The Exuberant Rush 1/15/10 5:26 PM

Both shoes are tied tight, well lose in the beginning.
But now they are tied in knots,
Not double though at one point they where always doubled.
Seems more fitting that the laces get more attention.
The build up of excitement almost creates a calm feeling.
A sense of surety to release any and all attachment.
Thankful gratitude fills my core.
A agonic apology to any and all those that may not understand.
Talk to the angels that care about me unconditionally.
They fully understand the essence of love.
The beating of the heart and its guidance.
The fulfillment of eagerness and its wanting.
Desire driven to protect and provide.
Some will say it is the stars that create that wave ,
And its incredible creative current of happiness.
Clear eyes open oval ovaries of Variety.
Rationing out what is left in the garden.
Grandfather hands so excited to hold the talking stick.
To provide for his grandchildren and to re-use the rain drops.
Collecting literature for you, reading it bit by bit.
Regaining the knowledge that once slipped through the cracks.
Curving around the outline of her facial design.
Give me the chance to remind, you have I ?
Do you remember when I looked in to the clouds.
I saw my brothers silhouette ghost like.
Perfect picture of him and his son.
They where in the sky looking at me.
So clear that all I could do was cry. Cry from joy,
From the fulfilling feeling of laughter for the mystery.
Making love to the stillness of everything and the word yes.
Dust off the old tennis shoes that are tied up in the closet.
It’s time to play, to run through grave yards again.
Speak in a new tonality, filter out that which is not,
Consistent and authentic to me.
You can share my ideas, do you understand that through my eye’s
I reflect you, you do yes, that is so great to know.
So therefore have them,, here they are yours now.
Clarity Is creating that home for us.
Both feet in, washing the bottom of your hard working heels.
So sweet, never before this day have I felt this rush.
Beyond tender affection the passionate romantic desire.
Beyond the sexual attraction and that elicits deep interests.
The enthusiasm, the affectionate word, mercy grace charity,
For all of humanity, we worship the adoration.
Kindness, outside my window thousands of feet about the ground.
Lovat muted dusty green and blue,
Dust so clean we celebrate its organic nature.
Open, fresh secure in curiosities section on the plane.
Yes it has it’s own area, why would you doubt that.
Out with the late night camp fire before sleeping.
If something happened where a spark leaped out of the fire pit.
Never would I want to hurt an animal.


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