Thursday, August 28, 2008

Incredible Raindrops 8/28/08 Nag's Head NC 3:38 AM

Listening to the sound of early morning raindrops fall upon the rooftop.
Like tin cans with coins inside.
Shaken till they dent the outside rim.
Flowers growing wild.
Sideways they come falling relentless moisture amounting.
Some one soaking wet but happier then ever.
Struck luck at the office.
Or just feeling grand.
Feet leaving the pavement and headed back to the sand.
Exponential increase in pure volume and amount.
So many raindrops falling no one can keep count.
Unlike snowflakes and there independent nature.
Raindrops don’t mind looking like each other.
Being one in the same and going home to the same house.
It will be a sad sad day when all the clouds dry out.
No longer hovering above providing us protection from the sun.
Plants and animals praying for a single drop to come.
Out from underneath the depths of the sea.
Appears what some to believe as Adam and Eve.
Curly blond finger nails tangled and long.
Eyelashes like feathers, hair like a harp.
She smiled in your memory leaving a mark.
Portrait of a traveling soul.
Etched with a crimson red bluish charcoal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One Lonely leaf left 8/26/08 Nags Head NC 8:31 AM

Single flickering candle wick lit by the sun.
Dancing in the shadow alone and in tense.
Scripture described the sculpture of a statue’s face.
Broken rock formations flattened and massaged.
Creating an imaginary feeling of a distant mirage.
Beads of water culminate off the front.
While jet black opal eyes keep track from the back.
Talkative jargon of juxtaposed lines.
Informative fallacy’s saved as true.
Fear based religion left hung to dry.
Exposing the truth of what happens when we die.
Melodies lost in translation and key.
When the final bird fly’s and becomes no longer free.
Fleeing moments that’s how they keep up.
Racing around the track chasing their tales.
Dangling mistletoe tropical snow fall.
Kisses to the angles with wings like a shawl.
Lifted and placed across the top of there back.
Covering the shoulders no flesh left in tack.
Blossoming mishaps with new flowers to show.
And after the rain fall a illuminated glow.
Young honest heritage of cocking your gun.
Being the king of a castle that’s not open to some.
Fowl swoop of language drenched in an obscure persona.
Curious to dig underneath the roots of every tree.
In hopes to find a pot of gold, or even just a piece.
Parallel lifestyles fundamental belief.
Able to be changed if your ready to receive.
Direct contact with those that have left.
Crossed over in to the next dimension.
Enter through the black hole. Surrounded by white light.
Surrendering rendering the ending a bit.
Fully committed yet ready to split.
Open the median of what’s programmed deep.
What is and what’s not spouse to be.
Fit fine affordable pile of stress.
Tangible like a handle to hold or a lever to pull.
Swirling limerick of names we’ve forgotten.
Scarlet redwood with a hint of aging amber.
Imagining the darkest trenches outlined with coal.
Absence of illusion and only a temporally void.
Let us all escape the escapade.
Cascade of rain drops forming a new religion.
Speckled clouds hovering over surrendering flames.
Distant mahogany tree with only one lonely leaf left.
When life offers you a ride enjoy it.
Explore the options that have presented themselves.
Dazed and confused photo shot.
Held in the hands of a professional.
Swelling waves unleashing there pent up rage.
Agony holding back on uncharted waters.
Riptides of ridicule closing in on the shore.
Islands that at one point where consider not.
Atlantic land shifting sanctuary of chance.
Examining examples of resembling scenarios.
Placid facial expressions pressed upon a bathroom mirror.
Here comes an overwhelming feeling of humanity.
Past the expectations and the difference of a assumption.
Pull and tear across the outer banks of reality.
What they want to know is what is going on inside.
Inside our hearts inside our minds.
Modern man wants to build an empower.
Out last the others that lay by there side.
Strength to overcome all of life’s adversities.
One single sentence at a time, allowing the rest to add up.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Evaluate Evolution 8/23/08 Nags Head NC 8:49 AM

