Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Please Relax in your spaceship 8/6/09 10:58 AM

Racing fingers crossing boarders taking notes.
Epic arrival divine timing all planed out.
Categories of old songs, middle age wonder.
Crisis melt down rebuilt foundation.
Drunken slurs of love and lustful adventure.
Miracles created through precipitation.
Rain drops covering over leaflets and old thoughts.
Smooth legs shaven or not.
Ironic twist of parallel spots.
Tasty sweet tangy midnight.
Three am is the new noon.
Before roads where created we crafted paths.
Now a days our lackadaisical nature forces us to relax.
Puts us in a position where there is no answers.
Questions circle like vultures.
Strange enough to enjoy the fruit of our labor.
Who is your muse so cute and comfortable.
She sings to me in hypnotic melodies.
Awakening the memories of my childhood days.
Beyond a single entity, she is the all seeing eye to me.
The definition of my spirits divine connection.
Love generated through pure thought.
If we continue to question our abilities.
It will only be a matter of time, till we confront infinity.
Build castles in the forest for our friends to share.
Park view sun set successful completion.
Scattered thought patterns revealing new realms.
Unpeeling equal proportions of professionalism.
Fetch me the news paper so I can get depressed.
Pop a few pills now your feeling your best.
Silly ridiculous conundrum where in.
Stop leaving so many long comments.
Small ones to the point will inspire our perfection.
Disconnection created through disorientation.
How many more times before you get the hint.
The smell of myrrh and frankincense.
To some a persons age may have more to do with,
Human experience then moon rotation.
Personal reflection.
Personality traits carried on from our grandparents.
It saddens what I consider my well being,
To know that we have become accustomed,
To put beings in to a hierarchy.
I guess in order to control chaos.
Here we go again with the right answer being wrong in the end.
Realizing that we all have a role to play,
Movie perfection caught off screen with no make up on.
Eyes red like amber from lack of sleep.
Owl like imprints lay above your cheeks.
Crossing the Canadian boarder with a bag full of carrots.
A laptop that has the potential to create a legacy.
A living breathing entity.
I miss my brothers and sisters.
I am inspired by reconnection.
Animals speak to me through their hearts.
Like a string was attached to a old can.
Echoing caverns where as a child I took hikes.
Spinning rapidly like a whirling dervish.
Dignity and calm peaceful neutrality.
That’s alkalized living at its highest.
Above average rhythm, can surely spark your interest.
Informative impeccable liability.
Building blocks across the front dash of the metal animal.
Out of bounds but up and back in it.
Laughing cause you never knew there where limits.
Misinformed by father time, to rush and race.
What ever happened to that which use to turn you on.
Like some one broke the switch and now its gone.
Well here you go my friend a spark to the fuse.
The fuel to the fire to ignite your tools.
Traversing through verses with creative cursive.
Heart pumping begging for comfort.
Alone feet spread wide, laughing at your feeling.
So excited and blissful almost surreal the free fall.
Continue on but leave the drama.
The road runner got a ticket and couldn’t go any farther.
So we left him back a the gate,
Asked him nicely if he would wait,
Upon agreeing I noticed a grin,
The most peculiar mannerism I’ve seen in months.
As if I was reading these words from your lips.
Or if my lips where yours.
A even eye exchange full filling fantasies,
Through the use of words on a page.
Grasp my arm as if you where falling from a cliff.
Let my words lift you up with no expectations to give.
Unnecessary weight carried for to long,
If I could have it my way every sentence would be a song.
I could continue on but my batteries gone.

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