Friday, May 30, 2008

Selma Circus, Summer time 5/30/08 4:06 PM

Excitement entertainment the engaging. Displaying a sound of positive vibration. Chances are the hail will melt before meeting the surface. Face feeling incredibly warm. Heat generating on adrenalin overload. Balance center grounding for development collective self-fuel. Fascinated by the predicament.
Relaxed and into it. Electric pulse cultivated talent.
Information formations. Manicured curly fries.
So fun silly run on sentences long enough to catch your breath. Flying outside of a tunnel above looking down body shapes a lighting bolt. Tundra of sand, sun stroke survivor,
Silverado on a golden road.
Paintbrush stroke charming color choice.
Blue fire fly forest green granite.
Graciously opened arm hands for holding.
Decoding culture traditions with out judgment.
Living with family all across the globe.
Not racing but embracing.
Global shift matrimony between earth and space.
In love with gravity. Rational territory effortless example.
The outcome of experience. Nutrition trust and triumph
Youth generating though out a seed.
Growth life live through in and through out.
Handel with care, crafting.
What a sweet pocket of bliss yet again,
Shining with your passion.
Light passed pure pressure impeccable.
Enthusiastic infused on music magic.
Abstract traffic.
Cows in the road a few goats out back.
Calculated curiosity a little monkey laughs.
Racing across a piano leaping over the trash.
Big-brained idea cartoon character.
A rock cracked on the back when it shattered the shell got to be the key to the lock,
On the spot spontaneous words that I drop who knows what you got.
A full circle I’ll see this again me and my friends blended in to be like one in the same.
I knew you before I meet you
Your voice is a tool used to introduce divinity as a centerpiece.
Taken across the globe, lifted and placed in line.
A sure thing untied shoestring fixed and amusing.
Yesterday’s news read backwards.
Some say some don’t go get enough yet for what.
Often for that which once was forgotten,
Pavement hand cement underneath green fingernails.
Rivers shifting lifting cartons of milk in to the pasture.
A constant game of practice. Calculated craftsmanship.
Improvement intonation, the waving good by when saying hello.
Every morning releasing awaking and receiving.
Like minded magnetic nature.
Watch out for poison oak when hugging a tree.
Lightning during a rain dance,
Sounds check abundant time layers.
Bills removed cracks permanently fixed,
No longer glued.
Sowed soil saturated traditions.
Its business timework around the clock.
Card catalogue a long logistic list of to do’s.
Once done there cherished and cared for.
Stored in an air tight seal unbroken calculated sounds.
Adventures of togetherness inseparable

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Anonymous said...

Yesterdays news read backwards...interesting you little genius.