Save the date, don’t wait for that coincidence.
Direct influence loose ever since the first step.
A chance at elevating every DNA strand.
A human harmonic convergence, remaining assertive.
Safety described by discipline.
Tired so tired unable to open my eyes.
Sleeping typing not walking but writing in my sleep.
Doctors are puzzled and the nurse thinks I’m nuts.
So sweet it is heavy eyes carry such a weight.
Loops around the planets. Stars intergalactic.
Arguments meant to help expand or at least strengthen.
Discussed in depth coverage of the latest fad.
Fashion king of the wardrobe purple lined suite.
Crushed amethyst interlacing polyester.
Stuff my pockets with rocks and trinkets.
Crystalline arm bands with heirloom cuffs.
Tuff enough to withstand a spiraling tunnel of wind.
Head strong middle man making moves for the team.
Bizarre barricades crossed over while wading through the stream.
Over extended tentative triumphant aerial view.
A mix of persistence and inconsistence.
Waiting till the last second to use adrenaline to your advantage.
Some call it procrastination, why not evaluate evolution.
True on your own accord, connected attached few can soar.
Held on to the ground, a foundation of fresh new tradition.
Mint tea leafs left in the sun for a week straight.
Consistent delivery every time on time.
Not much else to do, unless your prepared for the next step.
Bent at the elbow joint extended past the head.
Spinning around whimsically like a whirling dervish.
Determined to cross on to the other side.
Save the date again as if you have forgotten.
Remembering the significant action that took place.
Constantly on your mind is a unswerving idea.
Strong from the ground up. Only a week from the sensitive side.
Regular visits counter act the absence.
Silence fills the night, unbearably loud.
Discombobulated by the distractions of life.
Life forms so surreal.
That they remain in your memory, for only a moment.
A small token you where once handed.
Headed toward remembering you’re the revolution.
A union of cells rejoicing in joining together as one.
Once again it has been written.
So powerful and strong so solid and whole.
Great logic behind the creation of the letters.
Put the correct ones in order and you can converse.
Scattered across the open field and not far from the beach.
Half a mile away from the fading footprints.
So intense is the lettering that some may argue over it.
Tell each other that they don’t agree.
Age difference is three years and thirty two days.
Enough time to learn that there is a whole in the cup.
Overflowing high volume of abstract talk.
Teach me something new, but don’t give me a clue.
Just allow it to take place, how much does it take.
With an allowance that’s priceless and nothing else saved.
Purple rose stems scattered across the corpse.
Dogs digging in the same place making there home.
Marking there territory as if they own the block.
Leaving no trace just a after shock.
Uninformative negotiation on who gets the bone.
First bite is the best according to some.
Last bite has the most flavor according to others.
No matter who is correct at the end of it all.
There is no right answer, they are all off the wall.
Partially talkative, other half hermit.
Long nights of writing to prove who deserves it.
The gold from a pens tip transformative sand script.
Origami world view where all in a ball .
If you really stop to think about it.
It’s always all and all.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Not 8/22/08 “Nags Head NC” 6:43 AM

Give it a try, at least attempt. Who’s to say how it ends.
When the feeling begins to arise, your senses start to tense.
Inhale the exhaustion excuses are alarming.
Soft tender heart with the same inevitable fate.
To fly off the edge, leaning off the seat.
Streets lined with loin cloth. Coins begin to rust.
No chance left for turning back what’s done is done.
With only a tint of color peeking through the midnight sky.
Dawn is upon us, clouds crawl over the mountains peak.
Something is reaching for more. Always arm stretched out.
Grasping to touch what I known it can not .
Hands looking to hold on too the furthest at reach.
Dreaming of becoming un controlled,
Trial and error, triumphant heart beat.
She speaks to me in a weaving in and out of meaning.
I respond only with a gesture of astonishment.
How can we let this vertigo go.
Knowing that there will be change.
Slowing our own judgment grants us our wish.
Peering over the edge off in to the sky.
Clouds outline the horizon like a Greek myth.
Stories of forever, encapsulating cycles continue.
Testosterone increasing the overall drive of creation.
Wild fascination of a immaculate creation.
Waiting for stagnation or another invasion.
Crimson red forest, brittle from dehydration.
Face to face avoiding the point taking a walk to enjoy rise.
Falling fading forgetting, thinking holding and owning.
Outlandish mixture of memories and ideas.
Of what we have expected, excepted with iron like strength.
Inside of Zion’s mouth you can sense serenity.
It’s acknowledging the drive and where it is taking you.
Literally in more ways then one.
Counting the rays from the fading sun.
Brighter by the second, or instant in between.
Empowering your self to manifest your dream.
Having the hindsight too not let it pass by.
And the for-sight to witness the signs.
Nature plays its part providing entertainment..
Reassuring the alignment of the planets is a cycle.
Around again, we take this on.
Again and again until its gone.
Humans have the ability to believe or not.
To receive lessons sent from a higher calling.
Question is, do you have the time.
Do you have enough saved up, to shift the paradigm.
Follow the diagram for your whole life.
At the last moment look back and you can feel its right.
Every path that lead you to walk on to the next event.
With the power of belief that no matter what, its been great.
Think of the past and the present cause the future can wait.
It’s not going any where and you’re the emotions to offend.
So don’t chase after something that you all ready have.
Appreciate being alive, or at least acknowledge the fact.
Experience the gifts we have. Gift of the sense.
Endless amount to speak of. Respect love.
The tug of war rope is wearing thin.
Wear and tear already begins. Direction resurrected.
Outlined designed non-linear feelings.
The acceptance of balance is easy to do.
They say its hard to admit an addiction.
Who are they to say this, re-writing the already been done.
So far ahead of your self that you lose your steam.
Swirling in a black hole before its time.
In your prime, light body shine. Reflect retrospective.
Take aim like you never have before. Aim like a eagle.
Ancient vision becoming clear. Beyond you and I.
I often wonder what it would be like to go for it.
Why not leap off the edge of insanity.
Dancing on the rings of what we once called duality.
Dare me, to deal you a full house.
Empty rooms full of left over skin cells.
Sea shells are traveling gypsies homes.
I have leaped off the edge.
Full clothed yet as naked as a new born.
Breaking hundred of sticks, building up a supply.
Warm weather recognition.
While sipping on a soft spoken tea.
Fire still rages but will be controlled.
Notice the affiliation filling up the thinking tank.
Preparation for the great shift where time as we know it stops to sit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Beauty beyond words 8/17/08 5:12 PM

