Intermission 12/22/08 3:41 PM

As I watched my dogs artistic temperament shift from one point of interest to the next.
Intro to introspection one zero one.
Puppy dog eyes glancing in to a synaptic union.
Slowly moving toward owning your own golden gate.
Average tendency to deny the chemistry.
Having distinct features apart from the rest.
Implanting memories of rejuvenation.
As the words whispered to us from our relatives teachings.
Subleasing a lengthy stay of focused intent.
Replenishing the well of reason, then dipping in a toe.
Soaking in the mystery of all the words you wrote.
Significant seasonal change.
Hands down the highest point up.
Water levels even out, trees regain strength.
Clouds begin to clear out any toxins.
Like filters in the sky.
Earth rotating toward a new galaxy.
Light lasting longer then ever imagined.
Twirling the trees like butter cups.
Elbowing loose rings across the orchard.
The forming of ice across the thermostat.
Dreaming of a carpet that will fly us back.
Aroma like mint chocolate on a Christmas eve.
So sweet to the taste buds its almost hard to believe.
Five different jars multiplied by three.
It becomes hard to type let alone breath.
Alone breathing repeating these steps.
With the season in step.
Tapped tree equaling flowing sap.
Salt water spread across the bed.
A natural rhythm instead of being forcefully fed.
Importance of letting go of holding on.
Intended to end the tendency to tease ones self.
Lean over the edge and fly ones self.
Out of the nest.
Essential trips out to the west.
Resting upon the metal wings of chance.
From the eastern seaboard of a Venezuela.
A suit especially tailored.
Body structured followed along the seam.
The path toward the rising waters of the sea.
Early adulthood life of tomorrow.
Sun so unifying if eyeing the island from the window outside.
Satisfying the hungry eyes and starving minds.
Eclipsing any shadows of doubt.
Time out for an extravaganza.
Ordinary assortment of meetings and agendas.
Dinner holidays weekends and parties.
Any possible intermission we can find.
A break from the commotion of what’s passing by.
Yesterdays time line is tomorrows scribble.
An Ideal leader realizes that neither.
Them self nor any one else has completeness.
Some see as a weakness but non the less.
It is the ambitious obedient discernments.
Good taste wise old wisdom from the head shop.
With women from far off fairy tales.
Floating above mercury.
Wish wash for new things to wash.
Quick pit-stop with gas for a dime on the dot.
Perfect amount for less then the other spot.
Spotted owl flying on the highway.
All day is the only way.
Live for the symbols emblem of non-blemishes.
A Hierarchy that was to high up the ladder.
Love as if it was the last drop of water on the desert.
Except examples of examining another’s embassy.
Expect your expectations may lead to extra back pain.
Neck muscles tightening like two titanium combined strings.
Signing behind the echoing rain drops.
Spring along winter lets heat it up.

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