Common Day 7/1/10 7/1/10 4:13 PM

Calling on the common day,
Awaiting the reply.
In a time of turmoil turn over the dirt,
Stop the nonsense.
Too much noise for the ears to handle.
News coverage covering the dramatic events.
Rhythmic ripples in the waters pattern.
A serious hole found in the tree.
A nest for the bird.
Sampling sap from centuries ago.
Echoing chambers from the darkening whole.
Exuberant light lit up on high.
Not too long ago before, we flew our first kite.
Learned to turn a light bulb before there were candles.
For the night exchange momentary emotions.
I heard don’t shine out the light.
Slowly dropped from the sky, as if it was sitting,
Waiting preparing to fly.
Origami like hand gestures.
Mudras that resemble mountain ranges.
Fresh snow apples picked for dessert.
The grayish outline,
With every color ever witnessed living inside.
No longer back peddling under a bridge,
Sitting straight up with arms extended to live.


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