Sunday, April 19, 2009

Questions of handwriting 4/13/09-4/19/09 9:47 PM

Standing hand writing,
Verse standard you mean.
Yes of course,
Very good now future.
Raise your hand. Again further toward.
A shining star in cupids arms.
Wind reacts like a muscle spasm.
In love with passion.
As if a owls wings where spread.
Coal outlines the train tracks of a windy road.
Bizarre and out of no where comes a blizzard.
Dragging bags behind to leave a track.
Heading toward the sun on a sleepless route.
Dragons and ducks chased by dogs.
Like the Winnemucca mountain side.
Where valleys hills and eagles glide.
Sufficient nutrients enough to sustain life when the weathers dry.
Handing over your ideas.
Trading gold for a smile.
Solid structure swapped for a more liquid like substance.
Alchemy always reminds us that the ideals for our desires,
Are always the same,
Only thing different is through the thought of time they change.
A more modern way to say it,
To get my own attention by staying attentive.
Stylistic style points for stalling the rhyme.
Poetically speaking it is all in a line.
Matter of fact after collecting the sap.
Allowing the body to finally rest.
The thrill of the flight with the comfort of a nest.
Serious question with that for real we are lessons.
Learning a reason to not be afraid to be an angel.
For you treasure in the form of pleasure.
After the costume is removed.
The eye shadow begins to get a bit darker.
A cold feeling of steel metal melted in to a massive sculpture.
Luscious curvatures expressing the inner fire that radiates her heat.
What stimulates your flames to dance.
To weave in and out of abstract trance like mysticism.
Deep connection soul traveling time space manipulation.
Ability to put it on the table, all your inner emotions.
Outward toward transformation.

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shockwa said...

fire dancing has aloud me to express my passion outward. I feel at peace when I am spinning. Calm, together and natural. I feel my heart rate once the poi have stopped spinning and I realize what a big rush they are.