Curling lucid, Fingers 12/11/09 3:52 PM

I truly do as true as you that is.
Is it that thing you do that piece you give.
A face appears inside your eye lids.
A rising tide of inner guidance.
As the moon sets our shadows dance.
A potters wheel spins as her fingers curl.
I can feel your breath spiral down my neck.
Dragons kiss in mid flight.
Purple black shimmering light.
Formless fortitude, inspired by the service.
The force that directs you toward the universe.
A different version of your own interpretation.
Recognized and remembered ancestor teachings.
Inquiry has been showing me so much lately.
Like low hovering clouds full of crystal clear water.
Provided nourishment through the collective.
Millions of different elements combine.
Synergistic resources, synergism.
Interaction of human will and divine grace.
Interesting result in cooking one oh one.
Driving past a space called confusion hill.
Meditating on a field in Ireland.
Grass feed by the moisture from the mountain air.
Wild Buffalos drink from the lake.
An offering made of red clay awaits.
Hands wrinkle around mine.
I will cup you this last drop,
That falls from the one Red Woods last leaf.
I inhaled the burning essence of plant life.
I breathed it through my chest.
Opening becoming an entrance.
I exhaled in to the sky neck back.
I pushed the air around me up in to the center.
Up through the tree from the inside.
Swirling mixing with the almost frosty oxygen.
Orgasmic gasps of freshness.
Fortunate to find the solitude in you.
Solidarity sweet smell of similarity.
Thank you Grandfather Tree,
For inviting me over.
Though the signs we cross our boarders.
Open pastures of purity may they never run dry.
Softness like a hug from a cloud in the sky.
Massage your foot for awhile.


Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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