Right Before Go 7/14-19/10 1:26 AM

It’s the closing moments in the final seconds before the flame is out,
A minuet inspection of your inner self.
Stay with us now, its not much farther north.
Alternatively, the other plan is to pencil it out.
Just write, the voice repeats.
Quietly sneaking around to yell out loud.
Figure eight movements from the hips.
Shoulders up and down like the shape of a staircase.
Program this ace; reformat the formal way of happenings.
Tidy up the tide turning us over.
Opposite hand tight before the grasp.
Body squeezed in breath pushed out.
Crimson flames embody the sky.
Areas of the understood strike a chord.
Catapult us forward.
Send me on my way. Visit the maker again,
Before descending in to it’s deathly all knowing.
What causes the dirt to become angry?
And the sea to become weary.
The desert is hungry for the ocean once more.
As the jealous land underneath the water becomes tiresome of waiting.
When will the almighty hands of the implacable close.
Mollify the outcome to soften the landing for the stars.
Lava rocks rolling through the street children racing past.
To include all the animals would be such a grand task.
Expressive existence that at times seems lost.
Grate to finally meet you,
It is a shame you are not all that your cracked up to be.
Maybe you should have read the memo.
At least memorized the speech.
Maybe the people you hired.
Where a bit higher then you would have liked.
And if you blame them they will come,
At you with a hypocritical statement about such and such.
Therefore, the best thing to do is to fly with them.
Take a break from the pilot seat and have a nice laugh.
Live inside the squirrel house outside.
Calico colored leaves that smell like hazelnut.
A zero degree tolerance toward all of it.
How can you call your shadow a supernumerary.


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