Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saving the ashes 3/28/09-3/30/09 2:24 PM

A ways away from the way it was.
Not much thought went in to the picture.
I guess no one asked for guidance.
No one provided the vital ingredient.
If that is the case then their will be no taste.
There was only a split second where it all inner laced.
Lassoing around summer vacation.
Being loved by one the spirits so gracious.
Grave stones with writing about the purple healing hills.
Snakes in the tall grass and leafs on the field.
A patch of strawberries with an incredible yield.
Highly sustainable to grow on it’s own.
Adapt to the letters and words in your poem.
Transmute emotions as soon as they skim the surface.
The wind tonight seemed urgent.
An out of place race with a person.
Serpentine tenor investigating the meaning to much.
Looking longer at the lasting impression then need be.
Waiting for the turning of events ,
When you’ve already turned around.
Outstanding tambourine man pack that pipe.
Stack that hand on top of the next.
Top hand is in charge when guiding you through.
If in fact you truly expose the deepest secret to you un-know.
Area fifty one tricky concept that sure is fun.
Swimming under the coral reef above the magic.
Backwards even,
Even backwards words get placed in position.
Tea pot full of an obvious mission.
Healthy benefit to have awareness at night.
A weighing on your shoulders to lift out of sight.
Melancholy wardrobe a silly sibling fight between clothes.
Pull and tear till there is no more left.
At least one person reading this has dared to dance alone.
I would guess more if guessing was the case.
An option to push the button to send me off to space.
Landed on solid ground with a few holes along the way.
Wrote a new song but heard it being played.
Some one snuck in my brain and extracted my words.
Squeezed out the memory of a sunny day that occurred.
A race across the beach with orange juice in your hand.
Not one drop spilled on to the sand.
Though some say there was a little dripping off the tip.
With enough effort or with none at all.
You can spin the clock back then throw it at the wall.
Straight ahead toward the topic,
Sought after the sight seeing of a star gazer.
In awe mouth opened as if sipping the milky way.
Digesting the galaxy.
Last but not least sweet talking the leader of the free.
Carrots in the garden ready to eat.
Ripe and bright purple like a perfect egg plant.
Could blame it on the weather or maybe the keg stand.
Drenched in sour tasting rain.
Soaking in the pleasant after effect

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frere Jacques Deja Vu 3/22/09 2:29 PM

Delighting map reading.
Could you leave me a note next time.
A joke about the turning wheel.
The heartbreak where you got made.
Turned inside out, smooth discussion.
A rampage of painful growth.
Stage set for an out of body experience.
Extreme and intense.
Esoteric teachers talking in tongues.
Genius young minds being brain washed.
Dogma dangerous anger neglected.
Taking astray your strategies could dwindle off.
Soft on the topic about being a king.
Owning up to your given identity.
Becoming your individual personality.
While at the same time reprogramming past rules.
Lessons that only brought you further away from personal truth.
Established patterns that no longer set your pace.
That struggle to keep up with your feet when there leading the race.
Eyes looking more and more like what I thought they would.
Circles around the pupils counting the age of a tree.
Sweet blossoming universe.
Three gallons of silly puddy to help you laugh.
Enjoy the time you have take a bath.
Smile for the feeling of bliss.
Embrace the essence of a kiss.
Never to miss the sent you left, like flowers wishing for a mist.
Beautiful autumn day, exuberant enthusiasm .

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moon walking under the Sun 3/22/09 5:07 PM