Provide me with your wildest fantasy. Allow me to help nurture that.
Every second is leading toward the next, the nest fulfillment.
Always out seeking to reach for more.
One look in the mirror maybe mightier then the sharpest sword.
Hands connect just imagine lips. Fire so hot it could burn the tip.
Ignited from the inside out. Is it twin flames or one bursting torch.
I could tell you how I feel but you may not believe me.
Why put it in repeat if you missed it the first run.
Next stop is nonsense. Sophisticated adult langue.
Speaking in the tongue of love, the same tone a dove may have.
How would you last on your own alone in the over cast.
Tempted to the highest point before explosion.
Internal slogan hold a hand full of coal to callus the palm.
Nothing goes wrong, It just seems that way because of the great expectation of being human. Even just thinking in that way can create some interesting ripples in the air.
At least act like you care. Whisper sweet nothings in to my ear.
Talk to me for hours tell me your inspirations,
That which sets your furnace a blaze.
A few inches away from feeling that rush.
Physical contact and everlasting touch.
Alone on the plane eyes peering off over the side of the window.
Spectacular mountain view.
I would bet that she has to go through this emotion all the time.
That on your toes look around, feeling of missing out.
Abundance sits awaiting your arrival.
Not late but on harmonic time. A single vibrating string.
What would it take to get the answer involving the after life.
To see the final picture of the wiggle.
Except and embrace the immortal beauty at stake.
Physically the eyes lock in on eternity.
To be able to have that loving flexibility.
Healer, Receiver of reflections from your own personal introjection.
You wish for this list of yours to be filled.
According to your own agenda. Did we some how forget the fascination with the unknown.
Out of your normal comfort zone. Show me your sincere smile.
That smile that makes you who you are.
A true pure laugh, lasting for ever invested in your memory bank.
Eyes are incredibly powerful.
Life changing, with no exchange of anything. Expect a look.
A glance in the direction of the open and willing.
Do you ask, have you thought it out. Imagine if you could.
It is possible if your heart is strong enough.
If your reasoning is beyond only your own.
Holy and in love. In love with being fully yourself.
Dancing alone in the wildness of your imagination.
If I could have it my way. Well I am positive you can.
Try it out, give it a shot.
How do you ask, never mind that. Breath deep and focus.
Allow the confusing parts to become ironed out.
The sands of time, at one point where rocks.
Feeling that powerful force of looking good.
Knowing there is a limitless amount of things you may never do.
Like fly to the moon, or parachuting with lions and panthers.
Lets run off together we can hide for a bit.
Won’t be able to stay long, I have a commitment wit the infinite.
Dark room single candle flickering the secrets the stone.
So close together now, breath bouncing off one another.
Italian heritage forgotten and remembered.
I can feel your heart beat, while you sit by my side.
Your breathing pattern is powerful.
Feels like rushing water after the fist spring melt.
If you only knew I was speaking of you.
Would you blush, would you smile with a witty look.
Legs made for running. Lush long stride.
Every color you can imagine, appearing in your eyes.
Lights as bright as the sun beaming down on fresh snow.
Cold smoke like vapor. Heating through out your entire body.
Oddly enough after all that work, it happened.
Plane landed walked to the shuttle got a ride to the house.
Smiled at the return, Lower body bursting with energy.
So ready, the soul steady vision backed by keeping daily track.
Put it on the table if no body eats it pass it out for free.
You can try to save it, but it may go bad.
With time comes assumptions used reused expectance.
Will your eyes ever make it to this point in my life.
Mine meaning yours just placed in our word.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tale of Seven Sisters 8/12/08 1:41 PM

