Snowy Sunday 12/21/08 1:53 PM

Cloudy days with shades of grey,
A mystic hue an altered state.
A grand entry in to counter culture.
Elaborate broadening of a brand name.
Labradorite rod as a microphone stand.
Impressive press pictures.
3 years as of today.
The twenty first emerging birth.
Erotomania abnormal behavior.
Heavenly presence of silence.
Eyelashes fluttering like monarch wings.
The living room pergola laced with climbing vines.
Tree rings circle the fingers of the earth.
Expressive worth of painting lines.
Ancient stones emblazoned with humbling scripture.
Ripe taste tunnel like texture.
A message floating down stream.
Received then returned up stream.
Reaping the benefits of fortitude.
Getting easy work done can be hard for some.
Their for turning easy work in to hard work.
Resilience realizing the individual comfort zone.
The buoyancy of good spirits and a loving merit.
Overflowing bubbles from the bottles we popped.
The champagne memories that remain on the top.
The value of sound.
Waiting continually waiting for that new space.
New space where melody was born.
Clean slate the denouement.
Endless endowment of abundant resource.
Our choice to remain in stagnant water.
With the incredible abilities we have been gifted with.
In order to share a part of your heritage.
Hair standing on the back of your neck.
An uprising of intelligent text.
Telling ignored secrets kept as ignorance.
Blissful redundancy fueling the transmission.
Racing so fast that the last thing you remember seeing,
Was your own illusion.
Zion waves green leafs the size of paper bags.
Trimming around the edges of her manuscript.
Jungle bound watering tourmaline.
Bare feet wiggle in caves of blue luminescence
The light at the end of a tunnel.
Son of a beehive.
One more grape left on the grapevine.
As it falls landing splitting opening up,
Seeds spread serenading the soil.
Again and again,

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