Mentor, tutor tender heart for her.
An assortment of morals or lessons we learn.
Preciously holding on to forever’s fleeting pattern.
A paradox the sad feeling you may get,
When the rain will not fall,
A joyful experience when there is no rain at all.
As if nothing else mattered.
Even the word only thought it had a chance.
The direct utterance a conglomeration of platitude’s.
Sounds appetizing if you ask me.
Or if I ask my self for me.
Skipping rocks past the roadrunner.
Fast like yesterday was the whole summer.
A moonwalker gets one day off a month.
Summer time love at all times.
Winters warm kiss.
She wears unique queen like boots.
The metaphor of the bee.
Expression and speech, ideas to deep.
Flowers knowing the difference between night and day.
Toes curling around the words spoken.
Tip toe in hopes to not wake the bear.
Break the chair, hands down placed on your waist.
Right foot out a little further then the left.
Right knee bending.
Intending to implement letters left with good intent.
Instead of a taking the position of a puppet.
No strings attached accept the ones that hold you together.
To impose your style and ideology with another’s.
Combine the two, become the one.
What is it about certain memories that stand out more then others.
Dramatic moments that create energy pockets in the conscious.
Hot sauces, cous cous casserole vegetables and 3 avocado sushi rolls.
Never did ask me how I felt about Christmas.
Or how did your time being involved in this make you feel.
You forgot about the focus that was stored in the moment.
The subliminal contest created between love and wisdom.
Between passion and family.
Growing up trained to be an athlete.
Compete retreat repeat, deny the rebirth of an attitude.
Inadequate equations with invisible variables.
That very from one thing to the next.
Text me a hundred times as if my phone was broken,
Rainbows bending toward the sun.
Supreme primal mature radical expansion.
Pensive passive passage. Encrypted with decisions.
Whistling west wood.
Indifference feeling difference interfering with quality.
Lost at the cross walk in New York city.
Fortune found you.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Baby bee’s honey throat 3/19/09 11:11 AM

My sanctuary is my sacrum.
Curling up in the fetal position.
Remember the origin of my existence.
The tender spot on my head.
A flower bed.
Union of two as far back as it goes.
From my parents to grandparents.
Connected dominos.
Communication through heart and soul
My moms mother is still alive.
Her husband and my father’s parents have departed.
Left earth still alive in my memory.
Ascended the physical, the rest is confusing.
Infusing fusing tuning in.
Inspiring spirit of focused intention.
Dreamy sweet tasty fingers.
Salty talkative almost over excited.
Sitting erect awaiting a response.
A tingling sensation sensitive response.
A pond full of half eaten fish.
Algae here to save the world.
Or at least direct it toward balance.
The trick of the temptress is over excess.
Experiencing dream on purpose.
Just so you can be dramatic about it.
Being tuff is not something to brag about.
Either is being to sensitive.
Exponential unlimited.
Limits are for those who can’t tie there own shoes.
Don’t be mad at the other person,
Epically when its you taking it personal.
Talking absurd about another being.
Barley even able to speak good about yourself.
Let alone somebody else.
A bridge with an elf.
Jealous of the gnome that moved in.
Took his land and scrammed.
Put him in a jam. Full of high fructose.
A sticky situation for some one with out spider senses.
Take the extra few minutes to read the note.
Some one went out of their way to inscribe it in driftwood.
Watch it float down the river.
Dissolve in to dust.
A hundred and one donations toward the program.
A gram of genuine universal handbills.
Expressing everything about it all.
The ultimate tube ride.
Making love to millions of minds.
Intense tincture to sip from.
Soaking and marinating for over seven years.
Like green grapes transforming to raisins.
The idea of sinful lust traded in for loving care.
A kiss with honey on your lips.
For a moment stuck together.
Getting closer every letter.
Interesting how strings can come undone,
Walking to fast to notice your shoe laces.
In pace with a racing horse.
A house shooting water wildly.
Riding on the rapid waters rocky surface.
With out a scratch to prove it.
Not one bruise, there is iron in the vitamins.
Fluoride in the water,
Fluorite in my pocket for inspiration.
Pirates exist off the coast of Japan.
Pandas express emotions more intense then humans.
Some bee’s are way to wild to be around.
While others are subtle and un-aggressive.
Do we work around them, or should they work around us.
Silly question that I am sure some contemplate.
I say it, to remove it. I say it, to transform it.
No longer does it exist, now it is a fallacy.
Only a minuscule section of the brain is activated,
From this kind of talk.
Tinker bell angel landing on the roof.
Swinging her feet through the window above.
Another text message sent for you to ponder.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Curiosities dancing fingers 3/18/09 2:16 PM

