Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time’s Asleep home in Co 6/4/08 11:11 PM

Fresh wood chips complete breakfast for four days.
Work ethic paying off.
Shirts ruined from elbow grease.
No worries blessed life abundant.
The forest is snacking. Greener each day.
Wet from the moisture the dog loves to play.
So tired of getting tired.
Letting time take charge.
The winner in an egotistical contest.
Open door in to the Temple .
A help me do it your self-guide.
Answers provide inside, in time
Take it in stride they said,
Provoked by a word he read.
A conglomeration of a cut and paste collogue
Tan colored fields with a broken down barb wire fence.
Titanium hands carved out the water base.
Chicken creatures eating at each other.
Longhaired long neck giraffes.
Double-digit phone numbers in the yellow pages.
Spotted zebra tie, leather dress shoes.
Knuckle bucktooth dollar bill.
The color is fading out wearing thin from use.
Rainbow effects in a circle of hope.
Separation anxiety solved by flower pedals.
Continuous jealous energy living in the lava.
Expediential to being the biggest variable.
Variables in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
That is misty snowy cover fresh like it is normal.
End of May no wait beginning of June.
Feeling the natural increase in speed.
An ever-present rush before the jump.
Hands made of marble to catch the fall.
To drink from the well.
To sip from the holy amulet.
White grapes soaking in Red quartz.
Absorbing the color that is being reflected.
A dusky darker pacific ocean blue.
Refined tunnel traveling.
Bats in a cave smoked out.
Night crawlers loosing track of time.
Fried in the sun dried out in a few minutes.
Crawling helplessly with out vision.
Split down the center and pulled apart.
A perfect fit, yet a broken lid.
Filled to the top until the ingredients falls out.
Biggest opportunity to ever come up.
Maybe get bigger now that there is more leverage.
More weight to push against the appendages.
Oppressive tentative don’t break the bandage.
Have they run out of medicine?
Or a dialogue for a healthy preventative.
Seven feet deeper then your use to.
Artificial river flowing the opposite way.
What a site to see.
People lined up from miles around to join the cavalry.
Witty wardrobe wild witch wearing no clothes.
They asked if you wanted to know evil.
No was the answer and a quick scurry up the tallest tree.
A fallen solider looking toward the sky.
Angels like holograms transparent portals,
Like looking at floating liquid.
Little round spheres globes domes.
Pebbles filling the sea.
Catch of the day captured in a metaphase.
Miraculous radical shift. No more milk money wit.
The willingness to give.
Away or up always in Love.

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