The Unsatisfied Wonder 3/31/09-4/1/09 2:21 PM

Forgive me for calling you out.
It is as if you where expecting it all along.
Deep in the back of your subconscious.
Where the monsters sleep.
Where the nightmares take advantage of you.
I am happy to say I am nightmare free.
Yet for some strange reason they appear on TV.
Eyes open to absorb the trouble of another.
Don’t take it personal.
That’s the mantra of a traveling man.
You ask for the question why.
Do we remember when we where younger.
When we use to admire the stars more often.
Smoke fills the air and every pore of your skin.
Slowly the sage leafs burn to the end.
Cleaning the soul aging with grace.
Stepping in to the future the venture.
Advancing in to the adventure.
Angels sitting on the waters edge.
Day dreaming about the night.
A slice of peace seen in a crescent moon.
An ancient tomb hand crafted,
Carved along the emerald imbedded outline.
Horse prints left in the snow.
Five small rings of fire surround the house.
As the cold desolate snowflakes fall.
Melting as they meet the warm meridian.
A place that rest between sky and earth.
A swipe at washing away the sweetest liquor from your lips.
Apprehension apparent as we sit and sip on a aperitif.
Never did drink alcohol with my parents.
With an overload of psychic energy the lid was closed.
Sealed shut and stored in a dark drawer.
All summer long the longing for wonder washed upon shore.
Laughing at the wonder for lust.
Up from the gut came a suddenly powerful statement.
Suddenly as if summers end snuck up on you.
Next thing you know it started to snow.
Rumors spread like commercialized corn pastures.
While wild flowers became domesticated.
Only love will prevail, the privilege to love with no Vail.
Nails long enough to tuck in the edges.
Cut through the metal and split the appendage.
Broken free from street corner dreams.
Rings around the coffee cup that only one can see.
Eyes with the rainbow bowing toward a tree.
Branches like antennas listening for bees.
Sophisticated tickling,
Kissing the back of the knee.
Sliding the fingers slowly ever so gently.
Across the sea of serendipity.
Ending in a castle in a small town in Sicily.
Organic coffee each bean individually crushed.
Orchards of oranges and lemons.
Organized according to shape and size.
A wise view would not compare.
That inherent inherited enchanted you.
From that place where the lowest range of bass.
Takes shape.
Forms you unfolding the song a flower would sing.
Signature sampling agreeing with natures decision.
In a relationship that streams from inner exquisite release.
The Departure, eparchial evidence that has the validity,
To very clearly explain the you to me,
And the me to you the meeting of our souls in this galaxy.
Like there really is a last thing.
In passing the planet in a back spin.
Round about rotation, tattooed across flesh.
Installed and tailored to your liking.


shockwa said…
i like this one, i like them all...and the addition of rainbows in your writting :)

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