Gliding across your palms.
The future displays lines we balance on.
Attempt to alter the state of presence.
Reestablished testimony whispering words.
Your feet hide from the sun fearful tortoise.
Opportunities you allowed to wash away in to the ocean.
Your entire future planed out on the tip of your tongue.
Imagine if your love overpowered doubtful fear.
Would you still be on the thrown feeling alone.
Castle tuned back to sand. Hands filtering to rebuild.
Delicate casual fast and luscious.
Slower then you have experienced.
Time sitting still balancing on an egg.
Equinox spring harmony duality dance.
Do your thing bring a new flavor to the table.
Arms across your chest like your blocking the path.
If your open then ask,
Simplistic dialect direct to the meaning till nothing is left.
Or something is built for us to climb up.
Thunder struck the down town buildings.
Sent us back in time, irrelevant feel the force of the elephant.
Missing lyrics from unfinished songs.
Hidden in an emerald case buried beneath the nearest bonsai.
No glamour glittering extra special effects and techniques.
No make up crusted up around your cheeks.
Chap lips need a little bit of extra loving.
Hydration high all night through the focused concentration.
Take my hand interlocking my fingers with yours how does it feel.
Un natural my large grasp squeezing tight.
Pinky fingers tricking one another.
Pointer pressing against your thumbs knuckle.
Sweat begins to build up in the center.
A pocket for perspiration.
Plant a seed there lets see how long it takes to grown.
Might have to hold hands along the entire road.
Don’t feel awkward a spark in the dark occurred.
Years of focus a whole life time directed to notice.
The sailboat sailing away,
Your own the boat missing the land.
Or on the land missing the boat.
Either or we are here for more then boat rides.
Speak slow when your talking.
Don’t cup the mic depends on the night.
Cut of tea to pass around.
Just sip sit back silent lips save the echo’s for latter.
Last chance, is hilarious.
Full speed ahead leaping in the present.
Unknown to any and for all to fathom.
Wall patterns taken literally.
The ability to paint over a picture with ease.
Why replace gifts of the future with reverberating memories.
Celebrity status, are they ready for this.
A smile that expands past the entire atlas.
I say take both, choose to feel unified.
At all times full of magic.
Call upon the exact shift you ask for and marvel in it.
Art will fill your tank, thinking breathing giving thanks.
Soon to be out of debt. Years of hassle no longer nagging.
Freedom to feel exposed protected by the idea presented.
A rose, a charging bull at a waving red flag.
Was just a bandana being waved.
A banana in front of a starving gorilla.
Good thing Kong is on our side.
Ideology he decides to not have to take that route.
She walks up to him, he watches words come out.
Like butterflies illuminating her aura.
Radius unmatched by the curvature of her body.
Back to square one which as I remember was extremely fun.
Rise up to the higher power.
Make your decision for your future. What you believe is true.
If I only have one left that means theirs enough for you.
Push over though its hard for us both to see in the mirror.
Or just stand still and let me look in your eyes.
Yes I can see it clearly.
Legs stretching longer and longer.
Working out the elements.
Life on the beach, write three or four songs about the lifestyle.
Relate to the pockets so that you can fit in.
Years ago when I was folding clothes, I noticed my socks had a hole.
Not a normal tear in the toe opening.
But an entire section as if some one put a door in my sock,
Walking in to experience the feeling,
I started to peer off in to the cosmos.
Her eyes began to change in to a Hazelnut golden glimmer.
Few moments latter the worldly gaze of aquatic blue.
I can remember details of when we went rock climbing.
Falling to the bottom but holding on to the top.
Just scratching the surface off can really make you hot.
Pour some over my sweet lemon and ginger mixture.
Its honey that helps my throat feel better.
Thought you would have knew that.
Asked if it was true, you only shrugged your shoulders.
Turned my head my body went but I kept on looking.
Couldn’t stop, why would you wrestle underneath a holy tree.
The smell of the sea, horses galloping in to the breeze.
Said it would be quick but I could last for weeks.
Full steam ahead just let me hold your hand.
We can watch our fingers dance in to a wonderland.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Six months half year two days 3/18/09 12:09 AM

