I know 10/27/09 11:01 AM

I know how it feels. I have been through the same as you.
I roll around in the same mud,
My hands cling to the same substance.
I know how it feels, I have been through the same as you.
Hold space, intangible hold it with me.
Let us share our memories of meteor showers across the sky.
Come closer to me I love watching you take on new form.
Do not be afraid you are safe. You are safe one hundred percent.
Look, know one knows what is going on.
We do not have the slightest idea.
Our energy is circular can you notice that.
When you awake do you feel thankful for your connection.
The connection that has been providing you all you need.
All you ask for you shall receive.
It happens like this as we fly above the sea of green forest.
Transition, death is a common misinterpretation.
Typing in direct lineage to your thoughts.
Ideas mysteries that only make time and take it apart.
Hearts inside on it. Onsite lit up in on it. Outside again.
Of course the raccoon sacrificed his medicine.
Scorpio corresponding dream operation.
Not a operation as in like painful invasion.
Or a obstacle jumping jungle gym struggling equation.
Moments of memory a mummy reflection.
True testimony of momentary sudden action.
Heart directs we reply respond with clarity.
Courage before comfort.
Comfortable being courageous.
Cornered by conflict contrast counteract.
Some down size to a minimum view.
Re write the free fall . Never did jump.
How high part three while she was wearing pumps.
She can hold her balance while on High heels.
On a hovering space craft awaiting departure.
What Part of the oldest trick in the book is the element of surprise?
Hind sight like five plus feet high over there.
Strength to be galactic again.
Hiking down the street up the chorus around the corner.
Calling back to the call from before.
California can you hear me.
She wrote the directions in a detailed manner.
Natural and productive.
A hue of shifts formulate for us.
A huge mission completed.


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