A Single Reason 10/3/08 11:35 AM

Throat is sore, looking for a break.
Time is altering turning clock arms point toward the bay.
Clouds above the castle’s roof.
Full of water they float holding out until the time is right.
Explosion of lonesome sorrow centered and transformed.
Obstacles created to expand the awareness.
Standing up for a new frontier.
Far away from friends thinking of them at all times.
Mars is looking at us from outside of the window.
Change that thought it is a satellite.
Comets are coming. Sparkling the sky.
Stars jealous at the magnificent beauty.
Lingering tracers left for our fingers to follow.
Meaning hidden in the notes that are left.
For some reason they have been unable to be read.
Is there an excuse for lose of excitement.
Lying sideways watching the television.
Presenting the world with life.
Something to cling on to and justify realities faith.
Falling feathers from space.
Soul magnets filling in the missing feelings of love.
Forgetting what love is.
Remembering again with more power then ever before.
Passive action after the war.
Embracive hands on hierarchy. Holding on to that which is falling.
Why can’t we not ask that question.
Born with the innate ability to wonder.
Structured to be a maze, with roads that lead no place.
No destination, direction or drive.
Standing on the bridge ready to dive.
Cannonballs are weak now a days compared to grenades.
Grateful following of allowing for it all to be done.
Sisters safely keeping me holy.
Body interaction paradigm cracking.
Safely shifting the consciousness.
Hot honey tea with my brothers ghost.
He sits by my side and whispers secrets of the cosmos in my ear.
Thanks for the advice to bad it cost your life.
How much did he have saved up.
Really big important deal, economy crashes.
Dark angels out to subdues you with there potions and scent.
Grasping a piece of your soul.
A sledge hammer against mask of humility.
Cracking up the for-head crating a opening.
Funnel created energy flowing inward like a waterfall.
Funeral for the fallen victims of hypocritical commercialism.
The emotion of being in charge. Letting go of that.
Starting to recognize the natural in between state.
Giving back all that has been given to you.
Dark clouds with bright golden light pouring through.
Creating forming and then forever having something.


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