Monday, August 25, 2008

Evaluate Evolution 8/23/08 Nags Head NC 8:49 AM

Save the date, don’t wait for that coincidence.
Direct influence loose ever since the first step.
A chance at elevating every DNA strand.
A human harmonic convergence, remaining assertive.
Safety described by discipline.
Tired so tired unable to open my eyes.
Sleeping typing not walking but writing in my sleep.
Doctors are puzzled and the nurse thinks I’m nuts.
So sweet it is heavy eyes carry such a weight.
Loops around the planets. Stars intergalactic.
Arguments meant to help expand or at least strengthen.
Discussed in depth coverage of the latest fad.
Fashion king of the wardrobe purple lined suite.
Crushed amethyst interlacing polyester.
Stuff my pockets with rocks and trinkets.
Crystalline arm bands with heirloom cuffs.
Tuff enough to withstand a spiraling tunnel of wind.
Head strong middle man making moves for the team.
Bizarre barricades crossed over while wading through the stream.
Over extended tentative triumphant aerial view.
A mix of persistence and inconsistence.
Waiting till the last second to use adrenaline to your advantage.
Some call it procrastination, why not evaluate evolution.
True on your own accord, connected attached few can soar.
Held on to the ground, a foundation of fresh new tradition.
Mint tea leafs left in the sun for a week straight.
Consistent delivery every time on time.
Not much else to do, unless your prepared for the next step.
Bent at the elbow joint extended past the head.
Spinning around whimsically like a whirling dervish.
Determined to cross on to the other side.
Save the date again as if you have forgotten.
Remembering the significant action that took place.
Constantly on your mind is a unswerving idea.
Strong from the ground up. Only a week from the sensitive side.
Regular visits counter act the absence.
Silence fills the night, unbearably loud.
Discombobulated by the distractions of life.
Life forms so surreal.
That they remain in your memory, for only a moment.
A small token you where once handed.
Headed toward remembering you’re the revolution.
A union of cells rejoicing in joining together as one.
Once again it has been written.
So powerful and strong so solid and whole.
Great logic behind the creation of the letters.
Put the correct ones in order and you can converse.
Scattered across the open field and not far from the beach.
Half a mile away from the fading footprints.
So intense is the lettering that some may argue over it.
Tell each other that they don’t agree.
Age difference is three years and thirty two days.
Enough time to learn that there is a whole in the cup.
Overflowing high volume of abstract talk.
Teach me something new, but don’t give me a clue.
Just allow it to take place, how much does it take.
With an allowance that’s priceless and nothing else saved.
Purple rose stems scattered across the corpse.
Dogs digging in the same place making there home.
Marking there territory as if they own the block.
Leaving no trace just a after shock.
Uninformative negotiation on who gets the bone.
First bite is the best according to some.
Last bite has the most flavor according to others.
No matter who is correct at the end of it all.
There is no right answer, they are all off the wall.
Partially talkative, other half hermit.
Long nights of writing to prove who deserves it.
The gold from a pens tip transformative sand script.
Origami world view where all in a ball .
If you really stop to think about it.
It’s always all and all.

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