Big bear lake, dry forest.
Sun settles beyond the signs.
Rays imposing on rows exposing.
Potent variations to the complex plant life.
The family tree with more fruit ripe then ever.
Colorful forecast following the sun.
Turn around trails down the alley.
Laughing periodically.
Above floating through the overcast skies.
Bright light constant from one side, too bright to see.
What would it look like beyond our imaginations border.
Over the horizon of what is presently known.
Her eyes widen, as if wondering what’s inside.
Thoughts heart felt building blocks,
Emotions unlocked from dark spots.
Spots of unawareness or fear of the un known.
Zero gravity feeling.
A falling forward that never ends.
A staring toward the bulls eye the entire time.
Thyme, coconut milk, sweet grass,
Oatmeal soap, sage above below and around.
Rocks placed outside, medicine wheel.
Leading toward the purification lodge.
Stars falling from the sky after the 4 directions are meet.
Reading back the pages that filled the chapters.
Putting a title to the different memories.
Or maybe adding more meaning then needed.
You kept secrets like ghost sneaking through caskets.
Cabinet doors swinging off the shutters.
Including the classroom where they might not pass you.
Impassive passive action taking.
Afraid of being unsacred. Shaken loss of interest.
Interesting suggestion genuine idea.
Tears shed less as you become an adult.
You either learn as you go or think its your fault.
Who taught us how we live must have similar actions.
Lesson books aged to perfection.
Abusive compulsive computer pulsating.
Publishers clearing house and buying a few for the family.
Purple fence post. Bright green with a fresh fluorescent Neon on them.
You got a very nice patio and the walk way to your home is remarkable.
Marbles hand made to resemble your eyes.
Gravity had the day off.
She wrote me a note in her own fascinating hand writing.
No words just clear ideas.
The rinsing clean of the eyes,
The vision that at one point laid sound asleep on the sofa.
Struggling to hold on to a ideal.
A friendly seal expressing its empathy.
Depressing denial pressing your spinal.
Flourishing abundance optimistic magnetism.
Networking growing accustom to Babylon’s costume.
Out of body dream traveling.
In the summit of the desert,
The stomach of the lizard.
Humid weather allowing us to bath.
Out loud dancing under Massachusetts rainstorms.
Hurricanes exciting and fun as a child.
Stop think, sure you’ve heard stop thinking.
Before writing walk outside,
Stay sitting, lemon tea I sat underneath it remembering it now.
Slept on the grave site watched the rabbits gather.
Eyes rolled down the river while looking over the bridge.
Blue sky, beautiful love story transformed in to a butterfly.
Personal pictures we always categorized.
A room full of universal love , parachuting we glide.
Effortless foundation built amongst the core.
Her persona sensitive soft hearted and open.
Pen in hand like chopsticks, grasping nurturing letters.
Healing lyrics chocolate hot or cold rain or shine.
A Gentle wind blows across my mind.
How familiar it is to some times sit in the breeze.
To look around and cut and paste present and past memories.
This looks to me that I have seen it before.
In a different space, yet the same space I adore.
Soaking in the constant gratitude of learning to accept.
The thrilling knowledge of taking that step.
A Lavender scent to awaken your sense.
To put you back in to balance when you forget.
Trick from the ancients that you might like to know.
You knew you once did this.
Scrabble days are long gone. No wait we need to clear the board.
Abroad view on life, from the smallest to the largest.
It looks like it is getting closer.
The moon to the earth.
Union of balance, through a plan that works.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beach Easy Youth Harmony 3/15/09 3:57 PM

