Saturday, November 21, 2009

Walking on the Clouds 11/20/09 3:32 PM

So let me ask you a question.
Have you experienced peering down at the clouds.
Walking in a circle admiring the meaningless,
Structure of formality.
Productivity sure can help fill you up.
What creates the pull.
Drive me toward the end of the road.
Turn me around these feelings transpose.
Healing chords of disenchantment.
We are privileged to have the ability to play.
As my circle expands at a tremendous rate.
It at the same time becomes smaller then it has ever been.
Good bye, say hello.
What would make a treasure hunter stop hunting.
Who is the creator of this gorgeous nature.
guilt trip.
Pay attention now more then ever.
Become a grandmother of your own choices.
Sitting alone in the silent walk way of opportunity.
Take care of your creative child self.
Surprise that imagination of yours.
How they ask me how can we do that.
Just look outside of the box.
What box the box of normality.
Sensuality with your senses.
Dig keep digging find the treasure then give it away.
And dig up another one.
Why Act like we don’t have the ability to continually expand.

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