Over by the River, where we sat and watched the moon rock.
Talked for an hour a half about the boondocks.
Traveling life, and smoke shops.
Water carnival taste for the truth.
Triumphant attempt hard work paying dues.
Long winded walk about never ending hugs with you.
Balcony glass window business class view.
Helicopter rides, over the enchanted amethyst forest.
Super sweet ground score.
Smorgasbord of objects from outer-space.
A few orders of hors d’orvres for afterwards.
Who spells any way anyway.
It would be a great combo to have all the above.
Stay in position. Stick to the program of being your own,
And surrendering to the omnipresent moment.
Wind-chimes lingering on like the sound of touching stars.
The sound of Wooden wings the laugh of young angels.
Savoring the moment soaking in the ocean.
Floors full of mist, rising clouds soaking in your pores.
Poems answering mysteries of unanswered dreams.
Reaching out above the landmass beyond the suns grasp.
Money changing diamond glass. Infused fire stone.
Expectations of a spectacular taste left.
A freshness of mountain air new faces that always appear.
Tear down the walls around you. Build up the walls around you.
You can count on your self or every one else.
Or else you can lean balance and the abundance of wealth.
Triangulate and restructure your compass.
Check to make sure all components are working.
Turning the tuner, door bell ringing surprising sound.
Dark green bass tubes, pastures carpenters Portland.
Across the border they traveled, tracing unknown steps.
Sequence of events, seamless entertainment.
Connecting in the riptide, imagine for a moment.
Coiled roads unpaved yet chosen.
That incredible sense of bliss. Open and excepting.
A teamwork attitude toward steadfast relationships of gratitude.
Realization of public engagement
Partnership in tradition radiating embracement …

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cherrie Bugs and Airplanes 8/7/08 3:39 PM

Vertical leap toward grasping a star.
Pass the cloudy layer, penetrating the blue sphere.
Open floating, faces fading purple names remain.
We claim that it is all possible.
Self doubt is like putting your self in a cage.
In a bottle of excuses pride tends to hide.
Sitting with right foot about left knee, contemplating.
Wondering in astonishment what my be left over when its all done.
Can you feel what it is like to have a rainbow shine on your hand.
Every three agreed you where ahead of the pack.
Passing through with no problems, no stress no excuse.
Imagine for a moment no worries,
This present moment we call the now.
Is happening above sandy fields.
Building blocks perfectly laid out for all to see.
Witnessing the revolution taking place under your nose.
Rocks losing there solid form.
But who really needs physical form anyway.
It is all created in the image of human kind.
Your imprint, our individual print on it.
I intention manifest into a galactic perspective.
Work ethic tends to set a all new trend.
High in the back seat sitting six deep.
Alive and in the front surrounded by five.
Double sided mud slide mountain face.
Inspirational shifting landscape.
Including but not limited to an array of sun rays.
Left in the oven in the kitchen at the supper club.
Fresh taste, an afternoon squeeze of oranges,
Mangos and peaches.
Upon arrival allow your expectations,
To remain minimal but at full highest level.
Balancing with the ease of the sun and moon.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Highflying Ideas 8/1/08 7:09 PM

