Soul Gyration 11/14/09 1:54 PM

In motion, talkative, moments, silence.
Natural Un-cultivated Rows of soil.
Purplish cold.
Translucent secure seconds strength.
Again strength winged lioness sent sentient being.
Direction reaching the ending of beginning.
Then beginning the ending while reaching the direction.
Walking with grace and ease.
Patient prepared eyes of acceptance.
Overzealous love test impressing ones own self.
Sit back in to the passenger seat pilot.
Unraveling a time-lapse.
Knitting intricate fabrics in between breath.
Soliloquy silhouettes suggestions gestation again.
Wizardry mental telepathy.
Soul teleporting.
Its like a phone give it some time it will work.
Work it out if you don’t have the time.
Call up the phone once time is up.
Left on off with the ring tone ringing.
Resist temptation what’s temptation anyway.
Dripping sweat resettling against your chest.
Impressions left from only a slight bit of pressure.
Moon light reflecting off the sunsets rays.
Dawn of a new night.
Layer upon layer of growth.
Hour long conversations about fun.
Running under the power of possibility.
Her name is Liberty she is blue eyed with blond curls.
She listens great even does tricks for us.
Come and get it beckons the boss of the town.
Its that snowflake Singularity.


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