Thursday, November 6, 2008

Next Stop Antarctica 11/5/08 3:09 PM

Hidden messages in the day to day signs.
Red light to stop your crossing the line.
Taken as the flight is on course.
Your pull and want is that of a uncontrolled force.
Relax let go, ivory fingers glide through.
My castle has been built, and my watcher is you.
She holds my hand as I climb down the still warm walls.
We have traveled the seas and tasted the bitter salt.
Danced across the milky way, and excepted our faults.
She wears my ring, and awaits the next.
While watching the humming bird in all its magnificence.
Symmetrical flames burning from each end.
Thousands of eyes connect,
All interweaving with a story of there own.
Personalized message, my love is powerful.
Our love even more, we share the same breath.
My pillow is yours.
Share it with me rest your rose colored golden checks.
Eyes that I miss.
I saw them this morning kissing me good bye.
Now only the memory is left in my mind.
The belief that I will be offered another chance.
To fulfill my roll in the stars and advance.
Crawling up the rankings.
Climbing with such an intense grip,
That only a few can handle it.
Comical how the planets shine.
Reflect in to forever,
The moon has been watching us, the sun as well.
Who else knows what’s behind the black hole.
Or in it.
Gem delivery major organization and tasting.
First it was the ones that don’t have there clock set.
Correct fit in to the cosmic.
Un aligned yet living a beautiful life.
Light bulb flickering over the canyon.
On in to forever the endless light.
Don’t be up set if I fall asleep.
Blessed to awaken again in to a new.
Savoring each moment as if it was meant for me.
Starving for attention in hopes to commercialize.
Or at least enterprise on the vast amount of new-ness.

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