Soulful attitude, high from the altitude.
Rising vibration,
Sun scripting the language of the patient.
Telecaster told me something about the box.
Elbows out enough room to breath.
Scissor kicks in sand snow angles melting away,
Seasonal perennial peaceful acceptance.
A focused intention that lifts off the sentence.
Enters each in to a effortless path into fortitude.
True to the moment of realization.
Reading a well written version.
According to the viewers opinion that is.
Obvious versions that have come before.
Fortune a furnace full in a freezing winter.
Food and shelter built to protect.
Water droplets giving birth to life.
Self sacrifice, at a righteous price.
Never to forget the profits promise.
But what about attachment forget that gadget.
Inspector in-depth into the lecture.
Sectioned off individually.
Divided intended to share each and every stride.
Youthful onlookers looking across the globe.
Glancing off in to the vast sun setting landscape.
Capability to inform one another of honest feelings.
Surreal reels of your life in fast forward and some on slow motion.
In accordance chords played with step recording.
Calf’s sore, staircase walk imperative importance.
Music opening the star gate.
Clever way to say that you have arrived.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chocolate lock vanilla key 3/10/09-3/14/09 11:06 AM

I could tell by the tone of the persons voice,
That they had the character of a melody.
Melodious dreamy un-skeptical easy to relate with.
Digging in water, pitching forks full speed ahead.
Side steeping through the un-hazardous.
Sweet surrender rendering the not so serious.
Appearing out of thin air, thick from the musk.
You know the average every day cup of Joe.
Caffeine free from vulgarity.
An uncanny cat with the characteristics
Of a calm mannered mediocre care taker.
The main focus can always use a little focus.
Blurry eyed conundrum left on repeat.
Imagine circles being full of riddles.
A riddle written about a circle.
Snowflakes melting before they meet the floor.
Freezing on their descend no longer falling.
No longer falling always falling, falling in to bliss.
Kissed by an Angel touched by the hand of triumphant.
Hand crafted dotted along the out line of her profile.
Placed in the clouds for all to see.
Show off, boating your own way down the stream.
Jealously they often wonder was it will.
Still standing in titling toward advancing.
A promise for ever answering.
Surrendering intending to sample while handling.
Hand gliding, paper airplane pilot.
Lots of fantastic impressive lotus techniques.
Emotional speech, speaking to include,
An uneven interlude, a run on and off it.
Talk topic to topic flip flopping the forgotten.
Then got it, lets see how many letters
One can add to the process of logic.
Mental blockage wondering what’s locked in.
Caught off guard yet conquered.
Simply learning how to argue won’t due.
True undusted cared forever.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Infinite Love through laughter 3/6/09 12:25 PM

It’s a special celebration, every day.
Cells splitting to twirl like DNA.
Earthly ways of wondrous change.
Safety nets set up for those who jump.
Non programmed grammatical errors.
Effortless leisure, long winded laughter.
Wings spread across the dazzling horizon.
Pink hues that resemble the under tone of an orchid.
A child’s cold cheeks, a young adults blushing beauty.
Handling the soft tissue of the earth like a penguin handles an egg.
Encrypted in the length of each phrase.
A hidden meaning that speaks of truth.
Worldly days of pondering speech.
Speculating that everlasting occasion.
Raising your hands in hopes to capture the sun.
Raising your son in hopes to release the moon.
Pardon me for a moment.
There seems to be a bit of frustration in your heart.
Is it grief transforming your own choice of recollection.
Collecting new habits while trading in the rest.
Climbing trees to get a better view.
Jumping from limb to limb.
Exercising the minds eye, by staring at a dot.
Dodging jealous affiliation with aggressive on lookers.
Tempting the human psyche side kicking the ego out of bounds.
New birth, performing the same task under new light.
Wheels keep spinning around and around.
Feet dancing soft cloud like.
Melting meaning on hot oven grills.
Routines teasing each other,
Multi tasking taking terns.
Temperature is raising at a steady rate.
Cruising through the state of Virginia.
Speechless surroundings slight bit of snow melting.
Warm red sun blanketing the rolling hills as we pass.
Pulsating heart rate in anticipation for show time.
Time of show turns the clock back,
Lungs fill with unknown toxins.
Inhaling at a high speed, breathing in the poison.
Not trying to be picky knowing its part of the show.
Impartial to implementing a new stance, toward the whole.
Long-winded breathing patterns to help circulate.
Please let this be a lesson in leaving your expectations.
Taking a natural feeling and forcing it to fall in place.
Please allow this to be seen from a far.
As they spend so much on searching for water on a star.
A planet I should say, one we can live on and slowly watch decay.
Lets spend millions of dollars on exploring space.
While we watch the earth passing away.
She reaches hands hi, Screaming at us,
Don’t become attached to on another.
In doing so we forget each other.
You should take a step back and sense the discomfort.
It is you that is causing an awkward sense of balance.
Wanting what is not yours and never has been.
Even our selves is truly not ours.
We as pods, vehicles of the Gods.
Read closely what you write.
Confused by how many is to despite the one.
Where does your intention lie,
Lips maybe even deeper gateways then the eyes.
Trust that this is true.
Follow the sun till the moon turns blue.
Rhythmical patterns tapping on your door.
The perfect beginning to what the spirit sent for.
Like infinite love through laughter.
Falling backwards asking after.
After asking relaxing excepting the changes we all must take.
The beauty path toward the rainbow that leads us from the lake.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

