Curiosities dancing fingers 3/18/09 2:16 PM

Gliding across your palms.
The future displays lines we balance on.
Attempt to alter the state of presence.
Reestablished testimony whispering words.
Your feet hide from the sun fearful tortoise.
Opportunities you allowed to wash away in to the ocean.
Your entire future planed out on the tip of your tongue.
Imagine if your love overpowered doubtful fear.
Would you still be on the thrown feeling alone.
Castle tuned back to sand. Hands filtering to rebuild.
Delicate casual fast and luscious.
Slower then you have experienced.
Time sitting still balancing on an egg.
Equinox spring harmony duality dance.
Do your thing bring a new flavor to the table.
Arms across your chest like your blocking the path.
If your open then ask,
Simplistic dialect direct to the meaning till nothing is left.
Or something is built for us to climb up.
Thunder struck the down town buildings.
Sent us back in time, irrelevant feel the force of the elephant.
Missing lyrics from unfinished songs.
Hidden in an emerald case buried beneath the nearest bonsai.
No glamour glittering extra special effects and techniques.
No make up crusted up around your cheeks.
Chap lips need a little bit of extra loving.
Hydration high all night through the focused concentration.
Take my hand interlocking my fingers with yours how does it feel.
Un natural my large grasp squeezing tight.
Pinky fingers tricking one another.
Pointer pressing against your thumbs knuckle.
Sweat begins to build up in the center.
A pocket for perspiration.
Plant a seed there lets see how long it takes to grown.
Might have to hold hands along the entire road.
Don’t feel awkward a spark in the dark occurred.
Years of focus a whole life time directed to notice.
The sailboat sailing away,
Your own the boat missing the land.
Or on the land missing the boat.
Either or we are here for more then boat rides.
Speak slow when your talking.
Don’t cup the mic depends on the night.
Cut of tea to pass around.
Just sip sit back silent lips save the echo’s for latter.
Last chance, is hilarious.
Full speed ahead leaping in the present.
Unknown to any and for all to fathom.
Wall patterns taken literally.
The ability to paint over a picture with ease.
Why replace gifts of the future with reverberating memories.
Celebrity status, are they ready for this.
A smile that expands past the entire atlas.
I say take both, choose to feel unified.
At all times full of magic.
Call upon the exact shift you ask for and marvel in it.
Art will fill your tank, thinking breathing giving thanks.
Soon to be out of debt. Years of hassle no longer nagging.
Freedom to feel exposed protected by the idea presented.
A rose, a charging bull at a waving red flag.
Was just a bandana being waved.
A banana in front of a starving gorilla.
Good thing Kong is on our side.
Ideology he decides to not have to take that route.
She walks up to him, he watches words come out.
Like butterflies illuminating her aura.
Radius unmatched by the curvature of her body.
Back to square one which as I remember was extremely fun.
Rise up to the higher power.
Make your decision for your future. What you believe is true.
If I only have one left that means theirs enough for you.
Push over though its hard for us both to see in the mirror.
Or just stand still and let me look in your eyes.
Yes I can see it clearly.
Legs stretching longer and longer.
Working out the elements.
Life on the beach, write three or four songs about the lifestyle.
Relate to the pockets so that you can fit in.
Years ago when I was folding clothes, I noticed my socks had a hole.
Not a normal tear in the toe opening.
But an entire section as if some one put a door in my sock,
Walking in to experience the feeling,
I started to peer off in to the cosmos.
Her eyes began to change in to a Hazelnut golden glimmer.
Few moments latter the worldly gaze of aquatic blue.
I can remember details of when we went rock climbing.
Falling to the bottom but holding on to the top.
Just scratching the surface off can really make you hot.
Pour some over my sweet lemon and ginger mixture.
Its honey that helps my throat feel better.
Thought you would have knew that.
Asked if it was true, you only shrugged your shoulders.
Turned my head my body went but I kept on looking.
Couldn’t stop, why would you wrestle underneath a holy tree.
The smell of the sea, horses galloping in to the breeze.
Said it would be quick but I could last for weeks.
Full steam ahead just let me hold your hand.
We can watch our fingers dance in to a wonderland.


Anonymous said…
sending Love

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