A story through your eyes 12/06/09 11:19 AM

Thank you for understanding how to play.
How to relate to the child in me.
Speaking with direct assertive empowerment.
Being in love with the shifting change.
Inscribing along the side of a mountain range.
High cliffs climbing up a waterfall.
Jumping off the ledge in to a pool of calm warm water.
Awaiting your arrival, it welcomes you in.
The smell of cloves incense and cinnamon.
A full feeling that never fades.
Adjustments continually made.
Proper care and internal focus.
Supporting the process of feedback.
Learning how to co-relate with another’s addictions.
Catching your self in the act of acting not your self.
Outside perspective on your own personality traits.
Clear vision, beginning from with in.
In the unlabeled land of the living dead.
Bleached white Spanish rice.
Never settle for less, at the expense of stress.
Impressed by your sent, as our aromas mix.
Your formula for combing oils.
An order of respect selfless intent.
The vastness of the universe.
In order upon the drawing board.
A vortex of emotions in a funnel of songs.
Spirit connecters, wind under the wing.
Forgiving gravity for holding you down.
Give me a break all I wanted to do was fly.
So thank you gravity you’re a great teacher.
That’s funny to me, crossing the Washington Oregon border.
Vancouver’s right around the corner.
Sorry Portland I blame it on my agent.
Show booked four months before I knew I had a show.
It’s already May again, I remember what October means.
Mother born on Halloween, living the gypsy life of a Queen.
Rose quarts white gold black diamond Necklace.
Royal treatment for sharing the secret.
Looking up in to the horizon I swear I can see Chicago.
What would Yoko Ono Lennon do?
Iron out this suite for me please. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Another night at Queen Elizabeth’s, MontrĂ©al to Massachusetts.
Solutions for a sovereign nations depression.
What prints are pressed in this imprint of less then.
Incredible tension released through suggestion.
The fabric the quilt, the holiest yield eye’s of wonder.
Fearlessly terrified to go beyond the ceilings highest highs.
Hug me now, hold me . I know what we are capable of.
Love, some one once said we control us.
Subversive versions of various visions.
Ideas dealing with thought.
Lets meet at the corner and together we can turn.
Strengthening the bond with guidance and innate essence to learn.


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