Monday, April 13, 2009

Inspiring Flower 4/11/09-4/12/09 6:38 PM

Inspiring spring.
Inspiring view.
In the spirit of the word it’s self.
The fascination of coloring out side the lines.
Filling in the contour with your color of choice.
Voicing your opinion on the seeds of recognition.
Polishing the bronze balance beam we dream on.
Rock faces with bell shape edges.
Rose quartz placed through out the house,
Sounds take on the form of music,
Formless like passion.
Dancing reflection in the back of your eyes,
Fortified by the fire side.
Hindsight bright and visible.
Signal the firefly’s to continue.
Looping figure eights around you.
Curvature like a river in the moon light.
The Back drop a forest field of evergreens.
That distant vision that surreal unknown.
Inches away from the taste of purity.
Your own sense of comfort fit to your needs.
Wish please hush puppy when chasing the ball.
Fill your life with all your heart desires.
Be comfortable fully embrace your embodiment.
The simple feeling of fitting in to the formation.
A massive weight lifted from the shoulder blades.
A pain that has been digging in under the right wing.
Like talons form a diving hawk.
On the contrary the soft under side of a North Atlantic Salmon.
Careless cub learning his lessons.
Lucky for him his mother was there to teach the technique.
Father as well in his own accord,
Orbiting the satellite that keeps track of my phone.
Wave lengths away from making the discovery.
That transitional figure of speech.
The final branch to grasp on to.
Before deciding to climb back down.
Arms stretched out collecting acorns on the forest floor.
A pile of leafs with the sent of surety to leap on in.
Traditions, pride confusion reassurance in your process.
Particular to the steps that you may take.
The choice we have to follow a path.
Pre programmed or previously walked.
Untouched and brand new branch of beginnings.
The clear vision of what is to come.
In this moment time sits still.
No longer racing across the circle or rounding out the box.
Off the wrist dismissed from holding its serious nature.
Children passing the torch of tomorrows shift.
A responsibility only a infant can comprehend.
Count the amount of times you acknowledge the stars.
Put your hands in the sky as if the universe is three D.
Seeing things from all four elements then proceeding to move on.
Planting seeds through out the chosen pasture.
Allowing them to blossom and thrive.
Giving back the livestock their lives.

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