That Honest feeling of Life 2/28/09-3/4/09 6:09 AM

Across the ocean where the water may seem a bit colder.
There sits a young maturing individual who has no expectations.
Completely full from head to toe, with a desire that stands strong.
Among the monstrosity of a overflowing city.
The infinite simplicity slices its way in through its own meaning.
A very thin vale with what seemed to be a hypercritical story line.
The sound of dripping water from a faucet in to a glass container.
Round around the edges yet sharp at certain spots.
Part of it portrayed a emerald blue hue.
As if a piece of the sea it’s self emerged out of the emptiness.
Off in the horizon if you look close enough you can notice,
Detailed jade with hand painted portraits, a smile from a saint.
The hardihood of male self-assurance.
Dominate negotiations with driven die-hards.
Willing to make compromise, only after acknowledging the innate wisdom, that lies within.
Learning as we advance on in to our next stage of growth.
Have you been down that path before, the same exact constant.
Or do you find that your landscape may slightly shift.
Yet for some reason maybe it goes unnoticed.
Non judgmental mentality.
Two swans with there necks facing west.
A lovers last kiss before exiting the situation.
It use to be a easier thing to swallow your own pride.
Now informed about the information only half way through.
Soon enough to protect ones self. To respect oneself to express.
Pressure is released put out the back way to not worry about the rest.
The last chance we had to really move forward.
To reach toward the last star shining in the vast darkness.
Eyes closed to experience the adventure.
The tender lips of another.
The hand that held your brothers shoulders as he fell.
Lifting him up from with in your memory.
So angry that the sadness digs its fingers through your flesh.
Releasing any sort of attachment.
Leashes of pass judgment an agreement with the decision.
Daring to step in to a world of unknown knowledge.
Or at least having the guts to remember what it once was.
Reestablishing your own identity after building it up for so long.
Such soft words spoken, only bits and pieces remain.
Stained by the blood of the earth. Her shirt sits filthy.
Not afraid to voice out your opinion removing it from the box.
A lock and key fresh air to breath.
Walking above buried bones of a struggling glance in to the future.
Emotions come overflowing as if your eye lids where waterfalls.
Tear drops serenading the skin.
If even just one word began to take place, shape hold form.
Rolling in and out of your center.
Sequence quenching the thirst of the young admiring onlookers.
Star gazing higher then the moon can see.
Endless possibility that are just beginning.
Taking there place in your life.
The Final advancement that you have been waiting for.
Pure euphoria undressing another in Europe.
With your eyes alone.
She awaits in my heart sitting counting the days.
No longer waiting for anything, open to everything.
There was a moment where everything seemed confusing.
Where when we asked if we could there was a struggle to say yes.
Seeds going un nurtured, slowing fading away in to oblivion.
Don’t allow your dream to parish.
The difference between being humble and embarrassed.
An array of emotions that only last a moment.
Like licking the salt from another’s hands.
Handing them something to look at.
Spare me the details, written on a folded kitchen napkin.
All the evidence you would ever need.
Money power greed.
Green with envy the physical appearance rancid water bugs.
Floating silently above the tadpoles on a single lotus petal.
Transforming releasing accepting and finding beautiful balance.