Saturday, July 11, 2009

Your Date and Time 7/8/09 6:30 PM

Computer, computer data saved.
Creator, creator can’t be caged.
Savior the lingering breath from her lips.
Squeezing the salt water over the ridge.
Hawaii awaits your return,
Like sunflowers awaiting the waters reply.
Parallel roots like hands surfacing flesh.
Close enough to touch,
Close enough to know the union does exist
Here is an example.
Written with your hand in mind.
Heart dream trust.
It’s that hard surfacing volcano.
Flower pollen landing anti pollution serum.
Reverse verses reverberate with reason.
Ask and you shall receive.
A garden full of opportunity.
Musically making love to the muse in me.
Harmonious connection.
Natural surreal revelation.
The greatest feeling that has ever been felt.
Don’t think for a second that my mind won’t reflect,
Cross over the dotted lines only to inspect.
Ginger snap, fingers interlace.
Living room fires awakening those asleep.
Out side of what is inside of what we face.
Two together creating breath.
Union they speak of , the mass marketing media.
Man and women or women and man,
Shifts in the paradigm now every one scram.
Ram against hills and winds that sway.
Through developing valleys form June till May.
How can we miss home, its like waiting for the connection.
Anticipate a Italian anti pasta or pro spaghetti.
Clouds fill slowly day by day,
Waters becoming colors solidified.
Place this lens of mine in your eyes for a moment.
Take a nice quite long loud look through.
Shimmering shine.
Sophisticated cascade of emotion.
My hands are only that much bigger then yours.
Or equal or less there of.
Switch this lens you look through.
We started to escape to find our selves loving it.
Cape in full effect darting across the speed way.
Floating over the busy streets.
Crawling along the voice you recognize.
Incognito genuine work reflected.
Less then the first half but more then the whole.
Entrance or exit they slip through the mold.
It, oh little it skipped across the cob webs.
Cosmic thought process.
Soaking in the woven fabric of tomorrows flag.
She stood stagnate at the edge of mutiny.
Not refusing but not pursuing.
From a pagans view that puritan.
Was more devilish then one could admire.
Take for instance the word polysemy.
It means cow, wait it means truth,
Or maybe it means ladder.
Could be a cart wheel in to a mouse hole.
Red wood Curve moon bow style.
Caterpillar crawling up the stairs.
Sure thing to take flight by nine or so.
Impressive criticism for empowering growth.
Next level dream time shift.
Shattering mirrors of insecurities.
Courageous confidence created.
Established return of fire and reason.
Bee and pollen the ripest fruit.
The intention of joy-full experiences.
Full embraced expression of exuberance.


kendra said...

You writing is always fresh and changing.. A beautiful new perspective that changes every time I read an entry over for a second.. Third.. Seventh time : )

i love this one.

Julia said...