Sunday, August 2, 2009

Trusting water 7/29/-8/02/09 5:34 PM

As I arrive to the oceans side,
I wait for the tide to take me home.
All commotion calmed by her voice.
Ecstatic magnetism,
Spirits taking over your own control.
No longer dueling with the dragon of trust.
Those that have come before,
And think different then us.
Slowly traveling through the hallway of change.
The stair way toward unity and what we reclaim.
We save the date for celebration,
Selected the track then rearrange the station.
Mountain faces climax with in moments.
Power so deep unfocused passion won’t last.
The aftermath of calamity, always will pass.
Transmuted through movement peace and union.
Walking through the forest while driving past.
Outside of my body laying on the grass.
Sensitive skin tone of a tree.
Flesh like the bark.
Excuse me for a moment.
Let us breath, man and women created me.
Hands like stones eroding with time.
Two thoughts so similar, flexible massage
Quite like what a river looks like.
Rolling waves of thunder.
Solar beams of bolting light,
Weight of a falling feather lifted by the wind.
Pushed to one side in order for the other to begin.
With precision on the craft and focus with the art.
Blade made of opal pearl covered in lavender,
Raspberry purple leather,
She moves like a snake wrapping around musical notes.
Scales ascending in symmetrical metronomes.
The temptress tapping on the door.
If Cleopatra only knew,
The kind of zoo we moved in to,
Where horses are fenced in.
And birds and bee’s are afraid to fly.
The resonating language between you and I,
Harmony that introduces all that is awaiting.
So as the story book is written before us to see.
Pouring dirt over the hole’s, removing reminding remodeling,
Me, we dream together getting closer to the answer.
Mystery, slowly as the water rushes by,
And the rolling hills around us awaken what’s inside.
Giant’s that have been sleeping,
Skyscrapers incredible magic.
The masterpiece of a hard working unit.
Growing gardens along the city streets.
On your roof there is food to eat.
Their coming with baskets full of fruit cakes and rosaries.
White rose leafs dried from the heat.
Spider webs crystallized by the poets tongue.
The critique of nature’s obscure thoughts.
Heart full of memories deep rooted roots,
Griping tightly around our feet.
Firm and adaptable through and through.
The earth the world me and you.

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