Expanding your Expression 9/28/09 8:19 AM

Feel free to admire, take in become.
Expand, that’s what we are here for.
We experience the most when we allow,
What is your limit the furthest you have gone.
Sand clinging to your sweat covered legs.
Sitting with ancient spirits reminding you of your beauty.
Speaking in lost languages returning for future conversation.
As I float away in to the clouds,
Let my body become again as it once was.
Unformed, formless limits that can only be passed.
The idea of the seed.
The structure is in place.
The preparation has taken lifetimes.
Angelic guides that have sang their song.
Wings reaching out for wind to carry them home.
Surprise, thanks for caring reading, breathing.
Your skin surrounds me, so close to touch.
Impermanence cloud’s covering the moon.
It may only be a speculation of the mine that I share.
Redundant then, collective thought builds our bridges.
We walk along twisted turns where horses use to play.
Feet covered we run bare.
Our breath takes us so deep.
Beyond the core of our memory,
Where only Soul can speak.
Beauty felt like a butterfly kiss.
Humming bird sing to me. Tell me your secrets.
I know your share with those you pass.
Experience this for a moment.
Fantastic relaxation,
Tell me about your turbulence.
Let your unbalance balance me.
No need to speak, names are equivalent to snowflakes.
Mysteries that intrigue deep breaths.
Hands with treasure maps placed in the palms.
Allow my ego to dissolve in such a way,
That I will be ready to learn the new language.
The twirling stars patterns that erode on contact.
Your universal beauty reflects constant.
Deep Longing to allow this to take place.
After awaiting the reconnection.
Where your expectations taken care of.
Did all the pieces you saved up fit.
Falling in parts along the dotted lines.
Hands filling with energy.
Lungs cupping the heart.
Seems like cupid took some time off from work this week.
Time to go on a date,
Kindred soul-mate who only made eye contact.
Carrying a two ton school book to drop on an egg.
Harmless meteor metaphysical poem on a Monday afternoon.
Far off in the distance if you where to really look.
I wonder what you would see, stop the reading.
And focus on the up incoming.
That which has taken place before,
Rest assured when its time to choose your answer will come through.
As the planet earth accelerates leaving no time to waste.
Waste builds up, but the human species have ideas.
New unborn, not yet thought of ideas.
Ideas that will change humanity.
Come out from your cave, hibernation time is over.
Become the bear inside strong willing warrior of light.
Experience again and again.
Choose to use the tools you where given.
Learn them if you have yet to.
Ask your heart, it speaks in a beautiful voice.
The voice of angels, the symmetry of the moon.
Ever changing patterns align with our imaginations.
I am a tool to use if your building your home.
A strong stable to lean upon along the dusty road.
A house in the hills with extra rooms.
Rooms to gather and spread out.
Spacious space that fills with harmony.
Scents that can trigger your soul to reflect.
No matter the location or the plot of the story.


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