Monday, August 18, 2008

Beauty beyond words 8/17/08 5:12 PM

Provide me with your wildest fantasy. Allow me to help nurture that.
Every second is leading toward the next, the nest fulfillment.
Always out seeking to reach for more.
One look in the mirror maybe mightier then the sharpest sword.
Hands connect just imagine lips. Fire so hot it could burn the tip.
Ignited from the inside out. Is it twin flames or one bursting torch.
I could tell you how I feel but you may not believe me.
Why put it in repeat if you missed it the first run.
Next stop is nonsense. Sophisticated adult langue.
Speaking in the tongue of love, the same tone a dove may have.
How would you last on your own alone in the over cast.
Tempted to the highest point before explosion.
Internal slogan hold a hand full of coal to callus the palm.
Nothing goes wrong, It just seems that way because of the great expectation of being human. Even just thinking in that way can create some interesting ripples in the air.
At least act like you care. Whisper sweet nothings in to my ear.
Talk to me for hours tell me your inspirations,
That which sets your furnace a blaze.
A few inches away from feeling that rush.
Physical contact and everlasting touch.
Alone on the plane eyes peering off over the side of the window.
Spectacular mountain view.
I would bet that she has to go through this emotion all the time.
That on your toes look around, feeling of missing out.
Abundance sits awaiting your arrival.
Not late but on harmonic time. A single vibrating string.
What would it take to get the answer involving the after life.
To see the final picture of the wiggle.
Except and embrace the immortal beauty at stake.
Physically the eyes lock in on eternity.
To be able to have that loving flexibility.
Healer, Receiver of reflections from your own personal introjection.
You wish for this list of yours to be filled.
According to your own agenda. Did we some how forget the fascination with the unknown.
Out of your normal comfort zone. Show me your sincere smile.
That smile that makes you who you are.
A true pure laugh, lasting for ever invested in your memory bank.
Eyes are incredibly powerful.
Life changing, with no exchange of anything. Expect a look.
A glance in the direction of the open and willing.
Do you ask, have you thought it out. Imagine if you could.
It is possible if your heart is strong enough.
If your reasoning is beyond only your own.
Holy and in love. In love with being fully yourself.
Dancing alone in the wildness of your imagination.
If I could have it my way. Well I am positive you can.
Try it out, give it a shot.
How do you ask, never mind that. Breath deep and focus.
Allow the confusing parts to become ironed out.
The sands of time, at one point where rocks.
Feeling that powerful force of looking good.
Knowing there is a limitless amount of things you may never do.
Like fly to the moon, or parachuting with lions and panthers.
Lets run off together we can hide for a bit.
Won’t be able to stay long, I have a commitment wit the infinite.
Dark room single candle flickering the secrets the stone.
So close together now, breath bouncing off one another.
Italian heritage forgotten and remembered.
I can feel your heart beat, while you sit by my side.
Your breathing pattern is powerful.
Feels like rushing water after the fist spring melt.
If you only knew I was speaking of you.
Would you blush, would you smile with a witty look.
Legs made for running. Lush long stride.
Every color you can imagine, appearing in your eyes.
Lights as bright as the sun beaming down on fresh snow.
Cold smoke like vapor. Heating through out your entire body.
Oddly enough after all that work, it happened.
Plane landed walked to the shuttle got a ride to the house.
Smiled at the return, Lower body bursting with energy.
So ready, the soul steady vision backed by keeping daily track.
Put it on the table if no body eats it pass it out for free.
You can try to save it, but it may go bad.
With time comes assumptions used reused expectance.
Will your eyes ever make it to this point in my life.
Mine meaning yours just placed in our word.

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