Walk me, please take this final walk along the river bank.
What would have changed if you did ?
Never to know the answer but convincing enough to pretend.
The shadow showed a hand pointing toward the door.
Asking for an answer, but for some reason it’s ignored.
Hungry, thirsty flying non stop.
Activated to type, find what it is when you evaluate your life.
Non-stopping the title of the next song,
Unsurpassable sneaky eyes.
Glancing over the shoulders of a sleeping giant.
Chalk laid out too entertain the children,
Motive to keep them busy.
A universal wave of harmony.
Peaceful sounds and hands held so tight.
Birds walking patient while the humans take flight.
What is it you wonder as I ask in response.
To tackle the question of how much it would cost.
Take away my debt with the songs that I’ve made.
And store the rest under the table and leave a tip for the maid.
A big one in fact the largest they’ve seen.
History was made off of glamour and glee.
To make it means to come true from your soul.
Not hiding or faking to be part of the roll.
Hindsight to learn from the past choices we’ve made.
And write our wrongs as we head toward the grave.
That’s pretty striking, A full force statement.
Planning ahead, each move we make effects us down the road.
So if one domino piece is off even the slightest bit,
The dream will end short of the goal.
Goal is clean, then take the shot, Run full speed,
And never Stop. Don’t look back,
No need to question why, just be organized and ready,
And watch the pain ease by.
Good night my love, only the best your way.
Good night my heart, sorry I can’t stay.
No more bad dreams, please only nice things,
She said she was lonely, but now I will never be back,
I don’t want you to be lonely,
If I leave for good, will that fix your lonely heart,
Part of me is in pieces, but there is a part in peace.
I love you so much but am forgetting me,
Selfless yet still a bit selfish.
It’s not out of my league, but it is time to practice.
Intact with the testimony, belief in the one and only.
This castle is no fallacy.
There maybe those that don’t agree,
But lets just wait and see,
For only love is welcome, encouragement and strength,
No sense in being blindfolded to the beauty at hand .
Then again, inside my blindfold, I can clearly see,
A waterfall of love and endless possibilities.
So pure to dive in, so protected to fall.
Strong enough to make the decision and to start a new.
Understanding that there is more to life then,
Arguments and dues.
She collected flowers, and cried when then would wilt.
Even when she knew they would grow back.
He stood for hours in the same position,
Waiting for a change, took the advice from a stranger,
And remembered how to play.
Words where taken lightly for out of anger then where spurt.
And a hollow word shouted should really hold no weight,
It’s the well thought out delivery, that can really make a quake.
Divine differences, distinguish between the choice.
And take some time with the idea.
Pre-pair yourself for the next chapter.
And allow your self to think clear.
Ask for guidance from all directions to enter in your eyes,
You can find it through silence or look for the signs.
We all have a story and some do relate,
In one way or another, they stem from the same plate.
Release relief rejoice in joy,
Showing your real emotions,
Is far better then a decoy.

Mission the Moon 7/30/08 4:17 PM

I am on a quest like mission.
To one day land on the moon,
Do the earth walk dance with me.
And as we rattle in the midnight grove.
I settle my dues, and learn to have fun with my muse.
It’s that beautiful universal cocoon.
Hatch a butterfly look now it’s a worldly view.
Words are plenty and many People know,
How they want to be living there life.
Hand on the kite, like flying it, late in the night.
With the car key attached,
Swift with the grasp sitting duck a easy catch.
Long boards of wood create the path way,
To walk over the mud from the rain water,
On your new shoes is no fun,
The sun dries them out but they still look like crud.
Hand washed, at the local river.
Based on the message I’m a believer.
A swift reader who is neither wither or either
Out of character in America.
A Tarantula in panama.
Serious business at hand. First Class private grade.
Apple juice apricots and bananas.
Tea squeezed from three gypsies.
Poured over granola.
Millions of hands held on the heavenly orb.
The moon,
The miracle of existence. The harvest
Center stance inhale exhale.
Circling breath with each and every step, lunar solar.
The Strategy masculinity balanced with the feminist.
What a coincidence that the coin flip landed on tales.
Exercise the settlement,
Investigate the elements.
What a sexy Ultimatum, silly thing is,
There is no penalty lessons generally teach,
With a chance to learn, no more wood to burn,
High strung from hanging around to much.
Having it all trading it to have more.
Overall pull to understand the view.
Take credit when credits due,
Each step original no matter the length.
Crossing rivers with out getting wet,
Basking in the Bermuda sun. Salvation came.
Along with new sneakers, how neat.
Expensive vacation for the foreigners.
No one seemed to mind, buckets bursting over the line.
Pockets full of cherries,
It seems to me that they are all tasty,
Their could even be a few extra sweet.
Some have definitely gone bad.
Or at least had a better taste before becoming sour.
Inspired still intriguing just not as alluring.
That sweet lusty Klondike river full of gold.
Pour me some reason make it hot with a lemon.
Everlasting aftertaste,
We almost had something solid melt away,
Like a ice cube on the beach,
Ultimately dissolving in to the air,
Back to another form, only to return once again.