Boulder to Seattle 4/21/08 4:09pm

When you become Fortunate enough to find the treasure. There will be some who tell you that it was hidden. And for weeks you can search high and low. After a while the treasure becomes comfortable, affordable prices become higher. Advancement adjustment. It is true that there are times when you look back at your past only to realize that you are living the same way you use to. Half on half off hands covered in skin flesh bone underneath trying its hardest to penetrate through. Why do we do this to our selves? What really needs to happen in order to be able to take the leap, Faith I guess is the answer. So once you know that what needs to happen in order to put that in to action, long-winded lungs lightly dust the surface. Learn how to make it a Reality. She does not want to give up what she has worked so hard for understandable but why not try to again adjust, If love is the goal the path the overall treasure we seek then why not uncover it. And if you truly have found true love then why not be with it. Dreams are goals manifest. In a room full of only candlelight, Music powered by the sun. I am a ray of light one of the infinite numbers too come. Don’t push your luck; it has taken care of you watched over you why do you think that there is more to it. Be grateful for you are given life. You have so many gifts be strong be a warrior.
Describe the essence of what it is you seek. Then you will find. If it is in your divine plan that it shall be. Don’t be blind to the cards that have been dealt they can teach you things that you have never know of your self. Shine be that radiant exploration for those that are not able to walk the path that you have chosen. Dream bigger then dreams have ever been, Imagine living with all your fantasies a reality. Lucky man lucky farther does not neglect that which has been given to you. You know it is based on facts, whatever that may mean. Get it out create more. Show the universe your willingness to take that next step to the outer limits. Tell the planet that you have a plan to help it. Don’t wait activate! Go get it, make it happen becomes a member of the union of God. You found your soul mate, don’t try to hide from the fact that you are blessed and that peace is being experienced and the sooner you except that the sooner the entire solar system can feel the shift. You are at the point now in your life where it is time to look beyond you beyond us beyond them look in to the heavens of all that is. Take flight in to the blue abyss. Define your mystic realm. We share breath air recycling it’s self over and over. Bones decay in and out of structure. Family is the over all understanding that we share more then we can even fathom. For instance become the light barrier for those that are left in the dark. Awaken others there for awakening your self. Ask questions read take notes on noticing the change. Have ideas to share. Explore your life reach out to the things that inspire you. Do not waste time in this life. As you age becomes aware of your body, it needs you to play it cries for you to remember it, to not neglect it. As a human we are given the gift of acknowledging that which can hold us back those temporary things that we have done wrong that we have accepted on our path, The signs we have missed the signs we have read. When we start to really pay attention to that which is hidden we then begin to find that which is present. An attitude of love a true overall feeling of Blissfulness awaits you. A house created to your vision. All that you have ever imagined is becoming a reality. The vast openness of earth. Do not put the Fear in to the planet that she is dieing instead engage in thoughts that can create excitement for uplifting humanity. Sacred like the rings of a tree. Forever I am married to the earth. Forever I am saved by the holiness of the immaculate land we walk on. Do not take it for granted. Each and every second is an energetic moment everlasting inscribed in our DNA. There is Beauty beyond that which we as a species have not yet experienced, there are things to come in the near future that have never crossed our imaginations. Begin Now Become the shifting change reverberating in to the forever. If there is a chance to experience the beauty do not hesitate or be afraid, Remind your self that there is an energetic power that is beyond us.


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