Hope opened up 1/14/09 1/30/09 3:56 PM

Direct view on word,
Looking over a spiral staircase,
Toward a balanced landing.
Star born origin. Donating fate of memory.
The faint complexion of flesh and light and shadow.
A round uncontrolled ball rolling past you.
Untouched free from harm responding to the correspondence.
The chords link harmonious like spoken word in orbit.
Self doubt a bout with a cloud of fog in your face,
A frog in the hole a serious looking mole on a motorbike.
Metaphors for all ages, dynamic meteor showers meters long.
A spectacle a wall and some spackle.
Snap crackle the bird worm and the apple.
A race past the place that lasted in step with running.
No longer lagging backing back from impressive action.
Pressing again against your thought,
Sound waves weaving in galactic freedom.
Elastic like liquid crawls beyond our conception .
Swimming in flower petals cups of honey suckle.
Sandy shells cover over our feet.
A responding ripple of water and ice.
Mixed bag of patience and peace.
Pears and peaches and pieces of rice.
Outside adventure advancing forever.
Clean environment reflecting the masses.
Standing up for your own defense.
Fencing off endless run on sentences.
The time after a period of silent description.
Masters of satisfying the fixation of being a fraction.
The main attraction to attracting the action.
That feeling of being a grand a sand.
A incredible unique spectacle.
Throat sore covered in freedoms cloak.
Days spent dreaming of sleep.
Awkward beauty sophisticated word play.
Mountain gazing star counting recollection.
Putting the pieces together that fit.
Surrendering into the mysterious river of faith.
No life preserver needed.
The water never gets to cold, stays just right.
I enjoy swimming serenading in to the supreme.
Double time dance with dualities dragon.
Tempting the taste of passion to express its self.
Release what was at one point pent up,
No longer hiding the halo that hovers.
Embarrassed to express your true Excitement.
Having this blockade is a fa├žade.
Rolling out the red carpet and stopping for a pose.

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