you to do what has to be done to figure out how to fit that star in the box. What a silly concept I just put the star in the circle and smiled at the completion of the task at hand. What would it be like if everyday there where Rainbows in the sky like 3 or 4 at a time, with 3 moons. Would our children begin to think beyond what we are capable of? Take the strongest force known to man and multiply that by the heat from the deepest depths of the earth’s core. Now your getting close to the emotional power that is with in side the human creature creator of fantasy fascination building homes colleting toys raising children to become adults to work and as we may have as a child mature in to a older advanced soul. Socially some times. I feel so confused and out of place that I just want to migrate to outer space. Can’t just do that though. Or maybe you can, depends on your plan what’s the bigger picture the purpose of man, to contort your norm or too expand and let your spirit transform. Best advice take your time move slow like melting ice, no rush change with the weather and remember to recognize the moon. As soon as the sun comes up, I'm up running toward it aware of my surroundings dodging anything that seems problematic.