Monday, April 27, 2009

A vase Full 4/20/09 3:41 PM

This is a non evasive form of communication.
To the point of relaxation.
With a fitting focus on syllable punctuation.
Imagine the layering levels of green foliage.
Waves of heat felt through your pores.
A soaring hawk, seagull pigeon praying mantis.
A welcome mat with your name on it.
An impressive magic carpet.
Impressing the impressed.
Intending to express the expression.
Latitude tilting over the sea saw seat again.
Feet to feet I am your friend.
Extensive examples inward I admit.
Out word I transmute.
Absolute missing link who’s always home.
A late night that’s not so late according to this poem.
Honoring the strength.
In Australia I am caressing your chest.
Admiring your eyes and how they sing to me,
Rings around your fingers of lovers to come.
Have in the past and will in the future.
Frozen in medusa’s glace,
The look of Romance, seduction.
Allowing words to willingly seduce you.
Karma Sutra on the mother ship.
Eye contact like a silent kiss.
A wild loud laugh at how thin the ice is.
Incase of unprepared outcomes adjust to the sites.
Cities states towns and suburbs.
Beautiful understanding unashamed to stand under.
The valuable vulnerability we anticipate.

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