Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tip toeing tonight 6/16/09-6/24/09 8:28 PM

After the thunderstorm,
A wave of wonderful emotions developed.
Hot air balloons half way to the moon and back.
Sipping from the palming cup of her suckle flowering bosom.
So promiscuous who us you must be mistaken.
Take my words as you would a glass of water.
Sip it slow enjoy the flavor, don’t miss it.
We sit side by side speaking these words as slow as possible.
They want to enjoy the freedom of being released from the lips.
The slow shadowing of her eclipse.
Whats this full moon you speak of,
Like Greek literature it shows its manhood.
Rolling around in the soils uncleanness.
As if the earth needs to bathe.
Talk to me like you would speak in your head.
The words that become repetitive but to only your there said.
Pushing out through the pores.
Everything fits together on course.
Elaborate more for us.
Bring along a designated design for our inspection.
First put all your energy in to the vision.
Outlining the lineage of easy living.
Full foot placed against my chest.
Foliage so spectacular that spirits echo their reason.
Stiff finger pressed against the darkened Sands of time.
That tantric tongue that knows no boundaries.
Only those that have been left to decipher.
Green Shinny Glass Bottles of Beauty.
Fill my palms with the essence of petunia.
Purity peace comfort joy and love.
Tip toe through my garden.
Fresh Carrot juice for your longing.

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