Slowly it Landed 8/5/09 10:57 AM

Slowly as if it was only an illusion.
Stepping out of the shadow self.
Or in it again, snake like skin shedding.
Standing rooted in the earth.
Repetitive adlibs that fill our libido.
Like a tongue licking the salt off your wrists.
Kissing your eyes again with my words.
Clouds swirling in cosmic rotation,
As if every movement was a well thought out verse.
Each component putting more emphasis on the next.
Fully experiencing each and every pulling tide.
Relocating in order to calm the chaos of immortality.
Morsels of food reserved to feed the need.
Saved for another day of enjoyment.
When life ends does the world end as we know it.
Fear based future thoughts are nonsense.
Organization and optimism,
Are more suited for over all well being.
Enormous amounts of digging went in to cleaning the slate.
Washing the chock board clean from confusion and hate.
Wild rapids rushing past, replacing the sand with water.
Keeping track of time with an hour glass.
Noticing that the notes you have been taking are misleading.
Your love for another was swallowed whole.
Disregard the pride the revolution of holding a flag.
Standing for a purpose that blows in the wind.
Emotions run deep share them with me.
I can hear you speaking softly under your breath.
Words flutter like humming bird wings.
Women acting as if a spell has been cast.
The reports told us that the wind will last.
That the sail boat will have enough gust to get past.
My ancestors collected berries,
Hunted wild animals to bring home a feast.
The men where alchemist, and the women witches.
Puzzling how a healing art can be seen as taboo.
Yet we dictate decrepit dialogue to direct the children.
Guess tomorrows not that big a deal to some, Lost in the moment.
It’s as if we put ourselves in a Catch-22 position,
Some people love to be in a personal paradox.
Forgetting that what they put out,
Energetically effects all with in.
It’s doubtful that they are enjoying the embrace.
So lets give them a pep talk.
They can share the buzz I have.
The internal natural born rhythm of the Gods.
And as my chin lowers,
May they provide the strength to my Neck.
Align, every morning with excitement and joy,
Align, every night with gratitude and strength.


Anonymous said…
provocative, thoughtful, and yet entertaining. is art making us or do we make this art? or both? LOVE

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