Hungry Groundhog 7/10/10 7/10/10 7:21 PM

How far away are you?
As the approaching months, gather dust.
We silently select another choice.
A new experience that includes bravery and tenderness.
A Sweet salt water with a distinguishing taste.
Tongue dried out lips speckled with sand.
Hard to resist the temptation.
Easy to remind yourself of the experience.
Sit in silence underground away from light and sound.
Do it for ninety days.
Rejuvenation is a bowl of fruit,
Fall asleep in the fountain of youth.
Do not forget that moment of clarity you had.
Crystals soaking in sun rays.
So absorbent is the minds eye.
Sour stomach still upset from last night.
Trailing behind the finisher.
Like a Moth resting on an unplugged light.
Sun flares decorating the endless sky.
Seconds after the first bang another occurred.
Accurate curvature of a cave mans spine.
Fingers pressed through the apple.
No one has mentioned the date alignment of ten ten ten.
Arms lifting up then pulling down,
Screaming at the top of your lungs to open up and heal.
Old wounds that where left dormant in the darkest abyss.
A crawling feeling from with in your gut.
A sensation to explode your outer world.
Imagine a total stranger asking you to give them the will to live.
You look them in the eye and repeat I give you the will to live.
You hug them smile and go along on your way.
First look deep at your attention behind the hug.
The reflection in general.
Gentle now why put so much pressure on your chest.
Ripping out the rib cage of righteous perfection.
No wonder they would say that.
It’s a total stranger after all, or was it.
Now that we look back at the situation,
It begins to become a clear slate of significance.
Signs painted with red markings to indicate insignificance.
An informal way to deliver a confident remark.
Fit your hands around the glass and squeeze.
Not to hard though why cut your self.
Squeeze it just enough so that you heat it up.
Pay attention to detail so that you can remember how its done.
If it breaks fix it and if does not break use it again.


Aqua said…
10.10.10 for sure!

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