Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Turquoise skyline 6/07/09-6/10/09 6:46PM

The flexing fingers curling Over the horizon,
Like half moons becoming full, disappearing only to return.
The song was half way finished, the sign on the wall wore off,
Law of the land seemed to shift when the land got the law.
Rise and shine for the new day has come,
A dawn when the stars in the sky deliver us toward clarity.
Everlasting charity a rarity these days, has long passed.
Only the uplifting exchange of sunshine, pure peace in a rain cloud.
That’s that state of mind, where music is continuously vibrating.
Hearts racing across the sun-setting salutations of memory.
Resting sitting in a squatting jaguar like stance.
A mixing bowl of colors some taken more literal then others.
The sound of primordial tones and swirling lights.
Aggressive restfulness, humble magnificence.
Filling that audio void, of surrendering silence.
Signify to a plane passing over head that your looking for a ride.
The signal scene from miles away but there’s just no room inside.
Sorry it ended up becoming so practical.
That half willingness impairing your presentation.
Still a spectacle to be had in every moment.
Your young brilliance radiates through me.
As if the clouds where full of flower petals falling from the sky.
A scent that speaks in a foreign tongue that caress’s my side.
Sensual and universal natural liberation.
Lubrication across the lips beginning to moisten the voice within.
Watch as it materializes, a masterpiece right before your eyes.
Written on the most sought after fabric.
Hand crafted then soaked in a port wine for nine months straight.
Awaiting the arrival of the passing transport.
Unknown to some there is a pull coming to fruition.
A fruiting of the buds Strawberries need to ripen.
In that case leave them out to dry, hang them over the balcony.
Mix and match with what ever your friends have to offer.
According to the dialogue,
This should be where you spark interest.
A longing to fulfill your hearts desires. Design spots for home grown.
That look from an owl as you walk underneath.
Slowing reacting to every crackling leaf.
Falling stars on a closing summer night.
Awaiting the reaction of the sun’s excitement.
The delight in perceiving.
Unfinished business finished then undone for fun.
Down by the bay, under the bridge lives a patch of wild blueberries.

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